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Do you want to earn some serious money from your porn website from this very moment? Chaturbate is the top/best adult affiliate program that I have been promoting for years. Chaturbate is well known for having the best converting cam site. The end of wasting your porn traffic on sponsors that will never monetize your traffic.

They have generated over millions of dollars for its affiliates and they have been nominated for countless number of awards in the porn industry. I recommend to all webmasters promoting their 20% revshare because you will credited for all purchases from the referred traffic for life. Each time some of your referred users spend money, you receive another commission.

You can also become a webcam model and make tons of money online just by performing on your live cam room. On this site you have an opportunity to get paid very well from adult camming. They have a generous audience that loves to spend a lot of tokens on their performers.

You can try your luck with them, if you learn quickly, you will start earning money right away. There are tons of ways waiting for models to earn. If you are at least 18-year-old male or female, you can register for free and start broadcasting your own webcam show.

Chaturbate affiliate program is highly recommended if you have an adult webcam site. If you do not have one, you can create a new cam website. Try to add some posts related to cams, the more you have content that is unique the bigger are chances that your site will rank for some nice keywords. You have to be really smart, there are tens of thousands webmasters that try to gain the search engine traffic as much as possible.

Their webcam sites also convert well on other porn websites. You can try to put their ads on amateur porn sites, you can expect a lot of many when you promote their cams. They have female, male, couple and transsexual webcam shows, so let’s say if you have a gay website, you could push their male cams. I have tested Chaturbate on my gay sites and it worked quite good with this kind of traffic.


I have tested lots of adult affiliate programs over the years and I have to say that Chaturbate is my favourite and the highest converting adult webcam sponsor around. I have never had any problems with receiving my payments on time and in full. I have been with them since they started and every single month my wire has been in my account on the exact day it should be.

Nothing negative to say about this company. Without going on and on and rambling. I just would like to say I appreciate what they are doing and I wish them success and longevity. They have a smart bunch of guys running the show. They are doing things the right way.

Their content is the first class, they have the hottest female and male performers on the web. They certainly know how to please every horny viewer out there. Users loves to spend money over time watching their favorite webcam performers doing the naughtiest things possible.

In summary, I am very happy to be a Chaturbate affiliate and I would recommend them to anyone at any time. They are a perfect fit for your traffic. You can monetize your traffic with them and earn a lot of money, if you have a quality traffic.

I am a full time affiliate and have worked with many of the big affiliate networks but Chaturbate is by favorite by far. I can say without a doubt that they are by far the best company out there to work with. I honestly can not imagine why people would look any further than Chaturbate. For all of the reasons that I have listed and the simple fact that they treat you like a partner.

Sign up for an Chaturbate account here and start earning online

Creating an account is simple and free. See for yourself why Chaturbate is the best and most trusted affiliate program in the whole porn industry. You can not go wrong with them.


If you are new to this and you need some tips on how to promote adult cam site then click on that link to see my post that is packed with the information that you will find useful. I will show you many ways you can get traffic for free so you do not need to spend any money on it.

Chaturbate Affiliate Program Review
  • 10/10
    Quality of Offers - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Earnings - 10/10
  • 7/10
    Tracking - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Support - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Payouts - 10/10


Chaturbate is the leader in the affiliate sponsor industry and their program made a lot of millionaires. They are purely the best. I really appreciate the fact that this network exists and that I am a part of it.

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37 thoughts on “Make Money With Chaturbate As An Affiliate”

    • I have made five figures so far with Chaturbate as an affiliate and I don’t consider myself an expert. I have over 20 different small adult sites that are related to webcams and they do receive organic traffic and no I don’t spend much money on the SEO (I spend like less than $100 on backlinks a year).

      One advice, if you promote adult cam sponsors, revshare will always bring you more cash in the long term. You can do well with them, but don’t expect to earn much right away, because you need to build up a base of users that spend dollars on models regularly and after some time your income will grow.

      I have seen people that continuously spend hundreds every week. So imagine that you have “just” ten guys and every one of them spend $200 a month, you can make a good income from these ten men alone.

