How To Build Your Own Adult Cam Site With WordPress For Less Than $50

With the rapid decline of porn pay sites, more and more adult affiliates start promoting webcams which convert way better thus bring lots of money.

It is well known that the live sex term is one of the most searched keywords on the web nowadays and the most successful cam sites are making millions of dollars every day and a big adult sponsor CrakRevenue has recently announced that they paid over 90 million dollars in commission to their affiliates that promote their cam offers.

Early in the 2016 I stopped sending my traffic to traditional porn programs because I decided to give camming a shot and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made.

In the 2022 you can start your own adult webcam site with WordPress even if you do not know any coding whatsoever, you have a tight budget and you are new to this billion dollar industry.

In this post I will show you how you can create a very similar site to Chaturbate without lots of effort in less than a one hour in just four simple steps.

The 5 Things You Need To Do To Create Your Own Adult Cam Site With WordPress

It might be possible that you already have your own domain and you might even have a shared or VPS hosting account so feel free to skip the first two steps and jump to the step number three.

1) Register Your Domain Name

Are you completely new to the adult affiliate thing and you have not ever owned even a blog?

You will have to get your own domain name first. This alone will cost you about $12 a year.

It is the address that people will use to enter your website.

Do you need an example of popular domain names in the porn world?

You should know these ones: or

The one domain name provider that I use and I can recommend myself is NameCheap (affiliate link).

They are totally fine with the adult so you do not need to worry that they suspend your account one day and they take your domains away.

Your domain name does not have to perfect, but make sure that you register a name that makes some sense.

So here are some examples of some established affiliate cam sites to give you some idea about what you should choose for your domain name:

Livefreecamx dot com

Nudelive dot com

Camdolls dot com

You can use numbers, dashes, but only in moderation, do not overuse these because your visitors might not even visit your cam site when it shows up on the Google, because they will think that you are the spammer.

2) Find A Web Host

If you have a domain name, now you will need to sign up for a web hosting in order to create your own adult cam site with WordPress.

How much you will pay for your account mainly depends how big (popular) your site is but if you are just getting your feet wet, then your fee would be about $3 to $10 per month.

You have to make sure to go with the provider that allows adult content because still most of the host companies do not want to host any kind of porn sites on their servers.

Now, if you are not tech savvy and you do not even know how to do simple things like setting up your email account then a fully managed hosting provider is the only option for you because they will make sure that your adult cam site works fine all day and they will do these simple things for you.

I can personally recommend you either 247ย or TMDHosting.

I have to mark that I am their affiliate marketer, I promote them but I also actively use them on different adult sites.

In fact, I have been with TMDHosting for three years now and with 247 for over ten years and they both are a great choice for newcomers that need a managed hosting.

You do not have to choose any other hosting plan than the most basic one because you may eventually upgrade it once your adult website gets bigger, but you do not need it now.

Of course you do not have to pick any of adult hostings mentioned above, I just wanted to give you a recommendation ๐Ÿ™‚

3) Set Up WordPress

You can finish this step in just a one minute or even less or it can take you a lot of more time.

It depends on which web hosting company you have chosen to use.

Some quality providers like TMDHosting or 247 make it super easy for new webmasters to install a WordPress software, because it only takes a several mouse clicks to do that because they offer one click installs.

But there are some hosts, especially unmanaged ones, that will only let you set up a WordPress manually so it will take about 20 minutes or even an hour, depending on how familiar you are with the control panels that they offer.

4) Sign Up For Webcam Affiliate Programs

In order to make any money with your WordPress cam site, you need to sign up for at least one affiliate program, but of course, you can register with as many sponsors as you want to.

I have tested pretty much every webcam site that lets you to become an affiliate and some of them did not convert at all with my traffic so I will share only the ones that work for me.

Here are my two top money makers in the webcamming industry:

AWEmpire – They have the best cam site (LiveJasmin) that always converts amazingly for me, no matter if I advertise them on my amateur tube site or a cam affiliate site. You simply have to check them out so sign up for a AWEmpire affiliate account now.

CrakRevenue – I have been promoting them for over five years and they have lots of different dating, gaming and including cam sites which you can make money with through their affiliate program. You can promote the most popular webcam brands such as MyFreeCams, BongCams (Royal Cams), CamSoda or Streamate (Slut Roulette) via CrakRevenue.

They are the most trusted (and my favourite) CPA network in the adult world, so they manually approve new affiliates to eliminate spammers and shady webmasters but if you show them your site or just tell them that you want to build a cam site using this script or you can even send them a link to this post, they will surely accept your account.

So go create a CrakRevenue account now.

The plugins and scripts that I recommend in this post also work with the following sponsors:

  • XLoveCashย – I have been promoting them as well and they convert well with the European traffic but many sales also come fromย North America (mainly the USA and Canada).
  • BongaCamsย – They have a solid product and they have become quite popular in the adult industry recently. Most of the performers come from the Eastern Europe and you should test them as well.

If you join any of these cam sponsors, you will be able to import live chat rooms that feature models from their sites into your WordPress website.

Obviously, the more affiliate programs you join, the more models you will be able to display on your site.

It is recommended to join as many programs as possible because more models equal more content and more content equals more traffic from Google and more organic traffic equals more money in your pocket.

5) Set Up Your Adult Cam Site On WordPress

If you do not have any technical skills, lots of time and resources that are necessary to create and maintain a real live site like Cam4 then this post is for you.

Letโ€™s be realistic, if you were to start another LiveJasmin site then you would need to recruit hundreds of models, do all the promotion, do the SEO, hire coders and designers if you are not pro at coding, you will also have to deal with lots of paperwork and you will need to have a shit ton of money ($100,000 being the bare minimum).

Luckily for you, there are some scripts, plugins that let you create your own cam affiliate site with WordPress for as little as $50 and best of all, you do not have any coding skills or deal with models or any other stuff that might take up lots of your time.

Unfortunately, our users have reported many issues regarding this plugin so I have decided to no longer recommend it on here. The good news is that I have a better, working alternative that I mention later in this post, so scroll down a bit and you will find it ๐Ÿ™‚

Econfirm Plugin makes it extremely easy for anyone to create a network of cam sites in just a few minutes with very minimal technical knowledge and no sweats.

You will just need to upload this plugin, activate it and choose any theme (either free or premium one) and add your affiliate link from a site that you want to promote and that is it.

This YouTubeโ€™s video explains what you have to do to make this plugin work in a very newbie friendly way:

What this plugin does is it loads your WordPress database with models, which in plain language means that it automatically populates your website with webcam videos and it will every few minutes update your site with new videos of models that are online and it will remove ones that go offline

You can see how this plugin works on real websites:


There are some shady plugins that will skim your traffic and even change your affiliate link in a smart so that you do not credit for all sales but this great plugin gives 100% credit to you.

Plus, you are free to choose any WordPress theme and there are literally 1000s of these available at site for free and there are also some premium ones.

This plugin will work any template you choose as long as it works on WordPress.

You can use many different cam sponsors at once on your website and you are able to change the model descriptions as easily as you change any other WordPress post and the same goes for tags and categories.

You are also able to choose in the settings if you want to show only gay, trans, female or couple rooms on your cam site. You can select any of them and you can also make them all displayed at the same time if you want to.

It is worth mentioning that no pictures or videos are ever stored on your website so your webcam site needs very little server storage which means that you can start with the most basic hosting plan.

You absolutely do not need a dedicated server to run a cam site using this very plugin unless you already get millions of visitors every month.

If you purchase this plugin, you can create as many WordPress cam site using it as you want and you can use it on your already developed blogs and you do not have to purchase another license.

The team at Econfirm updates this product regularly and they will keep sending new updates to their customers for free.

WordPress Adult Cam Site

There is another great solution for you. It is a more expensive one but it has even more features and it comes with a custom made theme that looks really impressive so if you have a bit larger budget, I can recommend them to you as well.

I am talking about the RoboScripts.

They have a very intuitive options panel where you can change lots of things so you do not need to know any code or hire a coder.

You just need to upload their plugin to your site and enter the affiliate information from the sponsors (I mentioned above the one that works with these two tools) that you want to promote.

It will populate your database with a few thousands of live models with just a one click of the mouse and the text spinner API Chimp Rewriter will auto create unique content and it will significantly improve your search engine rankings.

I have to admit that they have done a very good job with this product because it is really SEO optimized. I have seen many adult cam sites built with this plugin that rank really well on the Google so the RoboScripts’ plugin is the way to go.

WhiteLabel Vs. Third Party Script

You might have already heard about white labels that most of the webcam sponsors offer.

White label is basically an exact copy of Chaturbate or Streamate site and any affiliate can change it.

So you can create your own white label with letโ€™s say Chaturbate, it will have a very similar design to their site because you can only change a few things like add a logo.

Yes, you can build it on your own domain letโ€™s say on but it does not matter if you want to receive any organic traffic.

The very reason why you should not create a white label is because Google and other search engine sites do not like such sites because first of all they look almost the same like the original site and white label are usually not even indexed by search engines due to the duplicate content since such sites do not have any unique content.

On the other hand, with a third party script like theย RoboScripts, you can change almost any part of the design and you can pick any theme you like, so your webcam site will never look like Chaturbate or Streamate.

You can also add new posts, change titles of the live embed rooms, you can even add SEO plugins like Yoast that will improve your search engine rankings as well.

