Guide: Getting Started As An Adult Affiliate

First of all you need to get a site and host it yourself preferably. You can not really earn money as an adult affiliate using free blogs like Tumblr et cetera, as far as i know they will disable your page if you use affiliate links or try selling.

Here is what I would say in the briefest way possible:
1. Buy a good domain.
2. Get some hosting.
3. Install WordPress.
4. Start writing posts with personality.
5. Make it a fun/interesting/informative place to be as a priority.
6. Focus on what you enjoy and what your readers will enjoy.
7. Share everything across Tumblr, Twitter, anywhere else you can find.
8. Use newsletters and Twitter to build a following and use images to draw those viewers to a post.
9. Internal linking is great, but it should be relevant and useful.
10. Do not just sell porn, a post with no affiliate links can be just as valuable as a post selling a scene on a site – often more valuable.
11. Make sure your site can be viewed properly across all devices.
12. Never copy/paste anything, unless it is a quote within a larger unique post.

Webmaster – The person who runs your website, manages the updates, the technical side of things. It can be anyone, including yourself.

Affiliate Program – This is basically where “affiliates” sign up to help promote your site, for a fee. Most sites offer revenue sharing option, at around 50%. Simply put, the get promotional material from your ‘affiliate area’ and try to sell it to their viewers.

Affiliate – This is any person who has their own website, who will market your site for a fee. You have to be careful, and spell out your terms too, so their is no misunderstandings. Thing of them as SalesPersons, who work for a myriad of companies. They make money by selling your goods, but you have to provide them with the tools to do that.

Now that we have gotten the requisite song out of the way from the Doom and Gloom choir, let’s see if we can not come up with some constructive suggestions for you.

So, forget about getting traffic, that is something that comes after you do some initial thinking and planning. And you can not even begin to know about traffic id, how it works, or how you get it when you brand new and do not even have a site. Thinking about traffic first is very much a cart-before-the-horse notion.

The easiest way to start making money as an affiliate right now is with a blog. And the best thing you can do is sit down and think about what kinds of guys you like and what turns you on. Grab a piece of paper and start making notes. The best sites are ones where the owner is passionate about the content. There is no point in putting up a site about for example transsexual porn just because someone said they sell like crazy.

Take a tour of some porn sites and start making notes about the kinds of women or guys and sex you liked seeing, mix it up with what you already know turns you on, and your area of concentration should start emerging.

The internet is crowded with lots of the same old thing, so to be successful you will need to come up with something different and innovative to separate you from the herd. If you are just going to do what everyone else is doing, you will struggle to make much of your site. We don not need another cut-and-paste blog about straight guys having their first gay sex, not unless you are going to give it a completely different treatment.

So, to recap. Before you do anything else like buying a domain or setting up WordPress is: make a list of the types of women or guys and sex that turn you on and visit 30 to 50 sites and make notes about what else you are seeing. And while visiting these blogs, keep looking at what you do not like about them and pay attention to the ways you think you could do it better.

I encourage you all to read my other adult affiliate tips and check out my affiliate forum. Feel free to ask me anything related to the adult marketing on the forum. I will be more than happy to give you some useful advices.

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