How To Choose A Niche For Your Adult Website

If you are going to start a new adult website then you need to choose your niche. It is really the first thing you should do before you launch any porn site. The biggest mistake that you could make as an new adult webmaster is to create a general video tube website. There are millions of sites like this one and you have a very very low chances that you will outrank the top competitors. You will only waste your money and your time by doing it. Instead I recommend you to find a one porn niche that you like the most.

A niche is simply what topic you will focus on for your new adult site. Nowadays when you are starting as a newbie, the only real solution to make a lot of money is a niche site. You focus on the one small topic that is not so much saturated.

When I look at all the big adult sites, they are all promoting the same sites and same content and I think it is rather boring. Just give them what you personally love and find interesting, and I am sure you will find a lot of people who share your tastes. You might see it as just writing about the things that interest you, but you are adding your personality to it, and that is what makes a blog successful and gains actual followers rather than just passing clickers.

Finding The Right Niche For Your Adult Website

I think it is all about what you like. I have promoted everything from college girls, old women, Indian women, twinks, hairy guys, uncut guys, ebony guys, et cetera.

It all makes money, but for longevity I say you need to promote something you like. Otherwise you get burned out on what you are doing and then go look for a new niche to promote. I think it is best to stick with the one thing then promote the fuck out of it.

My most successful sites are sites that I have a deep interest in, I am motivated to post and update them, and really write for them, through my own interest. The sales that come from it are great, better than anything else I work on.

I can write about all kinds of action and all niches, but when you are doing it for yourself rather than as I do for paying customers, it is far too easy to abandon projects if you have little interest.

Examples Of Porn Niches

  • Blowjob
  • Big Cocks
  • Butts
  • Celebs
  • Cum Shots
  • Fisting
  • Hardcore
  • Webcams
  • Voyeur
  • BDSM

There are many more porn niches. If you are a straight dude and like big juicy boobs then you should thing about launching a tube video site or blog site that is filled daily with hot busty models. Or maybe you are a gay guy who loves big uncut dicks, I think you should focus on this niche. But it does not necessarily work that way, I know many hetero-oriented webmasters that have a lot of luck in promoting gay paysites. It depends only on you and you will have to make that decision which thousands of new webmasters make everyday.

If you still did not decide then you can go to any popular tube website and you will see all the existing niches listed there. I suggest you to watch a few videos from all of them. It will help you to determine which niches you like and you are interested in the most. So now you have a list of several categories from which you should choose only the one.

Why Build A Niche Site?

Here is a list of pros of porn niche site. Nowadays, too many adult webmasters do not realize why it is easier to succeed with a site that is dedicated to a specific topic.

  • Less competition. It is simply, porn industry is one of the most competitive industry on the web. By choosing a niche site, you will face less competition, so it definitely easier to get traffic and make money.
  • Targeted audience. Your website may have a less traffic than general tubes but you are going to target specific audience that is looking for concrete content that your site provide. All in all, you will earn more money in a shorter time.
  • Once you have the traffic there is the issue of conversion ratios. The conversion ratios for big niches with lots of content are a lot worse than for very tight niches that do not have much content. I mean the harder it is to find the content the more likely the person will be to pull out their wallet when they find what they are looking for.
  • The more obscure niche I think in the end analysis may mean a lot more work (gaining trust of customers for example by keeping it on point) but unless your sponsors for it are only PPS you will gain a lot more profitability. If you have a thing for femmy cross-dressing twinks and manage to find a sponsor capable of providing just that, consistently, and do the same yourself, not only will people subscribe to your blog more and longer but I would argue they would stay with the sponsor longer, hence you make quite a bit more off of rebills.
  • Easier to rank. Your new site can very quickly become an authority in your field because there is definitely less competition and therefore it is definitely easier to rank for your keywords.
  • It is a lot of easier to create an unique content. Once again, with less porn sites in your niche, it is easier to create a highly unique content. Less competition, less content, so you have bigger chances of success.

Does Understanding Your Niche Matter?