You need to know that if you sign up for a sponsor and use their white label, then you will only be able to promote this one exact sponsor, whereas if you would build an independent cam site, you can choose to promote as many different programs as you only want to.

I can also say that you are not limited to what you can change if you go with the third party plugin, whereas with the white label you are allowed to change only basic things and you will never rank for any worthwhile keywords.

So build your own webcam site with a plugin so you can promote many different cam sponsors on the same page and get a steady stream of targeted traffic from the Google for free.

Build Your Cam Empire Today

Isnโ€™t it amazing that for less than $50 you can build your own cam empire today?

I can safely say that the RoboScriptsโ€™ products are the best for those of webmasters that want a tool that is very easy to work with and very affordable.

If you are new to the adult industry, then I highly recommend you to consider promoting webcam sponsors using their products because I stopped advertising paysites a few years ago and since then I became a cam affiliate and I was really surprised how much money I made in my first month.

Thanks to RoboScripts, it has never been easier to make a webcam site that will actually rank well and generate a great passive income which will last for many years or even decades so do not hesitate anymore and create your own money making machine using RoboScriptsโ€™ products today.

344 thoughts on “How To Build Your Own Adult Cam Site With WordPress For Less Than $50”

  1. I never really knew how easy it is to start a webcam site. I will get one of these tools once I get my payment from the affiliate sponsor. I am not sure yet which one is better for me. EC is cheaper for unlimited domains but RS seems to have more built in options that you can change or add. You can really create a site on autopilot since the plugin will add models automatically every few minutes and I imagine that you do not have to do much work on it unlike a tube which you should update every few hours.

    • I tried to build a real cam site two years ago and it failed. I invested over 50 thousand in it and I lost it all with very little profits at all.

      My expenses were like:

      Dedicated server $450 a month to store the site and make it live.
      Marketing $1,000 a month to get some constant traffic.
      Models $5,000 a month to make them work on the site for some time before they are paid for the performance.
      Billing $500 a month to receive payments.

      I have spent over $30 thousands on the script alone and I have to constantly pay some programmers to fix it so it needs a huge investment.

      The site ended up failing because cam girl would not go to the site anymore since it wouldn’t receive as much traffic so they made very little and they wanted more and more from me to be online.

      Now, I almost gave up on the adult industry, but I gave the Robo script a shot and I created my own site on WordPress and after working on the SEO, it now gets over 5 thousands of visits every day and it’s growing from that and I make over $2,000 which is very good considering that I don’t need to hire anyone or have some big expenses, I just need to get traffic.

      So don’t start a real webcam site because it needs at least $500,000 of investment and you aren’t guaranteed to make any money. The affiliate site with WordPress is much safer and a lot of cheaper to run.

    • Cams are indeed the best way to make money in the adult sector. Adult paysites are becoming less and less profitable and they hard convert even with a very targeted traffic so it’s pointless to promote them since you can with the same effort make ten times more with webcam affiliate programs.

      I have been using both Robo and Econfirm on my adult websites and both are quite good and easily customizable.

      I like that the Econfirm can work with any WordPress theme so you change theme until you find one you like. They came up with a new theme Velvet, I don’t have it, but it looks kinda old school but I like this kind of style.

  2. i just purchased one license for myself and i am really impressed how amazing this plugin is and it is worth every penny without a doubt. i am sure that i am going to use it to create many webcam sites this month.

  3. This is a rather long post but I like it because it is so detailed and written for newbies like me. I am going to save it and reread it as I am planning to build my first adult website ever. Keep fingers crossed for me.

    I am pleased that I found this article and I want to thank you Mr. Adult Affiliate for sharing these fantastic tips and guides with us. If I would found this site a few weeks ago, I would start it ealier.

    • It is great to meet you. If you have any issues with setting up your webcam site then ask in the comments or you can visit the forum and post your thread if you have some more general questions. I wish you lots of luck in the adult industry.

      • Hi Mr Adult, I’ve set up an affiliate cam site using WordPress and Roboscripts. I am kind of stuck cause I still don’t know how to get the content for my site. Do I need to apply for affiliate programs so that I can get web cam content?

  4. I have tried white labels in the past, but I never got them ranking on search engines. I have tried to add some text and even bought backlinks for it but it never ranked.

    I think I have to give Robos a try because their plugins look really promising and I think that I have seen cam sites that are using their products, doing pretty decent on Google.

    • That is true. I have been adding some posts to my adult webcam site regularly (and it is very easy to add on WordPress) and I see the traffic increase steadily.

      If you add some original content to it, it has a possibility to rank very well on search engines since the embed rooms will keep your visitors on your site so it will make Google think that your site is really good and some written content will tell Google that your site is not another automated spammy website and it has some uniqueness.

      And yes, I have seen some websites build with Robo’s plugins rank high on the search engines so it is certainly possible to do well on the Google, if you, of course, learn SEO and do your homework – implement the learned strategies.

      You will get only average results if you just set up the webcam site with this plugin and do nothing besides checking stats or adding some widgets to your sidebar.

      It still needs some hard work, but with these plugins, you are way ahead of your competitors that are not using them.

  5. I got their (Robo) Cam WP Plugin Multisite โ€“ Unlimited License for $80 and they have even helped me with the installation on my existing sites for free. they have like twelve webcam sites you can pull the models from and promote them so it is pretty neat. they have also a standalone script but I am not sure if it is as easy to manage as WordPress is.

    do you think it is worth it to pay $120 for it or the plugin is enough for a new affiliate?

    • The Cam Multi Site Builder (CSB-MU) is more advanced since it is a script and a very good VPS is required to run it and it is certainly not easy to manage as their other products so I think that their plugin should be best for you right now.

  6. Thanks for this guide! After building the cam website, where do you get your traffic? Do you think Pop/redirect traffic can be good?

    • Welcome Ben. It is the same way as with every other site. You can buy traffic, but I do not recommend that unless you have lots of money to invest and you really want to test different ad networks. You can use social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr or Reddit but the best way is organic traffic from search engines. If you build such site, you can tweak it, add some unique posts, edit model’s room titles and add some text just like in normal posts.

      You can also use your other websites if you have any, to drive your traffic to it. In this post I have mentioned several ways to get visitors for cam offers:

      But do not limit yourself to only one method of promotion.

    • i bought some traffic recently and made very little from it so probably i am doing something wrong but isn’t something a newbie should do since you can lose all money and don’t get any return on it.

      basically, the website itself should get organic traffic but you still have to work on adding some content, posts or editing some titles and do the seo.

      i have two other adult sites that i advertise it on and it seems to be working well and there are many other ways to attract traffic and you will have to check out the post mentioned above my comment.

    • Why not build a real site on it? It is not a bad domain after all. It is not that hard, you add some content, videos or you can use the plugins from this post to pull the models automatically.

      One of my sites build with Robo plug make me $500 a month with not much work. I just manually edit some titles of rooms and add some text but it all takes just about 2 to 4 hours a week.

    • You should better build a website on it rather than selling it because it is a quite new domain and let’s be real, it is not a premium one so you will not get much for it.

      With some hard work put in, you can make some great additional money from it, you can check out this article on how to promote an adult website:

  7. i contacted gatorhost. and asked them what plan i need for this. and they told me i would need VPS hosting because the others would not support sreaming. i want to start asap. but i dont want to buy something i cant use.

    • Sorry Dave, but I do not think they know what they talk about or they just want to upsell you (most likely). You are not really streaming any videos or chat rooms on your site if you use these plugins, you just embed chat rooms featuring models and that is a big difference.

      I would recommend to go with either TDMHosting or 247-Host. You can start with their cheapest plans (provided you start a one or two sites, not dozens) and you should be fine or you can keep your HostGator account but they are quite fishy and I would not recommend using them because they will always try to persuade you to upgrade to a more expensive plan for no logical reason.

    • hg is a terrible host and i have used them two years ago and my experience with them was very bad. since they got bought out by eig, they went from a solid service to a very crap one.

      you might get lucky if you don’t have any issues so far, but when they do occur and you aren’t that good at fixing stuff, their support won’t help you, they will talk around and tell you that you have to upgrade to more expensive plan to fix your issues.

      i have been sent some irrelevant links to read so i can solve my problems but that was all they have done. the tech support was really clueless about everything i talked with them.

      i hope they would change and provide better service, but i don’t think it’s going to happen soon.

      the issue is that there are thousands of paid reviews out there which paint them in a good light so it’s hard to find real ones and many people still fall for these commercials.

      there are many nice hosts included ones mentioned here that will work just fine with the cam plugins like robo or econfirmopro. i have been running them on vps or even shared accounts without any issues, so you should too.

    • They are a joke, they will tell you anything to make more money from you and I wouldn’t use them to save a few dollars, but it’s your decision.

      There are many more adult friendly hosts that offer services for similar prices as HG do.

    • I would like to say… IT CAN NOT BE DONE FOR $50.00…. i contacted the hosting you suggest and they want over $100.00 to start hosting unless you go month to month. and thats almost $20.00 then you need a theme.. $50.00 now you need a plug in $45 – $80.00 where is the $50.00 or less? and almost forgot.. you need a domain also… $ 12.00 so the minimum you could do it for is…about $80.00 if you get free theme that sucks. if your going to be informative? TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!

      • I am not sure which hosting you contacted (they probably think that you are going to host videos or do live streaming and that is why they want you to start with a higher plan, but if you tell them that your site is new and you are not going to host any videos, just pictures. Honestly, I have seen people run this plugin on the most basic plans) but the TDMHost gives you a domain for free for a one year and their lowest plan starts at $2.95 a month. The Robo’s The WP Cam plugin sells for $39 and the Econfirmpro sells for $45 (the price has gone up since I have posted this article). So it is actually less than $50.

