The Ultimate Guide To SEO For New Adult Webmasters

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key part of every websites internet marketing plan. However, regardless of all the guidelines and information available regarding ways to optimize your web site for high ranking in the search engines, many site owners find that it takes a professional with the ability to take all aspects for ranking into consideration and to fine tune their site(s) for high ranking.

Since not everyone has the time or patience to become an expert in SEO, I have created the following article of guidelines, red flags, and expectations to be considered when hiring an optimization service or independent SEO.

The most influential search engine on the planet is Google, several other search engines take their listings straight from Google and other search engines are now maudlin themselves on Google. So it is important to understand how Google works and build your sites accordingly. Some experienced adult webmasters build sites exclusively for search engine traffic. That is not a good idea for the new webmaster. It can take several months for a site to get listed on the search engines and even then there is no guarantee that your site will get a good enough listing to attract a reasonable amount of traffic.

Search engines do not require a recip but to get a good listing you need to make your page attractive to search engine spiders. Even before you start building your site you need to decide what keywords or keyword phrases you want to target and then work those keywords and phrases into your site’s title as well as into the text in the body of each page on the site. Do not simply copy and paste the text from one page to the next.

A common mistake that new webmasters make is to try obtain a good listing with generic terms such as “sex”, “fuck” et cetera. Unfortunately your chances of getting any sort of reasonable listing for any of the adult related single word search terms is remote so it is far better to target niche related phrases that surfers use when searching for porn. There are tools available on the net that will help you identify these phrases and you will find one listed over on the Resource page.

Google has a huge list of criteria that your site must meet before your website will actually very high position in the search engine. When you have a lot of those points and you know them one finishes for your website, you will see that this work is rewarded with increases in Google.

The power of search engine optimization is, if you run it on the honest way, that once you turned up in the search engine, then you will not quickly fall back.

The weakness of search engine optimization, or actually a bit of myself, is that you need a lot of patience before you actually come to stand very high in Google.

Follow these easy tips for your adult site to get a lot of free search engine traffic.

Build An Adult Site

A real site. Not some monetized page serving as a base domain so you can submit galleries. Not some two-page/two-gallery mini site. Build a real site, one that is worth re-visiting.

Build a blog. Build a review web page. Build your own adult tube. Build whatever you want but build something substantial that a surfer might bookmark.

Build it and update it regularly. Add original content or buy some and use that as the mail draw. You can pad it with sponsor content like links to galleries and mini sites.

Search engine algorithms are pretty damned sophisticated and most of them ignore banners farms, single galleries and mini-sites. SEs like real sites. Build one.

I have discussed many times why you should create a niche website but I will remind you once again. For a new adult webmaster it is a lot of easier to rank a new niche site such as a mature women and I will explain you why.

You should buy a domain that contains keywords that you want rank for. You will have a higher chances to rank your brand-new niche site in search engines than if you would choose a general porn tube that covers all categories.

Adult webmasters that own niche websites have less competition, cause they focus only on the one topic therefore they can get a tons of traffic from Google in a short time.

Unique Content

There are always things that you can do to improve your position with Google, and perhaps not surprisingly, they rely predominantly on original content.

Priority #1 should always be creating original, compelling and interesting pages. The rest will come naturally over time if you are doing it right. And without the associated risks of being black-listed by Google.

Google (and other SE’s) need original content, but these days that is primarily allowing you to compete against all the lazy webmasters who only copy/paste their content – there are still a lot of them out there that you can easily beat.

To compete with the big site owners, and try to compete with the tubes, you need to offer more than just original content.

This is all just my opinion, but after several years in this business my opinions are built from experience, and a lot of reading Google nonsense and half-truths about what they are doing and their intentions.

However we look at it, and whatever is happening out there thanks to Google, there is a fundamental truth that original content will always be treated more positively than copied content, it is what else you then do to add value and interest to your site which will give you a greater edge over more of your competition.

If you own a video adult site, add the scene description on each post. It can be a ten words long, but it has to be unique. Your content will rank higher when you add at least some modest description like: “Check out this young big breasted model as she strips down from her dress and shows us her stunning body”.

When SEs index your site, the only data they are going to gather about your images and clips are their filenames. Put some actual words (paragraphs even!) on your site. Search Engines look for words. Search Engines remember words.

