Top 3 Adult Web Hosting In 2024

If you want to create an adult website whether it is a WordPress blog, a tube like the PornHub or the cam affiliate site, you will need to find a place for your project to host your files.

Or maybe you are fed up with your current hosting provider that does not provide a good support anymore and you want to make a switch.

With all the sketchy reviews in which bloggers do not necessarily promote the best solutions, but they just recommend the ones that pay them the most for advertising, I can see that it can be overwhelming to find a really reliable adult host nowadays.

But do not worry my friend, I have been working online full time since 2008 and I have almost tried them all myself so I can share with you valuable information today.

In this very post I am going to give you some tips and list the very best adult hosts that I am using myself and the ones that you should absolutely avoid by all costs.

3 Best Hosting for Adult Content

I have tested over 30 different adult hosting providers till date since I am always looking for new homes for my projects.

I have signed up with them, tried out the customer service and I built websites on their servers so I have a real life experience that I can share with you all, it is not just something that is made up, these are reviews of companies that I use myself right now.

1. M3Server

It is not a coincidence that M3Server is on the first place of my recommendations.

I have been their customer for six years now and all of their plans come with the top support team in the industry behind you and that is why I hosting my most important websites with them.

I still remember the very day that I made a switch to them. I had over 20 pages on my old server and their amazing team took the care of the migration. They even double checked if everything is working fine afterward and this is the day I fell in love with M3Server ๐Ÿ™‚

They are a truly an adult hosting since their servers are configured to work with the scripts like MechBunny, ElevatedX and WP-Script for WordPress.

If you are serious about your online business, then click here now to get a huge 80% off discount on all plans they have and they will also give you SSL certs, a one domain and backups for free on top of it.

Let’s be honest, M3Server is not the cheapest host you can find, but they have been providing an excellent service to adult webmasters since 1996 (!!!) and after being with them for a long time, I can safely say that they are worth every single penny that you spend there.

No one is more reliable and trusted than M3Server. I think you will be impressed with how amazing they are. I was and I still am.

2. TMDHosting

Why new porn affiliates like TMDHosting so much?

Well, because it is an adult hosting that is perfect for beginners who want to start their new online business at very low cost and solid for intermediates.

I have two small VPS servers there and I mostly host WordPress blogs and tubes on TMDHosting these days.

If you are in the need of a cheaper adult hosting then they are your guys. They have got the $2.95 a month plan that is very appealing if you are just starting out and need to start a website without spending more than a few dollars.

With their starter package, all webmasters will receive the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates (which are installed automatically), a free domain name and daily backups.

I have been with them for over ten years now (and counting) and they have been absolutely fantastic. I only experienced a few, short downtimes over that long period of time and their support never let me down.

You will find it hard to find anyone that is better at that very low cost that they are charging you for their amazing services. Make sure to use this link to get a nice 40% off on your first purchase ๐Ÿ™‚

3. HawkHost

With the HawkHost primary plan, webmasters can build an adult tube with embedded videos or a blog on WordPress for just $2.99 per month.

It comes with the true round-the-clock support, free unlimited SSL certificates, a Cloudflare optimized server and completely free migration support when you want to transfer your stuff from another place.

I only host small websites there and even though they are very cheap, their disk speeds are good and the support team goes out of their way to fix any issues that you face.

You can totally trust HawkHost with your hard earned cash and their server’s track record, they have been providing an awesome adult hosting service since 2004.

So if you are looking for a hosting that is both affordable and is there to help you when you need it, then HawkHost will not disappoint you for sure.

Stay Clear Of Free Hosting

We all love free stuff and I am no different but the good old saying: “You get what you pay for” is still true these days.

Especially if you are a new and have no or very little knowledge about the industry and webmastering in general, it is very easy to get lured by these so called free hostings that will cause you nothing but troubles.

I am sure that you all know the Tumblr. They were a very popular solution for small affiliates and there were literally millions of adult blogs hosted there but about a year ago they decided that they do not want to have any naughty content on their platform and they started banning accounts that contain them.

