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    I know that PayPal isn’t porn friendly, but I’m pretty sure I have seen a one or two adult affiliate programs that were claiming that they pay via PayPal. It can’t find the link to the threads where I read about this, since it was years ago but maybe someone can tell if there any company which does that?

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    Generally, only a handful of adult affiliate programs use PayPal as a payment method and the only three that I know of and I can recommend are:

    CrakRevenue, a very reputable and popular CPA network. So far they can pay via PayPal to their USA and Canada based webmasters but I have heard that they are working on adding other countries.

    JuicyAds and PlugRush are two advertising networks that are well known and they allow their publishers to receive payments via PayPal as well.

    The reality is that 99% of sponsors do not use PayPal to send commissions to their affiliates since they do not think it is worth the hassle to risk their business accounts getting shut down and they also have to make deals with a middle man aka another payment processing company and pay them a fee of 2% to even 5% for every transaction, so only the biggest guys can afford it.

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    It’s important to mention that PayPal isn’t a company that is adult friendly (and they have always been so) so the only way for an affiliate program to send money through them is to work with another payout processor so you will have to pay a fee of a few percent on top of the fee that PayPal charges for all transactions.

    I have been paid by Crak using PP twice so far and I haven’t had any problem, everything went smoothly, Crak knows what they are doing. I’m from the USA, if that matters to anyone.

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    It’s great to see that there are adult companies that do PayPal payments which are extremely popular in the mainstream. I have been in this industry for two years but I wasn’t aware that anyone even does them so you can say that I’m positively surprised and now I might give them a shot. I have an affiliate account with Crak already and I love them for having so many offers and good payouts.

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    I’m making money with Crak and they indeed do pay via PayPal and I got a few affiliate payments that way so far. I wish more adult sponsors would use PP but I understand that not many of them can make deals with them like Crak did.

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    I have been having a PayPal account for eight years and I received hundreds of payouts from adult sponsors (including AdultFriendFinder but I ain’t pushing them because they stopped converting and I can see that they aren’t doing PP payments anyway) and never had issues with it. I think it’s mainly because networks like Crak know how to go around PP.

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    It’s great to see that there are some adult affiliate programs that actually pay via PayPal these days. Most of my online income comes from the mainstream, but I still have a few porn tubes on the side and I prefer receiving payments on my PayPal account than other methods, so I will check out your recommended companies for sure.

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