  8. ok thank you for that. also i was considering white label? I know you say they will never rank with google. But if I have the white label and another site recruiting models and advertising for my white label site? Do you think that is a bad idea?

    • They are very hard to rank because of the duplicate content and some sponsors even deindex white labels so you can not rank it at all, no matter how hard you try.

      That being said, if you have other sites then you might drive traffic from them to your white label otherwise I do not see a point in creating a white label.

      Some big companies like PornHub do such thing, but they have loads of traffic and they also do it for branding reasons as well, so instead of sending their visitors to a cam site, they create a white label on a domain like

      I tried to do something similar on some of my sites and but the conversation rates were lower. Unless you have a very well known site, you would be making more money by sending your traffic to the sponsor directly (to their site) than spending it to a white label, at least in my experience.

    • I had a few white labels myself, but I couldn’t rank them. I bought backlinks for it and I tried to do some custom changes as some sponsors might allow it but nothing seemed to help improve the search engine results.

    • Sponsors deindex or let you add very little unique content on a whitelabel for a reason – they don’t want to be outranked or penalized in some way by search engines for duplicate content.

      The more whitelabels there are, the more duplicate content and I wouldn’t be surprised if the original site might suffer from loss of ranking as well.

      With all these scripts, plugins you can almost customize all the site and if you add some content and change things, you can get some good rankings on different keywords.

    • i contacted tdm hosting and to get it at $2.95 per month you need to go with a 3 year billing plan paid in full at start up that is $106.20 and the free domain is $10.95 they say for whois protection. i told them everything you posted and even used your links. i signed up today with webhostpro today and got domain and 3 months of hosting for $31.00 now just waiting for it to be active so i can start working. it all is new to me and very frustrating. but i am sure i will make it work

      • If you are starting out then everything is new to you so it is normal but it is not really that hard to start a website, in fact, it is quite easy. You just get a domain, sign up for a trusted managed hosting and they should help you with installing WordPress and other things and the rest is very straightforward.

        • NameCheap has web hosting as well as domain registering. I’m wondering why you didn’t mention that NameCheap doesn’t just register domain names

          • It is because they are primarily a domain registrar and I have heard that their support is not that good so that is why I do not advertise their hosting services here ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hi.
    I thought i would just leave a very positive comment.

    I brought a robo script,and having done wordpress,i thought i would get some help of the owner.

    Well,he could not have been more helpfull.
    He loaded it for me,did all the cron jobs,as i have no idea how to,and he helped me imensly.

    I had also brought the wrong script,and he told me he would change it and he did.

    I would reccomend the product to anyone.

    • That sounds really amazing, Alan ๐Ÿ™‚

      By the way, I have visited your webcam site and it looks really neat. There is one thing I would recommend you to do, it is to get the SSL cert for that domain. Ask your hosting about it, they should add it for you at no charge.

      • Hey Mr Adult Affiliate, I paid $39 for a Global sign 256 SSL + $14.99 installation with TDM but it takes an absolute age for my site to show as secure (if at all). Originally I took out an SSL with NameCheap but I felt TDM were purposefully being diffident helping me install it (hence I reluctantly coughed up $39 to TDM to save the hassle). Have you experienced delays with the SSL showing as I can’t help feel they’ve ripped me off as surely this will massively impact my bounce rate? Granted my site is in it’s infancy.

    • I went today and purchased my own copy of the plugin after reading your comment and I have to say that I am really impressed with how great it is and how nice support is and they have very nice products and they helped me with basic things that I should deal with myself.

      Just like with for tube themes, I have with Robo a very good experience as well and I am probably going to order a multidomain license as I have almost used up all the basic license.

    • What is your site so I can take a look too. I’ve recently found this post in another post and am currently considering on taking this opportunity. It sounds like there would be a great budget because of Robo something? Anyway, I’m an affiliate marketer myself but not for this specific niche and would like to expand my sources. What is the step by step process with making this on a great budget and then running traffic to the site step by step. You know what would be nice, if you could make the video and post it on here and YOU as well will have more people drawn to your site. Thank you if you for the instructions that you will give for all of us here, happy new years to you all.

  10. Hi.

    Thanks for the input.I will follow up on that.
    Sometimes i think i know a lot,lol then i find out i dont.
    You never stop learning.
    I picked your imformation up form gfy and have followed since then,
    so i thought i would take the plunge.I do have some normal porn sites,and the traffic is slowly kicking in.

    Many thanks.

    • Alan, I learn new things every day and if you do as well, it is a good indicator that you are moving forward. Please do check out my forum as well. You can ask me there anything related to the adult industry.

    • I like your adult cam site too and i am about to build my own one soon. i own some tubes but the earnings go down as time goes by and i am looking to get my feet wet in the webcamming industry.

      i have seen some mradultaffiliate’s stats and i am impressed and willing to work hard.

  11. Hi! Nice article! I wish to ask if econfirmpro can work with white labels. I do not want to send traffic to main sites, I am a white label type of webmaster. I sent a message to that guy, but he has not replied. At this point I wonder if he runs a serious business.

    • What you mean by saying if it can work with white labels? The plugin pulls cam rooms from many different sites that you choose to use and it works similarly to a white label, but you have full control over the website and you can do anything like with any other WordPress build site.

      I think that you can also set up a white label and promote it on the sites using this plugin so your visitors are not redirected to the original site but I am not sure since I do not do that.

      • Thanks! That’s what I wanted to know, if it can redirect to a white label instead of the main site. Maybe others here can enlighten me, if they use this method.

    • I am not sure if it’s possible with the Enconfirmpro, but I am pretty sure you can use your own whitelabel with the Robo (I use it) instead of the main website. I think that I have seen him tell that before.

      • Thanks! Robo seems a bit difficult to use, and I am not a very technical guy. But if you say it works with white labels, that gets my attention.

        • The Robo has a WordPress plugin and it is not that hard to use. Click on this link and then choose the “Demo” page on the menu and scroll down to find the WP Cam Plugin box and you can use the login information to see how the settings look like on the WordPress.

          And yes, I can confirm that you can use your own whitelabel to send traffic to, as I have double checked this plugin on my website a few minutes ago.

          • I did that. I do not see any option to edit the post. Is there such an option? Perhaps it is not available in the demo?

          • Of course. You can not edit it in the demo because everyone would change posts and do some sneaky things like spamming with link et cetera. You can create a separate blog section too.

          • Doesn’t the spinner affect SEO? I am thinking that perhaps google detects it somehow, or maybe the spinner creates duplicate content at some point, because if there are so many sites using it, then it will make duplicate texts from time to time, right? Just a curiosity of mine, since I have never used spinners.

          • Of course, it is not as good as a handwritten content but it is still better than having a duplicate content and I have seen sites using the Robo plugin do pretty great on the Google and other search engines. You can always edit anything you like (change tags, post titles, descriptions) and making the content even more optimized.

      • i have both plugs and Enconfirmpro might be easier to use, since there are not many options and it’s very straightforward but robo isn’t that hard at all and it has more features and options and it costs more but i prefer it over the Enconfirmpro.

        • Thank you for the reply! Yes, that is going to be my option, too. I have not bought it yet, since I still have some unanswered questions about it.

        • Ok, Mister Adult Affiliate. One important question is if the multisite script can go niche. For instance, can it display on the multisite only Muslim girls, like Muslim from Imlive, Muslim from LJ, Muslim from Chaturbate etc, all in one single site, and no other type of girls other than Muslim? We all know that the riches are in the niches, so I am looking forward to your answer.

          • You can filter the models by using tags from adult cam sites that you are promoting. The index page will display only models that are associated with the tags that you opt for.

        • That’s good to know, Mr. Adult Affiliate. I’m thinking I should have opened a thread in your forum, since I have all these questions, and new ones seem to keep popping up. For instance, how much is the bounce rate with a script like robo? Because if it embeds live rooms, that means when the visitors click on a room, they are redirected to the site that the room is embedded from, and that translates into an increased bounce rate. Doesn’t that affect the SEO?

          And question two: for a wp plugin script, can this theme be used for a multisite, but only the featured page?

          wp-cam.demo2 dot webcam/ I had to use ‘dot’, because otherwise the system detects my comment as spam)

          What I am trying to do is use only a featured page, where I can use only my models and a few others that I know they have great potential when it comes to converting free loaders into paying customers.
          Sorry if I bombarded you with to many questions, but perhaps others will have them as well, and they will just have to read the comments section and find the answers.

          • From the statistics I gathered, the bounce rate on adult cam sites using such plugin is quite low and it is because most of the people watch the show for few minutes before they click and some do not click at all.

            Sorry, I think it is a yes but I am not really sure. You can ask the plugin creator.

            Also, please feel free to open your topic on the forum.

  12. Thanks, Mr. Adult Affiliate! That was helpful. I am going to buy the plugin for sure, and use your affiliate link, since it would be the right think, considering it is here that I found about it.

    Have a great day!

    • you won’t regret it for sure. i started my fourth webcam site yesterday since i had a little bit of success with my other three ones. i am making mid three figures every month now and i only spend a few hours a week maintaining them as they are put on the autopilot. it’s quite nice income considering i have other businesses that i run and i am new to the adult industry as well.

      that being said, you have to do some posting and editing to maximize the SEO output and you will rank quickly, especially if you are planning to open a niche cam site since there is less competition. robo has very nice plugins and scripts and they keep improving them.

