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    I have a few domains that have been sitting idle for years, but the other day I was thinking that I might use them to create small adult blogs on Blogger aka BlogSpot since they provide hosting for free and it’d be better than nothing.

    Do they allow you to do that? I would like to know if it’d be a violation of their rules, but I’m pretty sure that it isn’t since I have seen lots of nude blogs on there in the past.

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    They do allow hosting adult content on their platform but you have to mark your blog as adult related so your visitors will get a warning message upon the arrival.

    But the bad news is that you can not post any advertisements or even links to porn sites so that means that you will not make any cash at all from your BlogSpot blog, even if you use your own custom domain on it.

    Why do you want to use them? If you can afford to spend like five bucks a month, then you could create your own adult site on a real hosting that does not include any of such restrictions like Blogger does.

    The only reasonable reason I can see to use them is that you really do not have any spare money and you have to start somehow. It might be good to get your feet wet and once you have funds, you can import your content to a paid option like

    Other than that, I would stay clear of them. There are too many stories of adult webmasters getting banned on BlogSpot even though they clearly followed their rules.

    You risk losing all your data (aka your hard work) at any time if you go with the free blogging platform, since you are at their mercy so they can remove your whole blog just like that (I have seen hundreds of such stories on the web so it does happen often) and you end up being screwed a big time since you will not be able to even save your posts.

    You can run a blog on a real hosting for pennies and this way you are the real owner and no one can delete you overnight at the whim. How to do that? Well, I have written a step by step guide a while ago and you can check this out here:

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    Yes you can in theory, but in reality, it isn’t worth it.

    I just saw this topic and I thought that I could share my experience with using platform for more than four years. I had a blog on there on my custom domain and I did quite well. It’s just full of erotic stories, without any pictures at all, so nothing against the rules at all but decided to suspend me because I have added a one to another similar site in my post and it somehow isn’t allowed and you can’t appeal or anything, since they don’t care a one bit what you think.

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    Just recently Tumblr banned all adult content altogether and Twitter became stricter as well so I don’t think that it’s a wise idea to build such a blog on free platforms or hosts like BlogSpot. I wouldn’t touch them at all unless you’re doing just for a hobby and you don’t want to monetize it.

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    I have been using blogger for a couple of years. I did not have any issues with them, and not only do some of my posts contain nudity and sexual texts, but I also advertise for adult sites. But thank you for this topic! It reminded me to back up my content, which I have not done in a couple of months.

    To be honest, I am planning on moving to wp sometime in the future, as wp is better for SEO than blogger. After all, you do not see many blogger sites on the front page of google, do you?

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