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    Hey guys, do you buy traffic to send to Chaturbate ? Any good strategies please (without revealing your secrets of course…) ?

    I tried a campaign on TJ, but couldn’t get Free Registrations for cheap enough.

    I made research and figured out on average a Free Registration is worth 2.5$ (that’s why Chaturbate is able to pay 1$ for each lead haha, but of course I’m using Revshare…haha).

    So any strategy to drive a lot of traffic to adult cam affiliate sponsors, and that is scalable ?


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    I almost forgot about this topic, StarFox. Sorry for a late reply.

    I have made a long post about this topic some time ago so I suggest you to look it up.

    Well, I have been in this industry for a long time and I can safely say that there is no a very quick, free way to get a lot of adult traffic.

    Social media traffic is the probably easiest way to bring some visitors, but this kind of traffic does not convert as good as the organic traffic.

    Tumblr and Twitter are both adult friendly sites, you can create your own page or account for free and try to drive some visitors to the cam offers today.

    I would most certainly recommend you to create your own site around the webcam or amateur topic. If you have a site that has a great content that surfers as well as search engine sites love.

    That is for sure that nothing converts as good as the traffic from the big Google. Just keep in mind that it takes way more time to get a significant amount of traffic from the SEO itself.

    Hope it helps you a bit and if you have more questions, shoot them.

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    thanks for the nice post and for his advice

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    You are welcome, Roberto. If you have any questions, just post them in this topic if they are related to this subject otherwise create your own topic 🙂

    Also, I want to add that this post may also help you to find ways to get traffic for adult webcams:

    How To Promote Adult Webcam Site

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    I will bump this topic since I have published a post which reveals how to create a cam site with WordPress. If you are looking to promote live sponsors (it is what I would highly recommend everyone to do) then creating a website like that is the best strategy to get traffic from Google.

    Here is the article:

    How To Build Your Own Adult Cam Site With WordPress For Less Than $50

    You just install the plugin on your website and it will automatically populate it with models every few minutes and you do not have to do much. Of course, changing some titles and adding blog posts on it will help to improve your rankings on Google. The more you do, the bigger chances are the site will do well SEO wise.

    I managed to get some of my adult sites built with the cam plugins like Robo (mentioned in the post) to rank for some keywords and these sites are pretty new so it will improve as I work on the optimizing them for search engines.

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    What has worked for me the best is building my own WordPress sites. I mean, social media traffic still works, but it’s nowhere near as good in terms of conversion like the targeted one from Google.

    Forget about media buying. You will only waste your money and only most successful players that have been testing and testing offers for many years are able to make something out of it.

    Honestly, I have seen only a few affiliates that manage to do buy traffic and turn it into nice profit and most people fail miserably and make zero or very little.

    Of course SEO is the hardest way, but if you do it properly, it will greatly pay off and you will be happy with the earnings.

    Also if you promote webcams then make sure to go with the revshare payout because it will bring more cash in the long term because some users spend quite a bit and you would be leaving money on the table if you would promote them through pay per sale model.

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    Hey ,

    Someone please explain this sentence “Also if you promote webcams then make sure to go with the revshare payout ” – Does he mean the extra option of affiliate payouts in the CB page or he means this one ?

    Please explain

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    There are many different pay outs that adult affiliate programs offer and in the CB case, they offer only the revshare and pay per free pay outs.

    The rev share means that you will be paid a commission for all the sales you refer. So for example, Chaturbate has a 20% rev share for life and you will make 20% of all the money that your traffic spends.

    They also have the $1.00 pay per free pay out and it simply means that you will make a one buck from every account registration that you refer.

    Now, you can choose if which way you want to monetize your traffic on the Chaturbate.

    If you are going to promote adult webcams, then promote them only on the rev share, since it always brings more revenue.

    Adult Affiliate Question: Revshare Or PPS. Which Is Best?

    For more information, check out this forum topic:

    Best Monetiziation Strategy? PPS or RevShare?

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    There are people making money with adult media buys. Of course that will not happen overnight with revshare, you’d have to spend a lot. You need offers with a higher payout. Also, stay away from Tier 1 (US) as this is where the big dogs hunt.

    In my mind, it is a pain in the ass to build a website and fill it with content, doing SEO, manage social networks etc. and then repeat for 20x. I pretty much prefer to pay for traffic and see if I can optimize the campaign.

    What do you guys think? Have you tried both methods? Which one do you prefer?

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    Hello, I recently purchased KenImporter and KenPlayer Transformer.

    I am having a problem when embedding my videos, my logo is not appearing on the videos, I have http added.
    also, when mass embedding how do i add [kenplayer][/kenplayer] ( correct me if this format is wrong )

    if i’m embedding an entire niche or an entire tube site like xvideos, I need to know how to add that code automatically.

    also when the video does embed it appears twice, again in the videos description. Any help would be great thank you.

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