In my early years of online site building, I have used lots of such services. I built a few blogs on Thumblogger, after a few months I started making a nice side income, but the one day they closed the shop without any prior notice so of course I did not have any back ups and I lost all the data and I had to start from the scratch.

I did not know any better at this time. I did not think that they could do this and I might end up losing everything.

But at least I have learned a one important thing and it is to use the paid adult web hosting for my websites.

I learned this the hard way, but it sure made me a wiser webmaster.

Now I know that if you want to run a real online business and want to be taken seriously by your visitors and search engines (Google and others), you have to invest some money into the hosting or else you will wake up one morning to very bad news.

Companies That You Should Avoid

Sadly for every good adult hosting out there, there are dozens of bad ones that will not give you the service that you are looking for.

Even doing simple things like installing WordPress can be a nightmare with some providers and if you are running a online business, the last thing you want is to have constant downtimes or have your website compromised by hackers.

That is why it is better to raise your budget a bit and go with the reliable host that will make sure that everything is working fine on your server and when there is some issue, it gets solved in a quick manner.

My kindly advice is to avoid them and run as far as you can from them.


They were very solid, they used to be one of my favorite web hosts and even my number one choice for many years but in 2012 everything has changed when they were sold to Endurance International Group (EIG) that is known for buying trusted companies that they end up ruining very quickly.

After the acquisition, the customer service went from the world class to the worst one possible. I had downtimes every single day and they did not care to help me, besides saying that I should upgrade to a very overpriced plan.

At this point I got enough of them and I transferred my adult blogs off of them and I vowed to never use them again in my life.

But why there are so many positive reviews about HG on the web?

Well, it is rather very simple to explain.

They are well aware that there is thousands of bloggers that have been burned by them and they share their real feedback online with others, so what HostGator does is, they offer very high commissions for affiliates so there is no shortage of people that promote them all over the web for just monetary reasons.


Now, I have to admit that I have never used any service from Amerinoc myself, but I personally know a few webmasters that were hosting with them so it is not some made up stuff that I am just going to tell you.

A long story short, they used to be a very decent hosting and you could see lots of people recommend them on different forums on the web but everything changed when they got sold to the company named Omnis back in the 2017, I think.

All their good reputation has been destroyed in just a few months. They used to provide a solid tech support but almost all the staff have ran away from them after they start seeing what the new owners are doing or they got fired.

And guess what happened next? Their support has went like a overnight to a complete Sh1t and since then the things only got worse in that matter.

You do not want to get your site hacked every week and experience downtime constantly while the support is thoroughly useless.


I am very frustrated when I see some bloggers still endorse their service to other webmasters in 2022.

I was a very happy Arvixe client for almost six years until one day they were purchased by EIG, a huge company that ruined lots of once reputable hostings like Hostgator.

One day I noticed that my adult sites started crashing and going offline. They must have oversold their servers and they definitely outsourced the support since their customer service went from a very good one to a crappy one all of a sudden.

I was fed up with them after my server went down for a week and they were not helping me at all to get my site back online and what is worst, they told me that they no longer store my backups despite being a long time customer that made them thousands of dollars.

Leaving Arvixe was a one of the wisest moves I have made as a webmaster.

Also, be wary of reviews that you can find on the Internet because many of them are from the very distant past which still remembers the days when Arvixe was a place to go to host your adult websites online.


I have been running the MrAdultAffilaite for a few years now and unfortunately, every day I see that new webmasters overlook the importance of hosting.

The truth is that it is one of the most crucial aspects of your online business so you have to make sure that you go with the provider that actually delivers on their promises.

Just think about this:

Let’s say you have a tube that starts doing very well on the Google and it is receiving lots of organic traffic, but since you are using a mediocre host to save a few bucks a month, your site keeps crashing and this way you not only lose visitors but also a lot of money.

I have been there, done that, my friend. It is important to invest in a reliable adult hosting that comes with an excellent support and a solid software, if you are really serious about your online business in 2022.

