Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs Are The Future

In 1999 a huge majority of surfers were accessing the web via 56k modems. According to PEW, in the year 2000, 3% of the US population connected to the net via broadband.

In 2004, 24%. In 2007, 47%. As of March 2015, 89% of America’s Internet subscribers hit the web, surfing a broadband pipe. Among frequent web users, broadband access is at 94.65%.

The people want their web fast and because they have it fast, they expect it to move.

Maybe you tried to sell live cam sponsor affiliate programs a few years ago and found the effort less than productive.

Free content is not the only reason the tube sites are kicking bloggers’ asses. The preponderance of high-speed connections has a lot to do with the rise of the tubes.

It is time for you to offer your surfers something no tube site can provide:

Live Porn. This is the future.

Live Cam sites could be your financial savior.

With such sites, your potential customers can visually interact with sexy models in real time. With Live Cams, they can play voyeur better than any reality teevee show.

All you have to do is let your visitors know that the technology is available.

When selling Webcam affiliate programs, members can tell the models what to do with that banana or dildo. They can chat live at all hours of the day.

They can order private sessions with hot babes; hunky dudes and even couples. They can experience all the benefits of Live Nude Girls without the cigar smoke, drink minimum or pressure to look like Brad Pitt.

No public scrutiny. No chance of driving home drunk. No STDs. Just good, sweet sex in real time.

Let your surfers know that all they need is decent computer and a fast connection, the cam site will do the rest.

The models do not care what the members look like. The member never has to show his/her face. They can yank off in the comfort of their home, eating cheese curls, farting and downing beers all at the same time.

Live Cam programs give the surfer the ability to spy on hotties while they sleep, eat, fight and fuck. Who needs television or DVD rentals when you can watch Trisha and Sharon have a naked pillow fight that ends up in some serious beaver munching?

Why leave the house when Brad and Mark just got into a wrestling match that you know is going to end in some nasty ass poking?

What is that? Penny just opened the door and there is the Pizza man!

Who could have imagined the pie came with a free pork sausage? Speaking of sausage, did you notice that Jack and Billy are on the couch? Voyeur cams are nothing new but the ability for your surfers to easily enjoy the experience is.

Why I Shifted To Live Cams

There are so many reasons why I would recommend you to get into cams and I have to say that I made a decision in 2016 that I will stop promoting paysites as they do not convert as good as a decade ago and I will promote only webcam and dating affiliate programs.

Since then I created many different blogs, review and tube sites that all revolve around the cam niche and some of my blogs get only just a few thousands of views every month, yet they bring me a very nice income just because adult cams convert way better than any kinds of porn pay sites.

The fundamental reason why cams are doing so well these days is that they offer something different than any other sites in our industry.

Namely, they offer a live experience with hot models. It is something very unique and appealing to an average porn user because now he can chat and play with his dream girl in a real time.

I have watched some live shows myself and they are very addictive and you can get hooked very easily on this kind of stuff.

That is why it is not unusual for a guy to sign up for a cam site and spend even hundreds of dollars a single night.

If you are going to promote any live affiliate sponsor, then you better go with the revshare aka revenue sharing pay out option.

The reason for that is because a lot of people will click your affiliate link and they will keep on spending their money even for months and some of them even for years and you will be paid every time they spend money for life.

So if one guy that you refer spends just $100 a month, it might not be a lot, you will get about $30 from him but after a year this number increases, if he keeps spending exactly $100 a month, to $1000 and you will get $300 as a commission from just a single person.

There are also whales (big spenders) that are more wealthy and they can afford to spend even thousands of dollars on cam models every single month.

If you have a quality site with a targeted traffic, then it is not unusual to have guys that spend $100 (or even more) every day for a week or so.

Now compare that to pay sites that very few people join and those that do, most of them will not renew their subscription after a month.

Whereas on adult cams, guys get hooked and they keep spending money a month after month and you get a commission for life on every single dollar that they spend.


If you are not promoting live cam sponsors, now is the time. If you tried these types of programs in the past, only to give up, you need to come back into the fold.

Here are some of my favorite sponsors:

Chaturbate is my top money maker as of right now. This network of live, interactive webcam chat has stood the test of time. They have 4 different live chat niches to please whatever type of surfer you attract. Females, Gays, Couples and even trans.

They offer three different payout programs and is one of the most reputable sponsors in our industry.

Click here to sign up now and start pimping Chaturbate now.

The folks at CrakRevenue have been in this business for so many years, so they are obviously doing it right. Not only do they offer the mega-webcam site, MyFreeCams, they have many other live sites that you can choose to promote.

Register for the CrakRevenue affiliate program now to make tons of money with your traffic.

Your surfers want you to give them the chance to make the most of their broadband connections. Offer them something no freeloading tube site can offer ­- live content.

6 thoughts on “Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs Are The Future”

  1. I wish I started promoting webcams way earlier. I have been mainly doing site reviews but over a year ago I signed up for some live camming affiliate programs and now I make over four times more than my other adult projects. The funny thing is that I was about to give up on the porn for good, but the webcamming was my last resort and I am doing better than ever before.

  2. It is true that pay site model is pretty much dead and I was very reluctant to start promoting webcams but after reading some posts on here I finally decided to try cam sponsors.

    I amn’t making big money by any means but what I have made so far looks really promising. If I work harder, I think that I will reach a four figure income soon.

    • The pay porn site business model seems dead because there is so much good content available for free. Why would someone pay for it? That is something I’ll never understand about the porn industry. They shot themselves in the foot that way, however I don’t think they were the people that came up with the free porn tube sites, techie criminals did.

  3. I have been an affiliate for more than four years and I signed up with crak almost a year ago because they have so many webcam and dating offers to choose from.

    I especially like that they offer MyFreeCams for 20% revshare. It has been 15% before but they have raised it some time ago and I am quite happy since I have been a big fan of MFC since they have been converting well with my adult websites.

    Now, you can not really promote MyFreeCams anywhere else as well as StreaMate. So for this reason alone, they are interesting for many affiliates.

    I haven’t been promoting their dating offers much, aside I put some tab links on my webcam sites, but I get some sales every few days.

    Another thing I love about them is that you can advertise hundreds of different offers and all the money you make with them will be accumulated under one sponsor, so it reduces so much hassle.

    Before I would have to register with dozens of programs and deal with payments and sometimes it would be hard to reach minimum payouts if you promote so many programs.

  4. I am nowhere near to making big numbers as some of the more experienced affiliates in the adult, but I made a nice payout of $400 from webcams last month and this was only from one site that is five months old.

    It is more of a tube, where I embed videos from PornHub and it seems to attract new visitors and keep them and then make them spend on models.

    It takes only about one or two hours of managing it, mainly adding content. Yesterday alone I made $50 while watching TV and playing video games. I wish I could make enough to quit my day job (maybe it will happen who knows…)

    There is no doubt that this section of the adult industry is very profitable.

  5. Porn pay sites sales are decline like nothing else and thanks to this very website, I stopped promoting them and I became a webcam affiliate. I really underestimate for all the time how much money can be made in the camming industry.

    I have joined the Crak and the CB as suggested and these two have been my favorite adult sponsors and as I am building new websites, my revenue should grow like it always does when I do that.
    I am only a bit mad at myself that I don’t start promoting them many years ago. I would be filthy rich by now. lol.


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