      • That’s very nice! I am happy for you. Indeed, spending only a few hours a week and making that money is great! I am hitting four figures per period (two weeks), and my main source of traffic is social traffic and direct traffic, but the direct traffic comes from the social sites as well, so I am not sure if I should include it.

        Now I want to gather organic traffic, as I intend to hit 10K+, if not per period, at least every month. Organic traffic is MONEY! I have been in the industry for about 5 years now, and I feel like I have not evolved as much as I should have, therefore focusing on organic traffic seems to be the right way.

        Next week I am buying the script, I think tomorrow or Tuesday.

        Good luck to all of us!

        • Hi Balaboit, I’m very interested in what we’re all talking about here and I or we as a family in this type of industry would like to know what was the step by step process of your other 3 sites. Say the 2nd site as a scenario, what was your step by step and was there something different that you did from your other two and or was it the same method? Thank you all here for the questions and concerns and thank YOU, Mr Adult Affiliate.

  13. Success! I bought the script just now. I used your referral link, so it should appear in your dashboard/stats. I also would like to connect with you, Mister Adult Affiliate, because I would like to use another affiliate link of yours with one of the cam sites I plan on using. Unfortunately, with the other three that I intend to use, I am already registered. So let me know how I can get in touch with you.

    Take care, and thanks for the work that you do here!

  14. Hello,
    Thank your for this great tutorials, I am following your methods,
    I would like to ask if in your view it is better to start a cam website or a porn website? I am in between these two options.
    If I create a cam site will there be any additional cost except the cost of the hosting ans the plugin?

    • Welcome on the website, Enxhi Marku. It is a very good question you have asked. Both can be profitable and it really depends on what you prefer. Some people prefer posting videos, some prefer something else. With the tube, you will need to constantly post new content (you can use the Ken Pro Importer plugin from to automatize the process to some point) and with the cam site build with the plugin, it will automatically populate and update your website with models, but it still needs some SEO work (like changing the titles, adding posts and doing other things to make it as unique as possible).

      I can not tell you which one is definitely better since I actually run this types of sites and they both can bring lots of money provided you put a lot of work into them, it just depends what you like to do more.

      You can also build a cam tube by embedding webcam related videos on your website, there are thousands of them on Xvideos, PornHub and XHamster.

      The only other additional cost would be the domain name but that is like twelve bucks a year or less. The content management system is for free if you choose WordPress, of course, and you do not need nothing more than you mentioned in your question.

      • Thank you so much for answering! I ended up starting a webcam site, so, I am dealing with a lot of issues now, which includes installing econfirmpro plugin to wordpress and other things, bongacash, for example; so, I got another question for you so far: how to set bonga and maybe other site online chat rooms to my site and how I can promote my site to get more traffic?

        • I dont know when you posted this but Im telling you honestly that I started a tube site where I should of started a cam site and the tube site is alot of work. I imported 100 videos and it took me 4 – 5 hours every day for a week to write unique SEO descriptions for every single video.

          Also seems you are at the whim of the video owner that you are embedding on of whether they will ban you from their affiliate program or not for breaking their terms, then there is the DMCA thing where as I guess you probably dont need to be concerned about that as much for a cam site.

  15. Will the aforementioned plugins work with WordPress 5 and the new editor called Gutenberg? Many are concerned that Gutenberg will break existing plugins and themes.

  16. Hello again. Would we still fall under the 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement if we used the plugins?

  17. Hello, I started the website and it works great, how soon would I start to see results? And what about viruses and spam ware from porn sites?

    • If you do some SEO work, like getting backlinks, optimizing the website, then you will see some results sooner, but I can not tell you an exact timeframe, since there are too many variables that should be taken into consideration.

      Some of my adult cam sites start making good money in first two months and some take many more months.

  18. HI!
    I’m all new to this business and I’m most concerned about the legal aspect of it, I don’t want any trouble.

    After what I understand from this tutorial, the Third Party plugin (robo?) is the way to go?
    Does this come with the same legal obligations as creating my own cam site?

    Also, when making money from this site, where does it end up? Do I have to register a company (yes/no?) or what will the benefit be if I did?

    Thank you, man ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You are building a site using an affiliate content, so you do not have to keep any documentation since you are not really hosting any pictures from the cam sponsor, since they are doing it and you are just embedding their live stream videos.

      Robo is currently the best plugin, so check them out and get one for yourself. Also, make sure to sign up with adult programs that I recommended.

      You do not need to start a company, if you are just starting out. Once you make a substantial income, it might be better for you to create one because there are might be some benefits (it depends on whenever you live).

  19. Also, in the guide you first mention namecheap for registering domain, then HawkHost or 247-Host for hosting. then TDMhosting down in the comments.
    I get the feeling it is outdated or something, because at TDM (or any other provider) you can get the domain registered as well. I don’t see the need for namecheap ??

    Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It has been a couple months since I written this article. I use them all and they are great, but TDMhosting is best of them all in my experience. With TDM, you get a one domain for free if you sign up with my link. I recommend starting out with the Business plan, because the Starter one might not handle the Robo plugin well.

      If you are not sure of something, let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. hey,
    this is a really solid post, good job!
    question: what is your experience with ranking this types of cam sites with the robo plugin? do they even get ranked and gain any traffic even if you do not do any work on the seo end, just let the plugin do its work?
    or, in your case, how long does it take that you see some traffic coming in? or even better, first conversions?
    any response will be highly appreciated!

    • I own adult cam sites build with Robo and they can rank well, if you build some links and some social media promotion and other things.

      Honestly, I monitor cam keywords on Google and I see every single day Robo based websites rank on different search results.

      I can not tell you how long does it take, because there are too many variables that you have to take into consideration. For example, it depends if it is a niche cam site like milfs, black women or a general with all categories, how old is your domain as newer ones tend to get less organic traffic in first few months before Google can trust you ๐Ÿ™‚

      • your comment is much appreciated!

        i do have one more question regarding robo plugin.
        when it adds new cams as new posts in wp, do you change slugs/urls of each post, too, or do you just leave them as is?

        so, you only change title, improve description, add meta and the like?

          • awesome, thanks!
            would you say, starting off, to create the first cam site niche-related to see some traction going as soon as possible or generic one?
            i am really thankful for this post, it definitely opened my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Hello!
    I have used your website for guidance and I’m grateful for the help I’ve gotten from it.
    I published a website about a week ago with a promising domain. (not a camsite but a webshop where people can buy my used lingerie.. people like the weirdest things huh? I just see an opportunity to save detergent and earn some cash. haha)

    Now I’m just trying to get this to generate traffic.

    This is my first website and I am not familiar with SEO at all, other than what it means.
    I’ve checked out guides but sadly I don’t get any wiser…

    I hate to drop a lot of Q’s on you, so take your time and answer as much as you want to.

    1. Is SEO the only thing I can do to make my rank on search engines higher?
    (Or is it something else I also should do to increase traffic?)

    2. What are the easiest/best concrete actions/ways to SEO?
    (guides seem to tell me that “it is important to look at your website in the eyes of a search engine” and all that, but concrete actions are nowhere to find)

    Any tips for improvement on the website are VERY welcome.

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You can try social media traffic, especially Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit to get some traffic (I have articles on how to promote your stuff on these networks) while improving the SEO side of your website. You can also buy clicks directly from adult sites or ad networks, but I do not recommend it since you can lose lots of money doing that. You can buy sponsored posts on similar websites that will give you a backlink and send you traffic and there are many other ways.

      Did you take a look at these

      I have some articles that touch on this subject of the SEO. The best and the simplest advice I can give you is to make sure that your site loads fast, has a clean theme and you have some original content (like posts and text on all pages). Ideally, you could add some blog posts regularly.

      I can not see your website link since it has been auto removed by one of my plugins. Can you add it in your next comment? You can also start your own topic on the forum. Plus, there is a ton of information on there as well.

  22. Thank you for the quick reply ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ok, I will get to it. I have added a blog to the page.

    -After what I can see it loads pretty fast, I think it’s not very heavy to load after all. (pretty simple)
    – I think the theme is pretty clean? kind of like livejasmin-ish?
    – Only original content (in my definition of “original” at least)

    I have an issue with the “buttons” on the “about me” page, but that’s not what I want help with unless you have an easy fix ๐Ÿ™‚
    (I use hostgator’s website builder, but the support people don’t know how to fix it either)

    Ok, here we go again with the website link:
    usedlingeriefetish DOT c o m

    Thanks again :)!

    • I would not recommend creating any money making sites with Hostgatorโ€™s website builder. I am not really sure if it is well coded and SEO friendly, unlike WordPress which is.

      Your background picture is too big and it is way too distractive.

      I would rather create a store with any of these Ecommerce themes that are tested, improved and endorsed by webmasters:

      I am not sure if your site is still being developed, but you need better and more images as well.

      Also, try to google your top competitors (try “used panties fetish”) and see what they do. What social media sites they are using, how do their sites look, what kind of posts they add, what pages do they have and et cetera.

  23. Hello everyone

    I want to thank mr adult affiliate for everything that works here for us and all the information and opportunities that our page offers us. I’m new in all this and I’ve been white label for two months now and I’m not happy with the results, something is fine and there is no way forward so I want to try this method. I bought a hosting at and wonder if this is a good hosting for my cam site ?

