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    So my adult twitter account has been suspended, and wont be reinstated after appeal because the glimpse of a buttock in my header picture was classed as “sensitive content”.

    Needless to say im pretty pissed as I have lost all my 6000 followers. But to be honest twitter didn’t generate much traffic, and I have never been able to pin a sale down to it, so do we need it?

    one part of me thinks i need a new account for profile etc, but the other part of me thinks its just not worth the effort in terms of reward for effort….any thoughts?

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    That doesn’t sound right.
    We have several adult accounts on there for several adult blogs and we post sensitive content without limitation.
    Bear in mind there are restrictions (just the usual things about age, violence, hate speech etc) and you should have the account set as posting sensitive content. You just need to indicate that in “Privacy and Safety” settings, at the bottom.

    We don’t use it as much as we used to, but we have traced sales back to it, usually after tagging a performer and getting a RT from them to their followers.

    However, we don’t generally see Twitter as being for sales, it’s really just another means to engage and keep readers updated, like a newsletter.

    Unfortunately, over the last two years Twitter has become mostly a cesspit of sock puppet accounts and bots, so I don’t know if it would be worth running any account now, let alone an adult one. I would pay more attention to the potential for competitors coming up. It would be good to see a specifically adult version of Twitter, properly moderated, but no company seems to want to embark on that.

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    Your avatar and header pic have to be PG-13 in all cases. And you should set your account to “includes sensitive content”. But unless you’re a repeat offender, I’ve never heard of them permanently banning someone for those violations. They usually just temporarily suspend you. I’d follow up with them and see if you can get it back after a suspension.

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    Im quite baffled to be honest. All my settings were marked as sensitive as they should be. I have only once been asked to change the profile picture about 6 months ago, which I did straight away, and no further was said (the same header was there at the time).

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    You can’t show any nudity at all in the header, even if it is just buttocks. We recently had our account suspended and all our header was showing was the very top of the buttocks. They really seem to be clamping down on the headers recently as I noticed another porn company also had their account suspended.

    Twitter isnt great for sales but it is great for brand awareness. Maybe not much use to affiliates but to porn websites its good for getting your name out then and people knowing who you are, especially when you are recruiting or just trying to push the brand more. It’s also good if your models are really active and pushing their videos, and then you can get some sales from that, particularly from their fans. Twitter is free advertising, thats the best way to look at it, and you can’t beat free advertising for any brand.

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    Nude and adult content is forbidden in profile picture and in banner and to publish porn on your tweet you need to check the box about sensitive content in settings… Then you’re free of any issue, this is simple rules to respect comparing to any other social media (as some know I love Facebook they deleted 3 times French Twinks page for no reason surely because it links to pornsite or cause they moderator are a bit homophobic, anayway I stopped using FB).

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    I had (have) a similar picture in my Twitter header, but based on this I’ve (literally) covered my ass. After losing three Tumblr blogs for unknown reasons, I figured better safe than sorry.
    Good work for GOP for getting their new Twitter account up and running so quickly. Sorry you had to go through all this for a tiny little bit of booty.

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    Hey Guys, Yea as people have said the header and profile need to be PG-13 it has to do with apple and google/android as they will ban any application who does not have a way to hide publicly shown content, and sadly the header and profile pic are always public so you can identify an account.

    I have about 65k followers on Twitter and seem to have been given some leniency when someone reported my explicit header once, they actually emailed me, like a real person not a bot, and explained and just removed the image for me to re-upload a SFW one, I dont know if that was related to number of followers or if it was simply because it was before twitter become “fully automated” in its support system.

    Personally I think twitter and Instagram are possibly the most important social channels we have left but I also think it will be harder and harder to use these over time.

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