Adult Affiliate Question: Revshare Or PPS. Which Is Best?

Revshare means you get a per cent of the billing price. Most are 50/50 split, so if a site sells for $30 you get $15. Some will split the processing fees or absorb them, but generally it mean that each sale you get that split, and for each time they renew, you get the split of whatever the rebilling fee is. Some like Bel Ami charge less to the customer after the first month, so your split is less.

PPS is pay per signup, it is a one time fee, paid to you for making the sale. It varies but generally is around $35 per sale, but if they renew, you get ZERO.

Each program is going to be different, and not all sites sell well for all affiliates, so you really just have to do some research and you might as well research it on the sponsor’s dime.

I usually start with revshare and then calculate if I would be better of with PPS, after I got a good number of sales. For sites that do not update or update very rarely, I just go with PPS.

I do recommend going with pay-per-sale for “trashy” affiliate programs that offer ludicrous pay-per-sale rates because their sites are filled with upsells and ads on the inside. Those annoy the bejeebers out of customers so you are likely to make a lot less in revshare income. A well-designed website would cut the ads for any user it detected was using revshare (since it now had a vested interest in keeping them around for longer), but I have never heard of any programs that do this.

If the sponsor has a pre-join page where the surfer enters a username, password, and email address before getting to the actually join page, DO PPS! Any surfers who do not carry through the join process will likely have their e-mail address collected and spammed with join offers down the road. And you are likely not getting any share of those sales. I get about four of these a week from one sponsor on whose site I started a fake join to find out their pricing for a review I was writing.

And if the sponsor’s site has fake preview pics that go immediately to a join page, DO PPS! They are likely pissing off so many surfers that it will take a while before you see any actual sales, so get your money upfront and as quick as you can.

I have worked with other companies where my pay-per-revenue money has way outsold what it would be worth in pay-per-sale income. So if you are not sure, I recommend going with revshare option until you build up a statistically significant sample of the number of rebills you are going to receive from an average membership. This may take you a year or more depending on how many sales you are sending the website. Once you know the value of an “average” revshare sale, you can easily compute what your memberships are worth compared to an up-front payment from pay-per-sale.

My surfers are my customers, fans and friends, its all about building up a relationship. I’m pretty sure I would not have gotten as far as I am today if I had pushed only PPS. In majority of cases PPS comes with shady billing practices, cross sells, bad content and bad value for money. Revshare at least requires both you as an affiliate and the site owner to believe in the product. It puts some sense of responsibility in the affiliates hands, and push them to select and promote sites they believe in. The rebill itself is proof that the site is worth selling.

I have the same amount of new sales as I have rebills. And I know for a fact that rebills has made my income more steady and predictable than if it had been by PPS alone. It keeps bad days from being terrible. It means revenue or income is fairly constant even when there is a bad day. It also seems to equal out more or less, there is not a huge amount in it unless it is a terrible site.

Revshare Or PPS For Adult Cam Sponsors?

Promoting sites on PPS basis looks like easy money, but in the long run you might be better off with revshare. I still get revshare payouts from sales which were originally made a few years back. From those sales I have earned way more than I would have done with PPS. On the other hand, if a site has a bad rebill ratio, the PPS option is the way to go.

Rebills is also good for keeping you income more predictable or stable I have always believed that it prevented me from having really terrible days as rebills can make up for it on those days. However for that to really work you need a fairly large volume of sales.

Personally I have always done revshare for Chaturbate, it is such a good site that both converts and rebills very well. But often I found it really ends up being much the same IF it is a decently good site. On BAD sites (low value, little content, or not terribly good content) PPS is always the way to go as they simply will not rebill.

I think the thing with cams is you have to grind it out. Cams are a slow build, its easy to get discouraged. And definitely go revshare. I have got a few referrals on some site that combined spend around 70k a year on cams. All of a sudden I referred 3 guys in one month. All three of them spend a couple of hundred dollars every month and they keep coming back. Too bad I only get 20% commission, but it really adds up. If you refer a couple of those guys, you can easily make a nice income from cams alone. It just takes a while and I also think you need some luck. The thought of having been given only a few dollars for those referrals had I not been revshare…

I love promoting revshare offers on the adult webcam sponsors! And all my stats still show me that I make much more with revshare, just because I am getting commission every time when referred visitors spend the money. The few sales you get can sometimes be very large.


As far as revshare vs PPS, I prefer revshare. I do not want to try to sell something that is not worth a customer sticking around for a few months, it does not benefit me or my rep to have basically scammed them into signing up for something shitty when I could have pointed them in a better direction and made even more by doing so. If these sites do not rebill, I usually pull the plug and stop promoting them. It is obvious the content and site is not very good and I really dislike misleading my audience.

Just something to keep in mind. PPS can give you more money up front, but I have found that revshare makes for a better long-term investment as long as the program is rebilling. I must say that Revshare has probably made my income very stable, because of doing mostly revshare since I started out I never see any major down turn during seasons, holidays et cetera. Always stable, the only big changes I see are some extra good days.

I prefer revshare but some sites, simply do not rebill well, but it is not easy to know, in advance, if a site will sell with your traffic, so one has to try both, monitor the results, and pray a lot.

For me on a day to day basis, about 1/2 of all sales I have are rebills and that worked out very well for me. It saves me from big spikes up or down and most days are fairly similar in terms on income.

It depends on the site. Sites with lots of content and updates are worth trying as revshare if there is a choice, micro niche and scarce niche sites are always worth trying as revshare if they “get” the niche. A site with 12 videos that does not update would definitely be pay per signup. Some sites there is no point selling on revshare, if the site is tiny, low quality or value then you might as well do PPS if the option is there. Just ask yourself if you would get disappointed from signing up to a site, if Yes.. do PPS.

The key is to find die hard fans of a particular niche to sign up and the rebills will come in. If you are selling specific niche traffic, it might very well retain longer on a niche site than curious general traffic will retain.

One really needs to consider how much value there is in having the money now vs the potential to have more in the future. Not an easy question to answer as each person has a different tolerance for risk and financial needs. It is a gamble that requires some risk mgmt thought.

In the end, choosing between PPS and Revshare is something you learn with time. You figure out what works and does not. What type of traffic will rebill, what site will not rebill et cetera. Investigate what you promote and you will find the programs that are going to make you money.

Sure there is still lots of money to be made in porn, obviously you are here for long stay, so am I, but unfortunately there are many programs and affiliates that come too quickly and either fuck up, think they do not need to invest time in it, or give up without even really trying. It sounds pretty obvious but keeping eyes opened on the stats really helps optimize your profit.

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  1. MrAdult,
    Where in chaturbate should I click to select either pps or revshare option at the time of signing up? I don’t really know where to click and select my choice. Kindly guide and point out to me exactly where to click and select either revshare or apps. Thanks


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