    Optimized hosting package for multiple websites.

    Unlimited Websites
    Free Domain for Life
    25GB SSD Space
    cPanel & Softaculous
    7 Daily Backups
    Unmetered Traffic

    • If you have been running a sponsor based white label without having a second website that you could use to drive traffic from then I am not surprised that you are not happy with the results you got.

      Whitelabels are not ranking on the Google so you can not get any organic traffic for it, so that is why starting a real site is a good way to promote webcams.

  24. Econfirmpro_camsite is a horrible plug-in. I isolated the crash of the other parts of my site to this plug in. Had to uninstall it to get videos on my other posts and pages to work.

    Plus the customer support is horrible. They did not respond to any of my inquiries. I threw money out the window on this one. My recommendation is to avoid this plug in like the plague.

  25. i think econfirmpro is a great plugin, i’ve been talking to the dev. great support too.
    the thing is, it’s way to buggy, it’ll have you stuck all night trying to figure what the issue can be, then again it’s the only trusted cam plugin for wordpress

      • the thing with roboscript, it needs a specific or custom made theme for the cams to show. those that don’t know how to code or the insight of coding. it has the auto poster feature that isn’t the greatest as it has limitation of max 20 posts per day, unlike econfirmpro which has no limit and can set the time you want it to execute.(i liked)

        i’m not sure the dev will support the econfirmpro plugin anymore, that’s what i’ve been told

  26. only if the dev allows how many posts we can set in that execution time, without having the limit of 20 posts per day, i’ll be discussion more on the suggestions to the dev.

  27. Hi, Adz!

    I edit the posts from the auto-poster and make them of even 700 words sometimes, and not even one of them is less than 300 words. It takes me a lot of time to write one post, and you say that 20 per day are not enough for you??? Can you write more than 20 per day, quality content and unique? It is impossible, unless you either plan on not changing even one word from the auto-poster, or writing just 10 to 20 words. Otherwise, I cannot possibly see how you could handle more than 20 post per day.

    • there’s nothing special with the auto poster, only a iframe and few sentences describing the model. content that short i can probably do about 10 posts in under 1 hour.
      by attaching a iframe and describing the model with only like 10 words.

      limit of 20 posts per day for a plugin, especially for the content that generates is less.
      idk, it’s probably just me, maybe i’m missing the features that the plugin offers for auto poster. econfirmpro plugin, which generates over 2000 posts per day from 10 different cam sites.

  28. I sent two emails to their technical support email describing my situation that this plugin was what I isolated to cause my site to crash. It would not allow any of my video pages to play. I waited one week after each email. Never a response. I only got a response from them when I made a Paypal claim. Horrible service. Actually none at all.

  29. hello to you i would like to create an adult cam website i first made the domain name with namecheap and secondly find a 247-host web host but now i’m stuck at wordpress level because they tell me to transfer or to associate the domain name and pay to associate the domain name 96 $ and with wordpress I am in free plan, can anyone can inform me on it. Thanks to you

  30. The Plug in was econfirmpro which I bought by clicking through your affiliate link here on your site on this post. I was charged $45 by Colt Creations. It did not work and blocked my videos from showing. I isolated the problem to the Econfirmpro Cam Site Plugin. Now, if you click on the affiliate link in this post, it says that “Econfirmpro Cam Site Plugin For WordPress. This product is not available at this time”. Probably because it doesn’t work. So, I got shafted out of $45 by clicking your affiliate link. Out my $45. He will not respond to me anymore about wanting my money back. I opened a Paypal case. Have to see what Paypal can do for me. I just want my money back. Decided to go another way with a white label affiliate.

    • Welcome, Kevin. This post has been written a few months ago and I just checked out their website and it indeed says that the product is not available but the last time I have checked it, the last month, everything was fine and you can see that it was working in the comments in this very post. I am on the same boat with you (I have been using their plugin for almost a year) and I hope that they will solve the issues.

  31. Let us know when he is back up .id buy a script as a lot of cam scripts are like 800 to 1400 dollars . I found one for 600 but you also needed a dedicated vps but also needed a adobe webserver so not cheap.

  32. Jaques, Go with the Roboscripts. The guy at Econfirmo has lousy service. Does not respond to any technical service inquires. Sent two requests about my issue over a several weeks. He only responded to me after I made a Paypal claim.

  33. Hello, I am from Brazil and here it is difficult to have access to good content about having adult sites, the information is stored under the keys and it is difficult to get a good website and search the famous Google, I found your site that is very good, this me but I’m having doubts and cam sites, I have a porn site, I have more than 1000 weekly, the vzs pass, but I can not get out of it and make money this hard, I have affiliates … I would like you to help me make a site cam, I have read your articles, I saw that it is possible to do with wordpress, can you list me which posts should I read to make one of these? The seo as well as the plugins can be the same that I use for my embed sites?
    I apologize for the silly questions, but seeing your site, I realized that I spent money on useless things, which Brazilian webmastes said to be essential. Thank you.

  34. same roboscript have many bugs I thing I got only 404 error page
    I build ower 200 site last 16 years but this wp cam script not working
    webcamgirlonline, and no repply from support!

    • Hi, Szentes Tivadar!

      May I ask you what resources your server has? Your site loads pretty fast. Mine takes between 5 and more than 10 seconds to load a page. Mine is VPS, one core, 512 RAM, 15 GB SSD hard, and 500 GB transfer/traffic.

  35. Hi szentes,

    By looking at my ticket system, i replied to all your ticket inside 24 hrs and fixed your issues. That 404 was linked to the fact that you didn’t add your con job to your server.

    I know that clients would like to get instant support but its not possible with the number of clients I have. But wait a bit and i will be there to help you.



  36. But I see you canโ€™t do much SEO with webcam sites as all sites are the same and they are too dynamic too.

    • Ok, then take a look at this webcam site It has been build with the Robo, it has done lots of SEO as you can see, the unique text on the homepage, got some outbound links, it has a blog section and more other things and that is why it receives lots of organic traffic now. I can give you hundreds of such examples.

      • That’s a good example. Yes, please, give more!

        What I first noticed is that the site is old, it is from 2013. Or at least the domain is old, if not the website.

        The second thing I noticed is that it relies on content, instead of backlinks, as only 0,35% of the traffic is referred. So if you can create content, it is possible to get organic traffic, without creating backlinks, which is one of my ‘I am not good at’ things.

        But I believe the blog section is custom made by Nick, probably, because if I implement a blog section on my robo site, it will definitely look very ugly.

        • The blog section on that cam site is just a separate WordPress installation on the subdirectory and he uses a default theme on it (this one: Here is a video showing how to set up such a blog section with WordPress:

    • Just wait a bit, not only you are using their plugin. He does owe me $XXX. If you set up a site with it, then maybe remove the plugin and add some blogs or reset your WordPress installation or I can give you a coupon code for the theme from if you want.

        • Sorry, but I meant to send to those that used that plugin so at least they can get something in return after getting burned. Kevin, did you get it back? I might give you a one free tube theme instead or work out a big discount for some of the newer themes if you want. Let me know.

          By the way, I have removed the links pointing to the Econfirmopro even though it still works fine for me and I have added a disclaimer in this post.

  37. Hi Pepe,

    I am releasing doc videos for every scripts during the week-end.

    They will be available on the site



  38. Hii there!

    I am new to this type of website making I just wanted to ask what are the legal rules to be maintained before starting such website…?

    • It boils down to where you are living. But you should not have any issues maintaining such a webcam site unless you are from the country that completely prohibits any porn activities and even if you come from India, you should be fine (just like thousands of other Indian adult webmasters).

  39. Have you seen the send tip button for chaturbate?

    When clicked, it does not display well on any page…

    What are you doing about this?

  40. If i click on the send tip, i see the login page if i am not logged in which is normal behavior since i cannot send a tip if I am not logged in. The principle is to have those users register under your aff code…

    Anyhow if you see bugs on the Chaturbate chat applets, feel free to send an email to CB, they have good support and yes sometimes they have bugs but they tend to come and go…



  41. Thx Nick, to Balaboit
    I use Business SSD Hosting, Beginner Plan suggested from MR Adult Affiliate, 8 porn, and 2 cam sites, site speed is ok, but support is lazy

  42. I’m still not clear If I want to send a tip or write something from my cam site redirect mee to log in or registr. Taths normal, but redirect me to reg. page without my ref link, from where did Chaturb.thats coming from my site?

  43. From a cookie set with that iframe (live chat applet). So even if you dont see your aff code in the url a cookie is set with it so you get credit for the sign up through those iframes…

  44. Hello Mr adultaffiliate, am a loyal follower of your blog plz I want to know if this roboscript still work at the moment cause I want to build my own cam site ASAP and any advice from you will be highly appreciated thanks, wating for response.

    • It is working fine and I did not have any major issues with it for two years now. It is the other plugin from another developer that is not running properly all the time and that is why I stopped promoting it in this post. Check out my forum and you will see some topics about the Robo.

  45. Thanks for your response. But I want know if i can get started with $50 cause i’have already bought a domain and basic hosting’ so I want to know if $50 can solve the rest of my needs’ plz I will like to know in details cause this is my first time I will running a website’ I just got inspired by your tutorial and I said let me give it a try, thanks waiting for your response.