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  1. I have been with the M3 which seems to be a real adult web hosting for two weeks after moving from the Hostgator which has been endorsed by lots of bloggers but it turns out to be a total shit. Lately, they told me that I need to upgrade to a dedicated hosting because I was using too many resources on my VPS but I was only getting 100k visitors a month to my blog.

    • Unfortunately, I have done some business with the HostGator in the past and they are a huge company with a ton of funds to spend and that is why you see them being recommended a lot on different web pages. They will surely give all kinds of reasons to upsell you and they are actually very good at it so if you are new to this, you might get fooled by them.

  2. I use TSS (Total Server Solutions, formerly NatNet). I would NOT recommend them. I’m with them because they offer a level of DDOS protection (at a price I can afford) that others either don’t offer or charge an absurd amount for (during a DDOS attack my traffic gets routed through a 3rd party facilty that filters the traffic and sends it on to my server. There’s slightly more latency, but users are generally unaware there’s an attack going on.) And my pricing for that is particularly good because I was a guinea pig for NatNet when they first contracted with the 3rd party vendor for that service.

    But generally TSS is a bit of a nightmare. Nothing happens quickly. You always get incompetent, off-shore support staff doing the initial response, and at least 80% of the time they don’t understand the question or get the response wrong. Eventually you’ll get to an American tech who knows his stuff and is great, but he’ll be overworked and may not get back to you quickly.

  3. Thank you very much for all the feedback. Especially about TSS.. I won’t touch them, sounds like my worst nightmare.

    M3 I’ll have to have a look at. I’m currently looking at Google Cloud and Digital Ocean (DO has been mentioned by a few adult sites). I don’t dare to touch AWS, they are over-complicated.. My problem is that we have quite specialised requirements.

    Gossamer Host who I’ve used for many years was good but expensive, however they recently got bought by someone else and a venture capital firm based in the US.. the end result is that they are not getting rid of all the adult sites they hosted. I’m guessing the US Venture Capitalists are you standard rightwing conservatives. Unfortunately the guys at Gossmaer had been told nothing would change and business as usual but as soon as the deal was signed it all changed.

  4. I use TMDHosting. I know just the name might give a certain impression but I have to say that theyโ€™ve been amazing for the last few years since moving things from Arvixe. Our most popular blog is hosted with them and while there are limits weโ€™ve exceeded a few times they always expand our service to meet that demand, and with minor increase in costs. They donโ€™t offer everything, but the support is spectacular. Whenever Iโ€™ve needed to raise a ticket the guy gets back to us within two hours, even at weekends, and heโ€™s usually fixed whatever it was when he does.

    If all you need is a good, affordable host for something like a blog, a tube or a forum, I would gladly recommend them.

  5. I’m on Contabo VPS and they offer amongst the cheapest VPS hosting on the planet. If there’s anyone that beat their price, tell me and I’ll be willing to move. However, I’m thinking of self-hosting my videos moving forward.

    I’m self-hosting my videos right now and I plan to get different host once the resources exceed 1 Gbps dedicated port. From 2Gbps port speeds they do have competition out there. However, I vouch for their services.

  6. Hi,

    Which hosting is good for running Sex Cams with WordPress roboscript, just M3?
    What do you think about staying anonymous? I don’t remember the source but I read that getting around WHOIS Privacy is not that hard.

    Here is a privacy guide I found, whats your take on this, is it overkill for porn or not?:

    • Sure, the M3 is a very solid hosting with thousands of clients that have adult sites and I am there too, so I can totally recommend their service. You do not need, I do not use such tools, it is for those that want to hide because they pirate movies and if you run a legit cam site that I talk about on this site, you do not need any of that as well. The WHOIS privacy these days comes for free with most of the domain registrars so you do not have to pay for this ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi again,

    Another question that I think is important to mention. Isn’t SDD hosting better instead of HDD even for embedding tube videos or API roboscripting sexcams? Google SEO has a love for fast loading sites. Your affiliate M3 links is for HDD.