I have said this and have been saying this for half a decade but it is still true: Search Engines love text.


Update daily. Update weekly. Update monthly. Just update and update consistently. And by “update” I mean add new content. A new gallery. A new video clip. A new story.

The simple trick to adult website popularity is to post and post often. Write as many new entries per day as you can. If you can not handle multiple daily entries at least post once and day and make it a good post. Every time you post, your blog software creates and RSS page that pigs the RSS feeds and the syndication cycle continues.

Use Search Terms and Keywords

When those SEs look at your site and they find words, they catalog those words so that when surfers enter words and phrases into search boxes, the sites with those words show up in the results.

Keywords and phrases are the concepts and ideas that people are searching for to find a website. Understanding the website and what these words are is fundamental to developing content and focusing any SEO campaign.

When implementing the previous points of this article, make some of those words be keywords and search phrases relative to the content on your site.

Avoid Keyword-Stuffing

When implementing the latest point, that does not mean plopping a bunch of keywords at the bottom of your main page. Make sure that your most important keywords appear often in the content of their websites. But do not overdo it: the readability of the text may suffer in no case less. Search Engines will not love you if you do that. In fact, they might punish you by ignoring your site completely.

Use categories and tags

Search engines and your visitors will be able to find items as you putted them in categories and tags easily if you manage those well.

Change permalinks

In WordPress – Settings – Permalinks you change the links to /% postname% /. And same for title as your url and keywords in post content.

Get Linked

Search Engines love it when outside domains link to your site. The more popular the outside domain linking to you, the more the SEs will love you. Get hooked up with as many one-way links back to your site as possible.

The more outside domains link to you, the higher you climb on the SE results. Backlinks are very important!

There are a couple of different kinds of ways to use hyper links on a website to help achieve improved search engine rankings. But before you begin garnering or exchanging links it is important to understand that while the link itself is important, it is also important to have the text within the link be very specific to your keyword needs as the search engines place a lot of weight on what is said within the anchor text of the link.

It is always better to get a backlinks within the content because it tends to carry more weight than links on the sidebar. It also looks more natural in Google’s eyes.

Backlinks from sites in your niche will definitely help you improve your ranking, because they target similar keywords. If you get many links from non-relevant sites, it will raise a red flag for Google.

I will give you an example. Let’s say you have created a web page that is about milf women. You should get links from adult website that ranks for keywords like “milf models”, “hot milf videos” or “milf fuck porn”.

Anchor text plays the important role in link building. If you wish to receive traffic from keywords such as “petite porn”, make sure your anchor text contains these keywords. Do not overdo it, using too many times the same anchor text can get your site banned.

This is a concept that is giving content a run for its money as one of the most important SEO features.

Proper Navigation

Before actually constructing a site the navigation should always be considered. A website should be built in such a way that every page can easily be accessed through an organized series of hyper links that will never dead end.

Webmasters never want a search engine spider to dead end somewhere because this could lead to the spider not successfully finding all the pages on a site.

The most common way designers make sure a spider can find all the pages on a website is by building a site map. The site map outlines the over all layout of the website eventually linking through to every page on the site. A properly constructed site map will also help users locate and navigate their way through a site quickly to find a specific piece of information.

Site maps are especially important on the user end when a webmaster has a large site and does not offer a search function. Generally users will use the traditional homepage navigation on medium to small sites.

In the past many people have attempted to abuse this feature of website construction by building what we call spider traps. Never ending loops of links that will keep a search engine robot from ever leaving your site. If you are thing about this, stop right now. It has been done before it will only get your booted or banned from a search engine.

Site Design

This entire section is commentary so you will have to forgive me, but design is just as important as any other element. Your site design effects the way the entire net sees what you have to offer.

When poorly designed sites can be quaint, they certain fail to inspire confidence and definitely decrease your conversion rate. If you do not have the skills to design a good looking site then don not, pay someone else to make your vision come to life.

If you can not afford this option then you can get a great responsive theme. I am sure you can find something for free.

Google downgrade websites that are not mobile friendly. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and viewers can enjoy it on all the mobile devices, so it has to be full responsive.