    • I am not sure how much you have spent on the hosting but the WP cam plugin costs only $39 for a one site so it is enough for you now or if you can write some unique titles, you can start a basic WordPress site and use a freemium theme and add some embedded cam videos from the PornHub or XVideos. I have written a step by step guide how to install an adult site on the WordPress here:

      I am not sure which one you would prefer, but I just want to let you know that there are more than a one way you can promote cam sites.

      • Hi!

        I was looking into this, embedding porn on my robo site. But what I noticed was that all good videos are from sponsors, they are all watermarked. So if I send my visitors to that sponsor, the problem is that the sponsor promotes camsites on his website, too. So I cannot find a way around this, because I want my traffic to see only my cams, not the sponsors’ cams. I want to make money with my traffic, not send it to someone else’s cam sites.

  46. Hitte,

    Econfirm is a con artist. I bought it. It never worked. I lost my money for some shitty thing that never worked.

    Notice that Mr. Adult Affiliate does not even advertise this sucky product from this scammer anymore.

    • Welcome Kevin, I am really sorry about that. Their plugin seems to work fine a few months ago expect a few bugs and I did not have any major problems, but many people reported them on here so I dropped the links and I updated this post with the warning about the Econfirmopro.

  47. Hello,

    I make a website now and I do the all instruction in Robo but still nothing to appear to my site. Please help me what can I do. Also how can post the Live or online model to my site? Also Mr Adult can you check if I’m signing up under you? because all I do is to click all the link you suggest.

    • I just visited your cam site and it seems to be working as it supposed to so it looks like you have found a way to make it work. You just need to click on my links and you should be counted as my referral. Many thanks for that by the way. I really appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. To all new and old customer from 247 hosts, be carefully last time server crashed and acc suspended they have many bugs and issues

    after I spend a lot of money my sites go down ower again

    any alternative Mr Adult affiliate ?

    any help much appreciated

  49. Hello i bought the kenplayer and it deleted all of the ads but all of my videos also stopped working here is the error message that i get ”The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”

    There is no answer on why they don’t have kind of 24/7 support or at least few hours a day.
    even if its weekend the website should work 24/7 and now all of the videos stopped working.

  50. I’m purchased TMDhosting 2 day ago and run my newly created camsite then just today i got banned out of nowhere, they delete everything with without noticing me

    • Did they give you any reason? You might have used too many resources and their system might flag your account and suspend it. You need to contact them and maybe you will need to upgrade your plan. I am really sorry that you are having such an issue and please do let me know how this plays out.

    • The first option is a standalone script that is harder to manage but it can be more optimized if you know how to do that but the second one is better for newcomers because it is way more intuitive and it runs on the WordPress which is user friendly.

  51. Thank you for this great Post, MrAdultAffiliate! I have purchased robo wp multisite plugin through the link above.

    I am stuck at the level of making my cam site a niche one, say Teen Cams only. I know you hinted this could be achieved with tags in comments above, but can you briefly explain how to do this, so that I will only have Teen cams aggregated from Chaturbate, Bongacams, etc? Or maybe there is a resource or guide online you can point me to to achieve this? Thanks again.

      • I have done that before asking this question sir, it only appends those tags to posts, whether or not they are in that niche. I tried entering the category ID too, still not aggregating niche posts.

      • Hi, Mr. Adult Affiliate!

        Out of curiosity, I looked for this ‘Tag Filters’ under the ‘Main Settings’, and I see no such thing. Can you be more specific? Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.

          • I am not using the latest one, because I am unable to update the script. You may remember this issue, because I was asking for help on the forum. It simply does not let me update it, it fails every time. But Nick is working on some stuff for my site, and updating the script is one of them.

  52. Hi mr adult affiliate with xwpthemes dot com and roboscripts dot net can i resell the site I make Im asking because I bought from wp-tube-plugin dot com and they killed my license all because the customer i sold the site to ask them a question

  53. I am new to cam site i have 2 more question
    any video tutorial on setting up the theme
    and with roboscript the 14 can sites do we get approved for affiliate
    do you know if it is instant download

  54. Hi Mr Adult Affiliate

    Great content, am about to start my Cam site with Robo script. Which WordPress theme do you recommend? Am looking for a theme with great User Interface and search engine friendly. Mind you I donโ€™t want to run tube, I want it strictly Cams.

    Thank you.

  55. Hi Mr Adult Affiliate,

    thanks for the great info you are giving here!
    My question is about domain names.
    What happens if I register a domain name with a “bad” word in it?
    Something like…is it a problem to rank in Google with a domain like that?
    Is it easier to use a different kind of words to rank in Google?

    • There are many ways to get content for your site. The most affordable one is to just embed videos from big porn tubes like PornHub, XVideos, using their code that you can find under every video and you can do that for free without any limits.

  56. with I head last 2 months only problems HTTP ERROR 500, Error establishing a database connection

    every weeks is down for some hours

  57. Hi,
    Very interesting article and website :).

    I have a question in relation to legal requirements. What exactly except T&C, privacy policy needs to be placed on an adult affiliate site?

    Are there any particular points that need to be mentioned in the T&C?

    Any Website you can recommend to get T&C Samples?
    Thanks in advance

    • You could include also an 18 USC 2257 Statement page stating that you are not a producer of the content found on your site and that you are an affiliate.

      It would be wise to have a DMCA page too and you should add there your email address or just add a contact form, especially if you are running a tube.

      If you need samples of these then just visit WP-Script and check out demos of their themes.

  58. Hello Sir,

    I need your help. Please I have tried using robo to add chaturbate to my cam site. Even though I have selected chaturbate and done the necessary editing on the main settings, nothing seems to show on my website. Please what do you think is accounting for this. Thanks.

  59. Hey Mr Adult Affiliate it is possible to share me some of your sites listed on TMDH

    I want to check the difference between 247 and tmd host speed etc etc


  60. Thanks for the tutorial I will try to build my own Cam site some day am already working on tube for now.

    Thank once again

  61. Thanks for the tutorial but I live in a country where the authorities have banned adult porno
    How do I register anonymously in affiliate programs and in hosting?

    • You can not by pass it because if for example, the sponsor finds out that you are giving them the false information, they might ban you. Just register with them and ask them if they allow affiliates from your country, most of them will allow you and you will be fine if you do not brag about your adult business in your real life.

  62. I purchased cam plugin from robo, but when I try to configure sites (after “select sites”) in the settings, nothing happens. Like it doesn’t let me display information about sites. any idea how to fix it?

  63. Hi i would love to give this a shot but not sure how up to date it is as there are no dates attached to the comments.
    Can you let me know if the content – points 1-5 still stand as i noticed that you changed the plugin Econfirm.

    Is Roboscripts the new plugin you recommend and if so, can this still be done for $50 or less, as you also mention that it is a little pricier.

    • Yes, of course the information still stands, I just stopped promoting Econfirmo for reasons mentioned in this post. I have always been recommending RS on here, just dropped Econfirmo and it can be done for that price range.

  64. Hello Mr Adult Affiliate

    I thought i would give an update on my progress so far following your steps of ‘How To Build Your Own Adult Cam Site With WordPress For Less Than $50’

    So what i have experienced so far is that point 1 Registering a Domain Name may not be necessary, as both HawkHost and 247-Host include it free in your plan when you sign up with them. However, my second finding was that when signing up with 247-host, they did not promote the Basic package, as mentioned in your Point 2, only Silver and Gold Package. Of course i chose the lowest of the 2, which was the Silver package, which cost $3.49 month totalling $41.88 a year but within less than 12 hours i received a notification stating that i could not set up an adult content site using those packages and so therefore was given the option of a refund or the SSD Business package for $6.99 a month, totalling $83.88 a year. This is confusing as i would still have to spend a further $39 on purchasing the Roboscripts package (The WP Cam Plugin [CBB]) at $39. So my question is how are you to actually ‘Build Your Own Adult Cam Site With WordPress For Less Than $50’? This does not seem possible to someone who is trying to do it!

  65. Sorry but can i also add that TMD which you later mentioned on another post, will host for 12 months for $59.?? but kindly offered me an additional 5% discount taking it down to $56.?? and a free domain. When i followed your link, the free domain was there but not the %discount, so can i ask what your link offers your followers different to if they were going to the site themselves. I am also still confused as to the $50 to build a cam site because i asked you only last week 5.6.19, if the post was up to date and did that price stands, to which you said yes!

    • I have been using the TMD for quite a while and I was almost sure that they would let you pay up front for a half a year too. Also, I am no longer promoting 247H and using it myself because their customer service has not been as good lately as before. Thanks for pointing this out, I will update this post as soon as possible. Many thanks, Athena ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Thank you Mr Adult Affiliate. Yes TMD will do the half a year but after trawling through lots of different WP hosts, I finally decided to use GoDaddy. I have used them for years but as i have never used them for anything to do with the adult industry, they didn’t really register to me. On contacting them of what i wanted the WP host for they were OK. They have a CHAT option for you to talk to them direct (not raise a ticket and wait for a reply), which means any queries or difficulties you may have, they will connect with your account, look into the issue and try to solve it whilst you are still speaking to them. They are currently doing a special offer, so was able to get my hosting for under $10 for the year with a free domain as well. So with that said, i have managed to stay under the $50 so far.

    • I have never used GD before, even for the domain registration, but I have heard many mixed opinions about their hosting services. Nevertheless, I hope it works out for you, if not, you can always move to another place.

  67. Hi Mr Adult Affiliate,

    Thank you for your info and experience on everything about setting up a Cam Site. Its really quite amazing..! To let you know I just ordered a hosting package from TMD and definitely went there from your link several times the last couple days and today when I signed up. Got the higher of the 3 Word Press packages. The price is so good to begin with.

