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    Xavier Smythe

    Howdy! So my site has been active for a few months now and I thought I was doing the basics with my keywords and tags but I’m still not getting the kind of traffic I would expect from google. I’m only getting about 40 visitors a day. Can anyone tell me what I’ve got wrong?

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    Same here

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    I can give you few tips for you.

    01.You should write unique titles and descriptions for every each video.Also update the site daily.

    02.Always focus on long tail keywords because its help to get more visitors on less time.

    03.Dont focus on general sites.Always focus on sub niche sites.

    04.Do the on page seo naturally and correctly.

    05.Dont put ads before getting atleast 1k daily traffic.

    06.Focus on site’s speed aswell.

    07.Build backlinks with time.dont spam.Just build naturally.

    08.Use responsive themes for tube.Always try to make your site user friendly.


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    There is no 9.its a mistake.xD

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    I have to say that the Lakshan advice is spot on. Xavier, I took the look at your tube and you have got over 200 pages of videos but they all have got copied titles and if you do this with all your content that you post then Google sees no reason to give you much traffic.

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    What’s the best way to write/frame roboscripts’ post titles for SEO? I have all titles set as model’s name. For the record, I am using CBBMU (multisite); It seems to be the only version of the plugin available. I would have preferred the non-multisite version since am only using models from chaturbate.

    I have been playing with the plugin for an entire day, and there are still so many things that are unclear to me. I need a better understanding of how to set up the auto posting; unfortunately for me, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the video tutorials provided by roboscripts. I enabled auto posting along-with cronjobs and I see that posts are being created but I don’t know if things are properly set up for auto pilot to keep running and not come to a stop because of lack of post titles etc.

    I can’t be the only person having problems figuring out the ins-and-outs of the cam plugin at first glance. I would really appreciate it if you guys share your experience; maybe a few things you found difficult to understand at first as well as a few initial questions you had; paired with answers that can help newbies like me better understand and make the most of the plugin.

    From what I can tell, the posts made by the auto poster and the thousands of live cam posts that populate the site within a few minutes after auto posting goes live are different. When the auto poster posted the first 5 videos, my website was already showing thousands of live cams.

    I promise that when I have a full picture of how it all works and after I’ve had some reasonable success, I will create the most detailed user guide ever for the roboscripts cam plugin.

    While I prefer explanations with as much details as possible, please feel free to elaborate however you see fit. Thanks in advance 🙂

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    Hi Dante,

    Its Nick from Roboscripts, please open a ticket on RBS so i can check your settings and answer any quetion syou may have.

    As for the first question i can tell you that that you should go micro-niche targeted since its much easier to rank since the competition is not as high as for generic cam keywords. Targeted traffic converts much better too, for me a micro niche is Fetish Feet. Also what people a searching the most is model name with their sites…

    Lena the plug Chaturbate


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    This is a big problem. If people search for model name and google sends them to a robo site, they will bounce. Example: someone searches for model x chaturbate. He sees a robosite and he knows that is not chaturbate. He closes the robo site a.s.a.p. and goes back to google for another search, because he wants to see that model’s room on chaturbate.
    I have the same problem, and I do not understand why when people search for the name of the model with the main site, google sends them to me. I am not the main site, and they just bounce, because my site is not what they were looking for.I do not know how to avoid this. Perhaps avoiding writing about the model name?

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    Balaboit, I have google search console connected to my site,I have a roboscripts multicam site, and search console tells me the search queries for my site are landing on my site by searching for models names. I have an 81% bounce rate. I check my chaturbate stats and I’m getting hits but no money spent.
    So, I’m thinking that when those people search for models names and land on our sites they are already members so we don’t get any credit for those. I don’t know if people out there without an account on chaturbate are searching for models names. I’ve had my site up for 5 months now so I’m stil new and learning.

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    That is what I was saying: it increases the bounce rate, which makes google think your site is not good, because people leave after they land on it. As for chaturbate, I can’t say anything, because I do not promote it. Mister Adult Affliate is one of their promoters, he knows how to answer you.

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