      I have to add that there are many good articles on this site that you can get information from on how to get traffic or increase your earnings as an adult affiliate.

  1. Have been pushing clicks to these guys for a few months and payuout is always on time. I run about 20-30k rev a month with them. Nothing too big but a decent chunk of change.

    • They are really great and even though they do offer smaller commission than their competitors do, they convert better and I always make more with them than with some cam affiliate sponsors that pay even 40% of all sales referred. I started my journey with Chaturbate almost a year ago and I launched a website on the side but now I am making a pretty decent money with them (mid three figures a month) and I spend just a one to two hours a day on it, so it is very profitable. At the start, I have not made much, something like a few bucks a month, but as I added new videos (I run a tube), I improved the rankings on Google and my earnings grew too. Possibly, if I would put more effort into it, I could make four figures and even more.

  2. I agree 100%. Chaturbate have always been excellent with on time payouts. Yes The Best converting cam site also, great way to earn extra money for sure.

    • I have been making money with adult webcams as a full time affiliate since 2010 so it was before the CB even launched, so I have some experience. Their conversion ratio isn’t as good as it used to be but it is obvious since as good programs mature, they become more and more popular but they are still my number one cash maker and other sites don’t seem to convert like the CB does.

      They are a freemium site and they have tried to build a new premium webcam site like Streama, it was named Camgasm or something along those lines, but they failed and closed it after a few months.

      I am surprised that I don’t have any luck with Bonga since they also offer free shows. They seem to be kind of dishonest because I have sent them a big number of visitors and I made very little.

      Having said all of that, the CB is still a solid webcam sponsor and I would say by all means check them out and send them traffic.

  3. Hey guys, do you buy traffic to send to Chaturbate ? Any good strategies please (without revealing your secrets of course…) ?

    • Welcome Ted. They are a big company now and they surely pay, it is my main sponsor. To be honest, you may read many such horror stories about any other big company like them. If you have some more questions, then go to my forum and feel free to ask there.

    • I have signed up as an affiliate with them in 2014 and they have paid me every time since then so I am not sure what you are talking about. Sure, there are many shady guys on black hat forums that spam and always do things that are not allowed so they sure get banned and then complain.

      Porn is very hard to convert now, but adult cams are sell and I don’t understand why there are still many people promoting pay sites (I stopped working with them many years ago) when they hardly make any sales.

      I use my websites and social media accounts on Twitter to generate leads since I started and with each year my revenue increases.

    • I am not sure about this, but some adult affiliates let you sing up and promote them on social media or tube sites, but some might not let you or they might ban your account when they found out. I am not really sure, since I send traffic from my own websites but you really have to find out that for yourself because you don’t want to lose time and money after all.

      Your best bet is to contact the sponsor and ask them directly or read their terms and conditions.

      I started promoting them in 2013 and since then they have been my number one earner and I have seen some make five figures with them so not only small affiliates like myself prefer them but also some big guys.

      I have heard some people say that they are saturated. While they are very popular and they were not even close as big when I joined them, but they still convert better than other webcam programs.

  4. I have been running a Bongacams ad on one of my adult tube in the last two months and I made with them just 20% of what I make with the CB, even though BC received really good traffic.

    I tried promoting Livejasmin in the past too but only had very poor results and they way overpromoted on big porn forums so it is hard to get any sign ups, let alone any sales with them.

    CB is my biggest earner of all webcam affiliate programs and I am planning to create new websites to increase my revenue with them. I nearly doubled my earnings with the CB this year after pushing them harder and I am excited to see what the future brings because so far I am doing well.

  5. They have already paid me three times and I am running two cam sites with the Robo plugin on WordPress and my conversion ratio is 1:140 and I mostly get traffic from Google but I also started using Twitter lately.

    I have tried their whitelabel but it’s a waste of time guys. It simply can’t rank on search engines and it’s even that responsive. It won’t get you any organic traffic, I have tried doing SEO for two months with no results.