Link to Yourself

Own different domains. Make sites for those domains. Have all the domains link to each other. Call it a hub. Call it a traffic pump. Call it a network. Call it whatever you want but SEs see it as other domains linking to your site and when it comes to the benefit of outside links.

Network Socially

Comment on blogs. Join Twitter. Sign up for Facebook. Get a Tumblr. Submit cool stuff on Reddit. Be a part of the self-feeding, incestuous world of social networking and make sure to include a link to your site in your user/member profile(s). It is crazy how often the most innocuous things you have contributed show up in search engine searches.

Avoid Any Dirty Tricks

Avoid in search engine optimization to dirty tricks like invisible text, cloaking or doorway pages. Modern search algorithms notice when content just for search engines, but not for normal visitors are visible. See also: Google Punishment.

Install The Plugin Like WordPress Google XML Sitemap

This plugin creates a sitemap for your blog. On a site map is a list of all the items on your blog and be automatically updated if you write a new article. The sitemap is not really meant for your readers, but for Google, this page can be indexed very quickly.

Real Life Story

I have worked on a lot of blogs, but one in particular stands out for me. I was brought in from the start to help drive traffic to a relatively new paysite via a new blog on a sub domain (I will nott use their name because I have not consulted with them).

We started off with three posts every day, promoting existing and new content, using galleries from the site and writing about the performers, behind the scenes info, promotions and so on. Within weeks we were seeing excellent stats, the numbers were climbing and the guy who involved me in the process was very happy – I believe he would spent a while convincing his boss that a blog would be a good add-on for the site to drive traffic, and it was working extremely well.

Since then, we have scaled back to two posts a day, and the traffic is still climbing. This blog resulted in thousands of new members, it built a following, we had members commenting, sharing, really getting involved in the action.

That blog is still doing extremely well with two posts a day, and I believe this is because we have that following, we have a wealth of unique content, the models are one of the biggest draws for unique traffic too.

So, while it might be frustrating that there are pages out there on tube sites dominating and with no unique content, it is important to remember that unique content is just a part of the picture that Google is building of your site – but a very big part.

You might not be able to compete with a tube that bases all of its success on sharing and popularity of a page, and has thousands of guys clicking on it from Google every day, but you CAN compete with the numerous other webmasters out there who are adding only some duplicate content, or pasting in rubbish, or adding no text at all.

Final Thoughts

Google relies on sites offering something new, and then when people search, it offers the best match. Webmasters need to forget all the tricks and strategies and just offer their audience something original, and people will build links to it naturally. Always offer methods to encourage it from the site, but other than that the rest is kind of pointless.

It really does make me despair when I see people spamming their links everywhere, or asking on forums about link exchanges and so on, and then when you look at their site it is either completely poorly designed or has no original content whatsoever. Or both.

The search engines can not love you unless you show them love. Learn how the Google works, follow their guidelines and you will be the beneficiary of SE LOVE.

It takes some time to get your adult site on the first page of Google, and it is also a lot of hard work, but if you do it right, it does pay off.

Hope it is useful for you and do not forget share your thoughts or extra information here so we can discuss.

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  1. Excellent article, excellent tips, excellent website; I’ve been practicing SEO on my niche site, and with a lot of effort and dedication, I’ve gotten results every day! I actually see many badly designed websites with a good rating! But I use your failures for my own benefit; this tactic has given me many results!

  2. When you say “original content,” are you talking about writing posts? Are you talking about original videos that aren’t available anywhere else? I’m excited to get this rolling, and am reading as many of your articles to prepare myself first, but I’m still unclear about which content comes from where. Clearly posts have to come out of my brain and effort, but the visual content shall we say must come from somewhere else. I mean, I’m not generating videos of me getting it on w/ a model! My understanding is verbal content is what I write, video content comes from other websites and affiliates? Thanks.

    • If you have a blog, then obviously you will need written content done by you or someone you hire but if you run a tube site, you can embed videos or upload them to your server, but you need to make them as unique as possible, which means changing titles and preferably adding some description.

  3. Hi, thanks for your helpful advice. Kindly, if you want for better or for worse, you can give an opinion to my site to correct any gaps. thanks in advance (apologies for my incompetence on the subject)


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