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    i wish i discovered this link ealier. i have two adult sites a one tube and a one blog and i monetized them mainly via ad networks and i made just around $100 a month but i started promoting crak’s offers and cams and i already made more $200 in two weeks with the same traffic i have.

    besides all of that it’s obvious that paid ads are very annoying to have, so they deter many visitors from visiting your site again.

    i keep embedding videos from pornhub to keep the overhead low so i don’t have much expenses, just a hosting, really.

    you might not make enough with these two thousands of views a day, but if you try different monetization ways, you will find one and you should make a few hundred per month if it’s good traffic from first tier countries.

    with webcam affiliate programs, you won’t make much immediately because the revenue will build up over them like already has been mentioned here.

    have luck op, you can make nice additional income with few hours of work in the adult or if you are more inspiring, you can make more than that.

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    You better don’t waste your traffic on ad networks. I have been always disappointed with them and I don’t have high volumes of traffic, but 10 thousand visitors should make more than just a few cents that I got from the one ad site a while ago.

    My advices would be that you should to find and try affiliate programs within your niche and webcams can be quite profitable and they convert with all kinds of traffic so you can make some great money after some time, if you choose the revshare payout, your earnings will increase.

    Try to get more visitors, because 2 thousand per day isn’t that much unless it’s a very niche traffic. If one sponsor doesn’t work for you, then try other ones, chances are that you will find one that converts just for your.

    I have looked through the affiliate programs mentioned on this site and they are great and you should be able to generate some sales with them.

Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)
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