    I’ve been in the adult area for awhile and have just being doing dating the last couple years. I had tried some of the cam sites over the last couple years through their affiliate programs but never really sent much traffic to seriously test it. I have been already signed up to most of the Cam affiliate programs. Had an account at Crak but it’s been inactive for a couple years and one of the affiliate managers there is going to try and get it reactivated for me. I am going to be using your link for the roboscripts.

    Got some type in traffic, not a whole lot but able to make something with dating right now. Not sure how it will work with the Cam Site.

    Yeah, so I used to build sites before Word Press and did give it a try a couple years ago. We’ll see how it goes now..!

    Hey man, Thanks for your help..!

    • That is really nice, Johnny ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish you lots of success with your webcam projects. I hope that you took a look at the forum as well, if you have not, then make sure to do this since there is quite a lot of information there.

      • Hello, may I ask you if I want to migrate my site from one hosting to another one, should I inform somehow in GSC about such move? And does it have any impact on SEO? Thank you

        • I have done it dozens of times in my webmatering career and I never noticed any SEO changes, but it could happen, if your new hosting did not move your site (especially content) properly, but you are going to use a reputable provider, they are going to make sure that everything is working as it should be.

  68. Yeah… Sure… Thanks very much… I’ve been reading the great things you have been talking about with the guests… Awesome..!!

  69. Hi Mr Adult Affiliate hopefully all goes well with GD and like you said I can always move on. I may use TMD in the future but at those prices for now as a starter I will stay where I am and do a slow growth.

    As for RS their vids can be difficult to follow but they more than make up for it with their 1-1 support.

    I’m enjoying my journey so far and look forward to the end result.

    Thanks for the info it was a great help.

  70. Hello, I am currently in the opening stages of running my first site. I have it up and running with embedded videos (working on embedding ads at the moment)

    the problem is, i used wps-player from the wp-script website as my player, and im getting some issues with it. During mobile play, i cannot view any videos with the player activated (nor do i get the options such as selecting resolution).

    on desktop, i still dont get the options but the videos atleast play. If i disable the player, the videos play on my site on desktop, but are redirected to their parent site on a mobile device.

    • Unfortunately, there is not much I can do, because this kind of plugin is unstable because it is reliant on the other sources that are motivated to stop it from working. I can see that they are working on the fix, but I can not tell when it will come out.

  71. Hi, I have a question about Roboscrips: What are the advantages of CSBMU than CBBMU (CSBMU is more expensive than CBBMU)? I see that CBBMU has the same functions as CSBMU.

    • The main advantage of the CBB is that it runs on the WordPress so it is easier to use for an average affiliate and you can install available plugins on it, on the other hand, CSB is the PHP standalone script which works better for bigger sites since it can handle lots of traffic better than the WordPress counterpart.

  72. I am a very newbie and I need some technical help. There doesn’t seem to be any instruction online to help.
    I bought and downloaded the Robo WP Cam multi site. I went to their page and follow the very bad video instructions. I still cant to get any content onto my site from the CB. On the script there is a spot for my affiliate ID with the CB and all of the other website. Do I need that ID in order for content to load? If I do need it the ID, how do I go about getting it?

    I created an account with Chaturbate. I have added all my payment method and etc.


    • You have to put in your affiliate code in the appropriate field or it will not work properly. Just go to Chaturbate affiliate page, login into it and click on Linking Codes and you will find your affiliate code and you just have to copy and paste the parameter after the &campaign= so for example I have the URL and this is for the CB and you just have to enter this information: AXcpb in that field.

      • So if I have the link: in/?track=default&tour=5zjT&campaign= 07aqa

        I would put the 07aqa in the affiliate ID box?

        By doing this, content should populate automatically?
        I did try removing the roboscript plugin and reinstalling it and then follow roboscripts installation videos to the teeth and still no content.
        Again thank you.

          • Thanks to you and Nick I’m able to get content on to my site.
            Next dumb question.
            How do I know that my site is online and since this is a live cam site which draws content from chaturbate, xlovecam, etc. how do I know that people are actually on my page?
            Also, take a look at my site and give me some criticism and hints to improve it. Thank YOu

          • After a quick look, I can say that you should get an SSL certificate for your domain. It is free to do with Let’s Encrypt and if you open a ticket with your hosting, they should set it up for you. Also add some text on your homepage and you should target the naked live cams keyword the most since it is in your domain name. Take an example of this website: and see what they are doing there.

  73. in/?track=default&tour=5zjT&campaign= 07aqa

    here is the ending of the link. Sorry. for some reason it did not show up on the earlier post

  74. I bought my domain name through Cheapname. I went to their site and they have multiple options for SSL Encrypts which none are free. Price ranging from $8 to $170. Which one do you recommend.

  75. I got the SSL Certificate activated for my site now. Thank You

    I’m using roboscript which automatically gives me my contents from chaturbate. I’m looking at their affilliate programs of 20% revshare and $1 free sign up. Since I’ve sign up for their affilliate program, am my getting these two options for all the traffic I referred or are their additional things I have to do?
    People keeps talking about revshare. I did some research about it but I’m not sure how this works on chaturbate?
    Sorry for all the dumb questions.

    • If you want to use the CB on your Robo site then you will need to paste the code from your affiliate link (which you can find in their affiliate program page) in the settings and that is all.

      It is the revshare payout and it works almost the same for all adult sponsors, it does not matter if you are promoting pay sites, dating or the CB.

      With the revshare commission type you get paid a certain percent of all the profits made by the people that you refer. So let’s say that a one person is sent from your website to the CB and they spent $10,000 in a month (which is not impossible) and you get 20% of this in the commission. Why the most affiliates promote webcam offers on the revshare payout? It is simple. It is more profitable in the long term because some people tend to spend quite a lot on live models.

  76. Ok so basically RevShare: any one person that goes to CB from my site and spends any money, i will get “20%” of anything they spend for ever.

    Is this code from my affiliate link the same as my affiliate ID?
    Is it this:
    and if so, where would I paste this in settings?


  77. If that is the case then it looks like Im pretty set as far as Robo and getting content and affilliate program form CB. Now I just got to get traffic to my site. Thanks

  78. helloo just bought under your links robo script
    but when i go to my wp via tdm to plugin the script (zip) its says that the link expire and dont let me install it
    what i do wrong

  79. Hi – on your recommendation I bought the KenPlayer pluggin to remove the PornHub etc from the videos and it just doesn’t work at all constantly has error messages and stops the videos working. The XWPThemes website where you purchase it from has no support what so ever. The confirmation purchase email has no contact info at all and they just seem like frauds.

    • It has been working but the big tubes became more aware that the KenPlayer and other similar plugins are stealing their bandwidth and ad revenue and they stopped it from working. If you want to remove the ads, but the logo and embed player will be visible, go the KenPlayer settings and uncheck all sites (PornHub and Xvideos) and keep the transformation activated. So it is still a useful software and I use it on my adult websites.

  80. Hello, i was wondering if there is any discount code for the WP Cam Plugins, it appears that it cost 59 $ for a single site and not 39$, did the price go up ?

    • I did not even know about this to be honest, so yes they went up but it is not that much for what it offers. I do not think that there are any discount codes available. I would be thankful if you could use my links to purchase anything from their website ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Hi Mr Adult Affiliate,

    Thanks for such a detailed blog, I am a newbie in the adult industry and affiliate marketing, I was almost at the end of my research and came across your blog, and I am very happy that I found this. I want to build my own Cam Site.
    I have recently registered myself with IMlive as an affiliate, can you please give some feedback on their affiliate program, are they better then Chaturbate and CrakRevenue?

    I have few more doubts with Robo Scripts,WordPress Theme and TMDH.

    1) As I can not see the dates in the post, just wanted confirm does the Robo Scripts still works?, and if yes I saw in their website they have separate plugins for CAM and Tube sites. As you mentioned in one of the reply to the reader that please embed Xvideo’s videos also in the same website(Cam Website) to get a good traffic, so does the single plugin i,e CBBMU for single site will work for both, to embed cam chat rooms form IMlive and videos form Xvideos?
    2) Do I need to buy a separate WP Theme and after hosting that I will be able to install the Robo Plugin to embed the chat rooms and videos?, if this is the case can you please suggest a trustworthy WP theme website which have a good after sales dev support and which have very light themes and also have some good theme options for WebCam sites?
    3) With the TMDH as you suggested to one of the reader to opt WP Hosting Business plan over Starter, will this work? do you still suggest to go with TMDH or is there any other hosting vendor you suggest as the post is old now, are their services still the top notch.

    Sorry for the asking some silly questions and such a long list of questions.

    Looking forward to hearing form you .


  82. I am newbie on adult affiliate.Thanks to share so much useful news

    Can i build a cam site or porn tube site with hawkhost

    because i paid it last 5 months

    and can you tell me can i install roboscript on hawkhost host

    i know some webhost site do not support icoube

  83. Hello, Mr Adult Affiliate.
    I found this website a month ago and i find it very interesting.
    I want to try to create a cam site even if i have zero experience.
    I am from France and i will like to do a website in french language and italian language and maybe in english language.
    Can you tell me please with which webhost and domain i should go ?
    I will buy maybe 1 or 2 domain name. 1 in french language and another in italian or english.
    It will be a problem if the name of the website will be a little obscene ?
    Can you tell me with which program affiliate i should go, can you write me some exemple who works good in 2020 ?
    Thanks you very much.

