Chaturbate – The Best Adult Webcam Affiliate Program

Chaturbate is not only the best adult cam affiliate program but also one of the best affiliate programs in the whole porn business. It is an adult webcam chat site where horny guys and women can join in to broadcast or watch the hottest cam models on the Internet for free.

If you want to make some serious money, I honestly suggest that you register with Chaturbate. I – and I am sure you will be too – am simply amazed with everything about this network.

Now, if you are seriously thinking of joining, do not even hesitate. Click this link and sign up right now.

It is one of the most popular adult sites (they have a very low Alexa rank and their website is visited by millions of web surfers every day), plus many webmasters choose to promote their offer to make money with them.

Here is why we seriously love them so much:

  • The best conversion ratio. I have promoted many websites and Chaturbate is my best converting site. If you have a really quality traffic, you can expect a loads of sales coming from your web page.
  • Always paid on time. Payment is extremely flexible, and the amount of payment methods is great. They pay every two weeks and payments are always on time.
  • The most trustworthy webcam affiliate network. Tens of thousands webmasters has made a lot of money with Chaturbate and their affiliate program has paid every single dollar and cent that affiliates have earned with them. I can vouch that they are not a scam. They won several industry awards over the years so if you are a beginner or a pro in need of a reliable affiliate network then Chaturbate is what you really need.
  • The highest total earning sponsor. I am webmaster almost twenty years and I have never made more with any other affiliate program.
  • All their offers are handpicked and the best. My EPC has been higher than ever before. They do NOT shave anything and credits each user for the offer they did.
  • Many promo tools. Chaturbate gives a lot of ways to earn and a lot of different promo tools. Plus they offer a very nice looking whitelabel which I recommend to use.
  • The best cam performers. They are not only hot but they know how to please users who are willing to buy tokens and tip. Chaturbate has a huge selection of cam girls and cam boys online at all times.
  • No over saturation. Like I said before, their products sell wonderfully well despite the fact that they are a very famous brand name.
  • Approval. They are kicking here too and this network is expanding at a crazy rate. High percentage of approved accounts. Giving opportunity to those who are new in this world, unlikely other networks (acting professionals) which are very ignorant to the newcomers.
  • Site – User (beginner) friendly, pleasing to the eye and very smooth. With a lot of step-by-step explanations such as setting up your account et cetera. You do not need to search for it out of the site, which makes things easier to the newcomers. The design is slick, clean, fast, and advanced. You can tell the owner has put many hours of work into making the site the best it can be – for you, the affiliate.

There are many more reasons to sign up as a webmaster or broadcaster on Chaturbate today. This is our number one recommendation for everyone that is looking to make money promoting adult cam websites. So far, I like everything about them.

Let me start off by saying that I have MUCH experience in the world of adult advertising and marketing. I have worked with many networks over the years, but Chaturbate is simply amazing. I can not give this network anything other than 5 stars for each aspect of their network. It simply is perfect.

Been in this biz for a long time. I started back when there were only a couple adult networks around. Today it seems like everybody has a network. It is almost funny really. Even though there are tons of networks it takes a successful business person to launch one and make it successful.

Chaturbate has definitely done that and a couple years from now they are really going to big and have their face and name all over the place. The owner is really a good guy and is very smart in what he does. There is always a trust factor when forming a new business relationship and Chaturbate definitely has my trust. If you are looking for a network that is solid get in touch with them.

What are you waiting for? Ditch those lame networks that shave your hard earned money to pay for expensive cars to give away to already-millionaires and get with the best cam network of all.

Join the Chaturbate Adult Affiliate Program Now!


5 thoughts on “Chaturbate – The Best Adult Webcam Affiliate Program”

  1. Hi, can you help me? I dont understand how use the banners from chaturbate, sorry my english is so bad. I do not know how to place the banners or what is their code

    • Welcome Enzo.

      If you are using WordPress then download the banner from the Chaturbate’s affiliate program page and upload to your website and then grab your affiliate link from the Chaturbate’s affiliate page and add the banner as an image in your widgets and add the link to it by clicking on the link icon. Follow this video’s guide:

      Make sure to visit my forum for more tips and you can post your own topic with questions there.

  2. I have been promoting them for over two months now and i am seeing a big increase in the revenue. i have been working with awempire but i didn’t make even half of what i make with cb, even though awempire has way higher commissions.

    if you want to become an affiliate for webcams, then don’t go with the ones that have the best payouts because you will find that they don’t covert very well.

    the best thing to do is to test many different sponsors for some time (a one month minimum) and they will know what works best for your traffic.

    but i have tested almost all webcam affiliate programs and cb works for my best by far.

    i am about to open new adult cam sites build with the plugins from the post mr adult affiliate’s post.


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