    • I have the SDD and HDD servers ( is on the one of them) on the M3 and if I would send you the link to my adult sites, you would not be able to tell the difference. The truth is that the most of the hosts oversell their plans, so it is not uncommon that the SSD can be slower than a properly managed HDD server that the M3 offers.

  8. Hello Mr Adult,
    I registered domain with Namecheap and bought hosting with m3server. My question is this. To build a site on m3server using the domain at NameCheap, do I have to transfer the domain to m3server?


    • You do not have to transfer anything. You just have to set the M3Server’s nameservers at NameCheap and here is the video showing you how to do this: You can also open tickets on the M3 and they will guide you better.

  9. Good evening sir.
    Exellent post sir.
    Short, crispy and delicious.
    Can you please paste your url here so that I can also read your amazing blogs Sir?
    One more thing I would love to learn from you is how to earn from adult affiliate marketing program.
    How can I find niche and is SEO optimization necessary.
    Please write 2 blogs on this 2 topics Sir.
    Thanks Sir and regards.
    God bless you Sir.
    Stay safe stay healthy wash hands regularly.

    • First of all, thank you for these kind words. You earn money as an affiliate by promoting some else’s products/offers/sites and you get paid a percentage on every sale you send them, it is that easy. You can need to pick the niche yourself, it is better first to go with the one you are the most passionate about or have the most knowledge about.

  10. I am fortunate enough that I discovered this very post on the Google before I committed to any company. I am currently with M3 and TMD and both are very good and I think that I will invest more of my business into the M3 since they seem to be a truly adult hosting with a very solid service. I have a lot of bad rap about HostGator as well and I would not touch them, they might have enticing pricing when you join them but renewals are a total robbery in a broad daylight and they should be avoided at all costs.

  11. first let me thank you for the awesome information , really helpful .
    im planing in making 2 sites , 1 cam and 1 tube , do u think hawkhost is ok for this? i like their payment options and are on the cheap side aswell . have a good day

    • I would say go either with the M3 or the TMD, since they have more experience with the adult sites and they can help you more with any problems you might encounter in the future and even things like setting up the right server for your needs comes a long way. If I would have to choose between the two, it would be a really tough decision to make since I use them both and they are providing a great service, just make sure to use the MrAdultAffiliate affiliate links so he gets some small comission as a thank you for his amazing work that he does on this blog.

      Definitely avoid ViceTemple if you are in for the porn hosting companies. I have read very bad things about them on the GFY before and you always have to make sure that the place that stores your site/s is reliable unless you do not care about your online business.

  12. Hey there,

    My name’s Lyubov, I tried to reach you via a contact form, but it was unsuccessful to send a message there. I’d like to discuss the possibility of adding the content about VSYS here. Please contact me at [email protected] if you’re interested in a partnership.


    P.S. Couldn’t add any other details as the comment appears to be spam.

  13. CloudHostworld has started Porn Webhosting with complete security and Abuse protections. Even they offer servers with multiples IPs, Caching System, Load balancing so it will help to increase our customer satisfaction on website.

  14. would like to say hostgator has always been my Goto and recently had to contact support, they were very helpful in helping me since i had some kinda malware on my sites through htaccess or at least thats what came up in the scan they ran for me. they were nice enough to reinstall eveything for me to remove said malware. they also helped me install that ioncube that was needed for i think roboscripts. so i wouldnt go as far as saying they went downhill ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. namecheap super cheap one-pager hosting has all of the cPanel tools! All CMS like wordpress & shopify. one can easily integrate a solo model site with a shop & then later embed a cam site like chaturbate

    Ive had much fun toying arround with every option i can find

  16. I do not recommend hawkhost at all.. I was hosting with them and they managed to lose all my website information and backups during an “upgrade”.

    Not only did they do nothing to help recover my data they lost due to their error, but they did so with an inexcusably snarky, passive-aggressive attitude.

    I had to rebuild the site from scrach through another provider.

    Suffice it to say, I will NEVER use or recommend their services ever again, there are WAY better options available


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