I would say it does. After all, how can you get surfers looking for that niche to join or bookmark your site better than giving them exactly what they are looking for? Not surprisingly, sites like Twistys, Sean Cody, Wives in Pantyhose and Bear Films all have a niche and they stick to it like glue. There are plenty that do, but there are also plenty of sites that do not give their surfers what they are looking for. And not only is this a great way to get surfers back to your site – it is a kind of traffic filtering, too.

Consider this: surfers see your site’s title and description on Google. It says “Biggest Tit Babes – Horny chicks with the biggest boobs on the web” or “All Gay Blowjobs – Watch guys who love to suck cock in action”. But suppose the models on the site have average tits or the guys mostly fuck rather than suck? Reading the listing got the surfers revved up – not delivering what they are looking for is bound to disappoint.

But let’s get back to the real subject at hand – understanding the niches you work.

Whether you promote a common niche like handjobs or a micro niche like men in pantyhose, the best way to get bookmarkers and make sales is to understand your niche. Showing girls with partly shaved pussies on a hairy pussy site or pornstars on an amateur site is not going to serve you as well as showing all hairy pussies and real amateurs. The bottom line – you need to learn your niche if you do not already know it. And unless it is something you are into, it is worth researching. You can check print mags, surfer forums dedicated to the niche, you can ask other webmasters and you can check on amateur blogs. How else will you discover that a bear is not just a hairy man – a bear is a heavy hairy man. Bearlike, in fact. And did you know that guys into women in panties are often not into seeing them in pantyhose?

And do not assume that paysites get it right every time as you are surfing for niche ideas or clarification. Sure, some get it right, but there is a lot of paysites out there that have few models that represent the niche of their own site – and the text in some sites makes it obvious that whoever is writing it does not know anything about the niche, either.

The bottom line – make your surfers happy by giving them what they want by understanding the niche you are marketing, keep updating if it is a paysite, link site or blog, and you will be rewarded with bookmarks or sales – or both.


A niche is a lot more work but executed properly with understanding I would say the end result is way more profitable… not to mention it is more enjoyable, I have found this with my adult sites.

I have found myself getting into some of the fetishes on niche sites I work on. I do not know if this is due to prolonged exposure or a natural evolution of my sexuality as I have been doing this for a long time. On the flip side an editor I was working with on one of our hardcore fetish sites began as a total gay sub and working on the site for a long time turned him into a dominant straight guy. So it effects different people in different ways. I know some people who prefer to work in niches which do not float their boat as they say working with material they find hot spoils it for them.
As long as you can understand what is sexy about the niche I do not think it maters whether you are into it or not. It depends on the scale you are working on as well. If you only have a personal blog around a certain fetish it is going to be a lot easier to maintain if it is coming from a genuine place and you will naturally attract followers who are into the same thing. I always thought that niche or fetishes would be easier to sell as it is more rare, the only downside is getting enough content to do something.

Definitely use Google keyword research tools to find out which would be likely to get you more traffic based on your niche and complete site name.

Set few keywords that you want surfers to find you by; not one word keywords like “gay” as you stand no chance, but two or three word keywords like for example: “naked gay jocks”, “horsehung studs” et cetera.

I am sure you would have more success (for example) with a foot fetish site (a niche that is not already too exposed on the internet) than one that promotes the same thing everyone else is doing. I think for it to really work, you need to give it character. You need to really be into feet whether you can take them or leave them. People like belonging to a group and sharing their like-minded interests, so go for it … be a foot pig.

I wish you good luck.

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  1. Hi, I have a question for you Mr. Adult Affiliate. My question is: where do you get the content to post for your niche? Do you get it from other porn sites? Wouldn’t your videos get hit with a DMCA?

    Another question: Do you add videos to your niche sites? Or do you write content mostly.

    Look forward to hearing from you!


  2. How to find the adult niche technically which will be great for income of money.
    I mean methods to find the niche not tips.

    • You should start with the niche you have the most interest in because even if you start a site in the most profitable niche, you will most likely fail because you will quickly lose the interest in maintaining that site. If you like milf women, then create an adult site in that niche. If you need a more detailed response, please open your own thread on my forum. I will be happy to reply there.


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