How To Get Traffic From Reddit To Your Adult Website

Reddit is one of the best sites that can drive massive traffic to your adult site. First of all it is a community wherein there is a large amount of users active globally. Reddit is full of tons of college, univ students, free loaders so you will not get many sales from them but this site will help you build your brand awareness. If you really have a quality content then you will receive a lot of traffic from Reddit in no time.

I am sharing my porn sites there on a regular basis and I am not only getting tons of visitors but I noticed that posting the content on Reddit may result in new backlinks. The viewers will keep coming back everyday for more updates. So as you can see it is a win-win situation.

Some of the biggest porn subreddits have hundreds of thousands members. What it means? A shitload of traffic. So read this guide article to learn effective ways on how to get traffic from Reddit to your adult website. Let’s get started.

Tips On How To Get Massive Traffic From Reddit

The key is to give the Reddit community what it wants. Redditors vote on the user submitted post content. Only quality posts get “upvotes”, the more upvotes the more visibility your content gets. If members dislike your submission, they will downvote you into oblivion and you will not get any traffic at all.

Create an account and become part of the subreddit, so be active and involved. Start commenting on others’ submissions, add high quality content from other porn tubes and upvote any posts you like. You have to establish a great reputation before you start posting your own porn sites. Watch what other reputable users are doing on the subreddit that you want to post. Once you understand why their posts and comments get so many upvotes, you will know how to get your adult website link on the front page of any nsfw subreddit.

List Of The Biggest Porn Subreddits

Here is the top list of the biggest porn subreddits. The most popular ones have hundreds of thousands subscribers and receive millions of visits each day. They all are able to send tons of horny visitors to your adult website. There are many more smaller subbreddits where you can submit direct video site links. You can find them by searching on Reddit:

  1. /r/gonewild
  2. /r/nsfw
  3. /r/RealGirls
  4. /r/NSFW_GIF
  5. /r/nsfw_gifs
  6. /r/Amateur
  7. /r/BustyPetite
  8. /r/holdthemoan
  9. /r/pornvids
  10. /r/cumsluts

Below is the list of the best gay nsfw and porn subreddits in terms of subscribers. They do not have as much traffic as the straight subreddits but you can still enjoy a great number of people visiting your adult website.

  1. /r/ladybonersgw/
  2. /r/GaybrosGoneWild
  3. /r/Penis
  4. /r/gaymersgonewild
  5. /r/broslikeus
  6. /r/massivecock
  7. /r/mangonewild
  8. /r/Dickslips
  9. /r/GayCumSluts
  10. /r/PublicBoys

How To Post Your Adult Website Link On Reddit

There many ways how you can post your porn website link on Reddit and drive huge traffic. You have to be really careful because all redditors hate spam and when they see something suspicious, submoderators will ban your account and blacklist your domain, faster than you think. It has a spam filter which automatically filters out spam content. Be sure to read the rules of subreddits where you want to submit your links. Some subreddits only allow specific porn sites and have strict rules for promoting content and et cetera.

Here is how you can promote your adult site links on Reddit. The best method is to submit a one hot porn picture. Once you get many upvotes for this submission, some redditors will ask you for the source of the picture in comments, so you post the link to your tube site.

Another way to get traffic from Reddit is to post a watermarked picture or GIF that displays the logo or link of any porn website. Remember, do not upload these pictures to your website, but use Imgur to host the image and add the direct link on your post.

There are also subbredits that accept direct links to video tube sites, so you can post one of yours. It has to be a really quality porn content, make certain that you have a clean, great looking website with not too many annoying ads.


Many porn webmasters try to gain traffic from Reddit everyday but most of them fail. They get their accounts and domains permanently banned. It can be difficult to please the Reddit community and they are quick to shoot you down if you look like spam, so make sure you are actively sharing other links as well.

Reddit can be an amazing source of traffic if you genuinely provide value and help the community there with your content. However, redditors do not appreciate being marketed too and will downvote any attempts into oblivion. To stay under the Reddit radar, you must post other links too, from other authority sites, like Mashable, news sites, funny images, gifs in order to gain Karma.

Most of people’s frustrations stem from lack of patience. They throw themselves into new things and want to see results as soon as possible, and we all know the world does not work that way.

Be patient and persistent. Once you understand how Reddit works, you will succeed. Feel free to post your own experiences, how it has worked for you and if you have any other tips and advices for new adult webmasters do not hesitate to add them in the comment section below.

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  1. Hey, Mr Adult Affiliate,
    I work in a company which is a sex toy producer. We create a website for selling sex toys this year. What can we do to drive more traffics and purchases? It seems that the ads in terms of adult toys will be banned on SNS platforms and google. I tried to add a bookmarking on reddit last week, but i want to find a more efficient way to get more traffics.

    • You may try to get some traffic from Twitter or Tumblr. These two sites are adult friendly, but do not spam them with your site because they will ban you quickly. You can also buy some ads on specific sites that you find or purchase some traffic from the sites that I have mentioned on this page (Buy/Sell Adult Traffic):

      Create an affiliate program for your shop so adult affiliates can sign up and promote your site. There are also porn review sites that can review your shop, so you may submit your website for reviews. Find out what the other successful sex toy sites are doing, how they are getting traffic, how their sites look et cetera.

  2. Heya Mr Adult,

    Just saw faphole’s comment and thought I would ask the same thing. We run a small Australian adult site called

    We would love any tips/advice you have time to offer. We’re about to have a go at your reddit advice but anything else you can think of would be really appreciated!

    Cheers from Aus

  3. Nice blog i will going to start posting on reddit now my site is now 2 yrs is. but most off my traffic from google….. Let us no for more

  4. Dear Mr Adult Affiliate

    I really appriciated your guide to work on reddit, but i have some question want to ask you. I’m just newly start to promote porn site and I’m interesting to use reddit to drive traffic. Since you said we should start to build a good reputation first is it means that I supposed to focus to give people comment only porn area or I can be active & comment around with other topics? How long should I hang around there until I can kick start to promote my project?


    • You should build up your karma, it does not really matter in which niche/topic you are the most active. I think that posting pictures and gifs in porn subreddits should give you many upvotes and raise your account’s karma fairly quickly. If you have more questions, feel free to check out my forum and post your own thread. You do not need an account to post on the forum.

  5. thank you so much for the guide.

    one day almost 6 months ago I got huge traffic. when i go to the analytics and find source it was reddit. someone share a porn video link there and in one day i got almost 15000 hits.
    Then i rapidly started throwing my links but within few hours i blocked all subreddits where i posted my link. working with reddit is really an art.

    • Welcome.

      Probably someone posted some video from your site on the Reddit and it brought you a lot of visitors. You can post a link to your site in every post, you have to post Imgur pictures or gifs like a regular Redditor and then after you build up your karma, you can post some links but do not do it too often.

      Check out my latest posts as well as my discussion forum for some information.

  6. why do you avoid to posting links in your articles? ) as i know – links to good websites will get you bonus points in google eyes, instead of decreasing in ranking. its really works! and its looking organic

  7. I live at Reddit 80% of my traffic comes from there. I want to add to this topic as much as i can.

    I have recently managed to start earning from advertising by only sending reddit traffic to my porn tubes.

    i will write a guide or at least gather everything i learned there.
    Once finished i will either post it directly or ask for a revision.

    My website is now set to my sub /r/ BrandyPhilias
    I dont want to draw attention away. Just stay ai will bring all the info once i have it together


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