    They are a good affiliate program and they don’t seem to shave like other cam sponsors that won’t even properly count your clicks.

  6. Almost all of my traffic comes from tubes where I upload watermarked content to and this way I get a great deal of clicks.

    I tried Bonga, Jasmin, PussyCash but CB is working best for me so far. I hardly get any sales with other cam programs with the same traffic.

    I am on the revshare of course. I recommend it to all, because many guys will join the site and stick around and spend nice money.

    Even if you choose pay per sign up, there are chances that the sponsor will close your account, because members you referred don’t convert into customers.

    Revshare is for a long term game. You will need wait before you build up the base of paying clients but it’s more profitable than the pay per sale or pay per free.

  7. It is great to see some guys do well. I have been testing different cam affiliate programs. I have sent over 40,000 hits to Bonga, it converted into 100 free registrations and I made just a bit over of 50 dollars.

    I had very poor results with the Jasmin as well. They are promoted by all big sites and forums so I guess that millions of people already have their cookie so it is hard to get new sign ups.

    With some others sponsors that I would not even mention I am at a round zero.

    I am making between $800 and $1500 a month with the CB and it took me about seven months to achieve that level of money after building my adult site from the stretch.

    I believe it is doable to make that amount faster, since I do not do it for a full time.

    • i’m in the media buying and i spent quite a bit on traffic for Bonga and it doesn’t convert well at all. in fact, it didn’t even return the cost of the campaign and it’s all about my experience with them.

      about the cb, they are now widely promoted and it isn’t surprising because their models are good so they sell and more affiliates are joining their program for that.

  8. Hi – thanks for this, great post
    have just signed up as an affiliate with Chaturbate but am slightly confused about their promo tools. They have a load of links to banner pages – animated banners, static banners etc but when you click the link through to the page there are a load of images which aren’t downloadable and don’t contain any code. I’m just not sure how you are meant to access them or use them – any help much appreciated, thanks

  9. i have decided to join their affiliate program yesterday and i got automatically accepted. i’ll be creating a couple of small niche cam blogs and i’ll share some amateur pictures and videos in the posts. i’m also thinking about creating twitter accounts and promoting them there as well. it’s more of a side gig so there isn’t much pressure but it would be nice to make some money of course.

  10. After five months of promoting the CB on my adult websites, I surpassed the 1000 dollar mark. While it can be nothing for the big affiliates, it sure means a lot for me, taking into a consideration that I started without any experience and I learned everything on here, it’s quite an achievement for me. I would like to read more others stories as they motivate me to get further the most.

    • Hi, are you open to mentor? I just found out about this money making gig and I am very much interested to start. I am a newbie and I wonder what skills do I need and where to start. I am a head hunter and mostly find people through facebook and Quora and I am pretty sure that these skills can be useful when I start looking for quality leads though this path is absolutely different. Do I need to be a WordPress wiz to do this? Or an SEO expert? Can this be done through a simple copy pasting of my links all over Facebook Groups etc? I’d appreciate your help.

  11. I’ve tried other webcam affiliate programs and only CB is working for me these days. The best thing is that they even convert with the tube traffic and of course the target one is way better but you can still make a good bank sending hits from all kinds of websites that you have there. I just wish that they could increase their revshare payout to at least 25% but I can’t complain since they’re bringing me a few times more profits than sponsors that offer 35% commissions. I’ll try to keep working harder and hopefully the earnings will increase.

  12. Mr Adult, I want to sign up as an affiliate with chaturbate, please should I do so with my real name?. I equally intend to promote chaturbate with my social media accounts for now, I don’t have a domain account yet, I hope to create a domain account later. Your advice please. Thanks

    • You definitely need to provide your actual information when you register with them but they will not disclose it anywhere publicly. I hope that you have used my link to sign up with them, if you have not then please do this next time. You might want to see our forum as well where you can get some useful tips and ask anything adult affiliate related:

  13. Hi Mr adult affiliate
    I have already sign up as an affiliate but the issue I had is how can I view my dashboard or my earning stages


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