    • I already have answered these questions in this post ๐Ÿ™‚ As for the hosting I highly recommend M3Server or TMDHosting and if you want to register domains either use NameCheap. You can pick the name whatever you want, as long as it is not something illegal like CP and et cetera.

      You definitely want to promote Chaturbate first as they are top converting cam site for me and CrakRevenue which is a huge adult network with thousands of offers to promote.

  84. Hello, Mr. Adult Affiliate.

    I want to build a cam site and want to buy roboscript via your aff link

    but before buy it want to study how to use it, and I add dbuilder3 , but he always

    offline, I am a newbie on adult affiliate, so how to use roboscript is difficult for me

    Can you give a tip to study it, thanks

  85. Hi, Mr. Adult Affiliate!

    TMDHosting, it has Linux & Windows Plan. Which one should we choose for Cam Site with RoboScripts?

    And I am Newbie, so I should choose The WP Cam Plugin [CBB / CBBMU]; Instead of The Cam Site Builder [CSB / CSBMU], right?

    Thank You.

  86. Hey thanks for this post.
    As of this 2020, which hosting provider would you recommend for an adult site hosting?

    Thank you.

  87. In one section you recommend TMD Hosting, and in another you recommend M3Server. Is this just because you work with both of these companies? And which one is better?

  88. This is so confusing. I am not certain whether to get started whether a person has to have web hosting and WordPress webcam hosting. With hosting providers I have checked with, these look like two different services. I have a domain name. That was the easy part. I would like to start a WordPress WebCam site and I’m confused as to which hosting platform a person is supposed to start with or get. Any feedback is appreciated

  89. Hi, Mr. Adult Affiliate

    I bought roboscripts and nick help me set this

    I want to build a site like, but i do not know how to do

    with roboscripts to build a site like, can you tell me some tips

    with my site

  90. Hi, sir

    can you help me to build a site like, do some custom changes

    I buy robotscript, and after this site, I will still want to build a tube site , and I buy

    TMD host and the theme will through your links, also I want to pay some fee ,

    because I think is better to make money

    nick help me to installed RS, and I think it is a new version, if not a new version,

    can you give me a screen, I will ask nick

    can you tell me your skype or email


  91. when the adult models go offline, the thumbnail on my site goes gray and says โ€œChaturbateโ€, why does it not update to next available model?

  92. Hi, Mr. Adult Affiliate

    Roboscripts cam site ,must use yoast plugins ?

    Now I use All In One because yoast can not set Keywords and site descriptions

    also, can you give me some tips for my new cam site, many thanks

    also, I find just in a few days, Google included a lot of my website pages

  93. and can you tell me how to changes cam title manually, its good for seo.

    now i do not have enought money to buy Chimp Rewritter,But I can to change the

    title one by one,i do not know how to do it

  94. Hi there! Iโ€™ve been working on my cam site using the robonscripts plugin for about a month now and so far so good setting it up. Nick has been very helpful.

    I just had a question. I know you always mention writing blog post. I am just wondering what kind of content I should be writing about and if you had any examples sites you could share with me on how they do their posts. Thank you!

  95. Starting to build a cam site. I used to have a “Tube” site that used embedded videos from adult sites but I made the mistake of not choosing a niche and was very hard to rank. The plugin I used at the time didn’t allow me to embed directly to a post. I had to import though a xml file and created all sorts of chaos from time to time like importing 100 videos with no thumbnails etc.

    I’m building a WP cam site with ROBO now. Waiting for the domain to propagate. Thinking about adding at least 10 regular blog posts to add more text for Google to crawl. Wish me luck.

    BTW I bough ROBO through your link. Check if they gave you credit for the sale. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  96. I just paid for RoboScript and WordPress, upload the plugin and see an error message:

    Site error: the ionCube PHP Loader needs to be installed. This is a widely used PHP extension for running ionCube protected PHP code, website security and malware blocking. Please visit for install assistance.

    I did some research on WordPress and they do not support ionCube and I cannot install this on their server. So I guess I waste my money on RoboScript and WordPress.

  97. I have read a number of your posts and I must say, I find little if any helpful information in them. Many of your articles are purportedly written for the novice but they ultimately use so much unexplained technical jargon that I find myself focusing on all or your misspelled word and poor grammar.
    Your “specifics” are overly generalized and you reference anecdotes, terms, and software without comprehensive explanation or hyperlinks to find additional information. It’s a pity because at first glance I thought I had found a site that would be useful in my quest to build a successful cam site. Instead, it turns out it’s just your run-of-the-mill overbroad, say alot of nothing blog site.

  98. Hi There We Use WordPress Plugin (Live Jasmin) Which Fitch Live Cam Videos Of Adult Website Live Jasmin. it’s developed by Wp-Script Company.

  99. Hi Mr. Adult Affiliate,
    I am working on setting up a cam website and I’ve recently bought a robo plugin. I successfully installed the plugin and adjusted the settings (entered the CB affiliate code). However, nothings happened after that. I mean no chaturbate models appear on my site. I just do not understand what I am missing and where. Should I tick off some box that the site will be up with the cams on it? Should i use solely the robo theme? (Honestly I do not think so).
    Everyone above says that is easy to use the robo script, and it looks like it is, but somehow does not work for me at all. How can I figure out what is wrong with it? I am waiting for response from support but I do not know how much time it’s going to take for it to response.

      • Hi,

        Yes, the support helped to launch it. However, there are still some issues that are not solved yet. Unfortunately the site does not work as it supposed to.

        I’ve got a question related to SEO of the site. Apparently there should not be too much text on a page as we create adult sites with videos and images but not text. Google will not index properly the page if there are less than 300 words. How do you avoid lack of text content on the pages to properly rate the page?


        • a mi parecer, deberias usar algun plugin de text spinner o mejor evitarte dolores de cabeza y contratar por 10 usd que para mi es el mejor, casi como si lo escribiria un humano, los demas te meten sinonimos de mierda.

  100. Hi, Mr. Adult Affiliate – How important is it to use a dot com extension for a new cam site? Could I be successful with a .porn, .live or .xxx extension instead?


  101. is there any plugin I can have my vistor post their own vidoes ? this is consider hosting a video right if someone post it or I post it on my website

  102. Hi, How are you? I have launched a Cam site using โ€œRoboscriptsโ€, I am still working on details: beautifulivecam…
    I am not sure yet how to add content. . . ? I created the site to promote multiple cam sites like “Chaturbate” “Bongacams” …, on my site, and send quality traffic to each one. I bought “The WP Cam Plugin Pro” but I think I should have bought “The Cam Site Builder Multisite [CSBMU]” …I am just having difficulty understanding the products. Can you guide meโ€ฆ please. . I thank u in advance.

    • What kind of content are you talking about? It is the webcam embeds where users can watch models live or do you mean something more like posts or videos? For the latter you would need to create a blog and just add anything you like there.

  103. Hello, Mr. adult

    now i have one caming site

    if I build three cam site, so i need buy 3 different hosting?

    I bought roboscripts unlimited license pack, so i just build more, but i do not know how

    many caming site on same hosting is better, maybe different hosting is good for seo?

    • You can use one hosting, no problem but you have to make sure that the plan you choose can handle what you are going to do. If you plan to start more than one site, I would recommend to go with the VPS and if you go with any of the hosts I suggest, they will provide you a good support.

  104. Hi. I’m selling on Sedo. In my opinion this is a great adult domain name, taking into account it is a pun, ideal for sex cams. Anyone interested?

  105. Hello Mr. Adult
    i hate to sound like an idiot, but do i need “wordpress” and a hosting site like “TMDhosting” or just TMDhosting. I am somewhat confused. because “wordpress” am not sure allow adult content. I feel like maybe wordpress and hosting are to describe the same thing. Can you clear this up for me. Thanks

    • I am talking about the, I think I made it clear, which is a self hosted script and you are thinking about the which is a script and a hosting but I am not sure if they allow porn and secondly, they are much more expensive than a regular hosting so I would not go that route.

  106. I followed all your guidelines but i need a help to get the roboscripts and installation. Please i will appreciate if you can help or refer me to someone who can help

  107. Hello;
    I need one plugin with all this features like on LiveJasmin!chat/AllisonKeys

    1. register 2 kinds of different users, one can buy credit and spend this credit with live video chat or send gift o another kind of users and another which make the profile, download their photos and videos and earn money from another users

    2. this another users after registration that they stay online and on their live video chat profile have all this icons like on live Jasmin, live chat, send gift and go to private paid video chat

    3. customization about % of earn money that they self can send to their bank account or PayPal

    Do you have some plugin with all this features?

    Best Regards

    Ante Podrug

  108. Hello,

    Nice content, thanks for the article ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am not looking to build a wordpress site but instead a custom one, do the affiliate services provide APIs to get data instead of just plugins?

    Do you have any content (or know of any good content) based on starting non-affiliate cam sites?

    I’m considering making something more original and maybe more competitive.

    Thanks in advance!

  109. compleetly dead & usefull info broken!
    never use someone elses scripts servers, they might die & take you down with nooks & cranies!

    Cam site?

    host an RTMP, site has a html5 player & the payment modules & scripts even integrate crypto currencies as easy as using OBS to stream on youtube

  110. I am dreaming something big with your post sir. And starting my own website. Is there any update with the plugin for cam? and do you still recommend it to use right now?


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