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    Do you know any adult alternatives to Tumblr? has announced the upcoming launch of its new social network this month.

    I think this is the third new site preparing to launch, it’s going to be interesting to see which one wins the prize

    I like the sound of their plan to rely on Human monitoring. While it results in slower growth and a harder struggle to start, it’s the way the industry is going. This is why companies like this will likely overtake Facebook and Twitter; they’re refusing to invest as they should in staffing able to make decisions based on concrete determinations and that failure is going to cost them severely. Even YouTube is likely to suffer a similar fate once a competitor arrives willing to take slower growth and lower profits in exchange for security and a safer community.

    Anyone have a front-runner from this new batch or are you just going to join them all and see what happens?

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    I did notice these guys aren’t even off the ground yet, just an introductory page. But indeed, it’ll be a race. Can you post the names of the others?

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    I’ve seen Exodus (can’t remember the TLD) and
    There’s actually another one I’ve seen mentioned but I can’t recall what that was, I think it was mostly for erotic artists but they were considering branching out.

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    Yes I wonder… and I wonder what they are using. Something custom or a wordpress setup.

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    I could be wrong but I think there are a couple of open source platforms they’re using in various incarnations, I’m guessing they’re working out extra features etc.
    I found yesterday thanks to a tip-off from a reader, but after signing up it looks pretty dead.
    Made a couple of posts, followed some people, not had a single like, reblog or follow yet.

    This is going to be the problem for any new site, the chicken/egg scenario – you can’t attract new users without having users.

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    I just remember when I created a free blog host using Word Press. It was an absolute nightmare and took up so much time. You would think offering a free service would give you a lot positives back but all i got was complaints and demands. Total nightmare.. so good luck to anyone who decides to try to host. Not only that.. its one thing for a large company to host random people.. but someone smaller.. just wait until someone uploads something illegal.

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    For those who were unable to export and download the ZIP file (like me), there’s a Tumblr alternative that lets you connect to Tumblr and transfer your entire blogs in a few minutes. You have to be fast though, cause today is purge day. is the new service

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    So, Tumblr released a new statement with information they SHOULD have included in the first one.
    I think this was a deliberate move to encourage porn bloggers to delete everything.
    The new message is “We’re not deleting you, we’re just hiding all your porn from everyone else”.

    We’ve lost about 10k followers since this farce began, but at least this means we can continue to post there and direct traffic back to our site, we just have to be a little more creative with the images and content we use, and exposure is going to rely more on readers reblogging that content, rather than people finding it using tags (which will cause posts to be blocked).

    And, of course, we’ll potentially have a few more platforms through which to share our content.

    Maybe this was a good thing?

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    Well, it’s the same as Facebook. You should not post links to porn sites or nudity and everything is fine. Unfortunately, that strategy doesn’t work. I still keep my Facebook pages, but I wouldn’t say they’re a serious source of traffic.

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    It’s established has good traffic with open wallets. But at its simplest, Sticky is a social media site where all the studios/models can post their promotional images and trailers with their own inbound links. The site only has to abide by CCBill processing rules, otherwise all content is welcome.

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