How To Get Tons Of Visitors From Adult Forums

Today we are going to learn how to get tons of visitors from adult forums for free. There are many niche boards that have loads of members who are looking for the best porn content day-to-day. To be fair with you, you are not going to generate too much traffic from the boards overnight. It takes some time before you get any viewers, but it is certainly worth trying. Countless adult webmasters forget that niche forums are still a great way to drive targeted traffic without paying anything. I hope you will find these hints helpful.

Getting Started

You need to become a member if you want to promote your adult site. Only a few boards are worth of your time. I am going to list some of them below. These are the most active ones.

The Biggest Porn Forums


There are many more forums but I suggest you to find sites in your niche and focus on them. Just google something like “Amateur Porn Forum” or “Softcore Boards” et cetera.

Be Active

After you sign up, do not post any links and do not set up your signature instantly. First you have to be active, start posting interesting posts, create the introduction thread where you just introduce yourself. Do not tell people that you registered to advertise your links. Forum moderators are very strict when it comes to spam, so you can post something like “Welcome guys. I am from Memphis and my name is Nick. I just joined this fantastic website, my friend recommended me it. I really love the community and I am going to stay here”. Your message should not look like “Hey there. Check out my site”.

There are many sections on these websites like “discussion” or “off topic”, start participate. You need to build your credibility and add value, so make a few posts and threads here and there.


You can put your website link in your signature. Every time you post something, people will see that url which you can find below your messages. Some porn forums require to put the backlink on your site if you want to promote.

Make sure that the signature is not too big. Add a simple text link. Believe me, if you will post quality comments, surfers will be curious and they will click on your address. The more you post, the more people will see your signature spot and click on it. But remember, do not make replies like “See my sig link for more hot porn”. A very few users actually will go to your website, once someone reports you will be banned. Open a new thread, ask “Who is your favorite pornstar?”. See what the reputable users are doing and try to copy their actions.


Another useful way to drive traffic from porn boards is posting the watermarked pictures. It is very simple, just watermark your hot pictures content and post it. Small watermarks will not cause you problems but if you add too big watermarks, you risk being banned. If the content is good, people will type in the address from your pictures and visit your site to see more. Read the rules, because you can only use a specific image hosts.


There are some threads where you can post links. For example, members are discussing which anal video is their favourite, so you can discreetly post your website address. Do not spam the forum, posting the same site in every single post will raise a red flag and your account may be banned.


For adult webmaster it is time consuming to generate traffic from porn forums, it is a slow process but every little bit helps. On some forums you can also get a great dofollow backlinks which pass the link juice and they can help you to improve your search engine rankings.

Be be a part of the community, make several relevant posts everyday. Getting a free traffic from forums can be a great bonus so why not give it a try.

5 thoughts on “How To Get Tons Of Visitors From Adult Forums”

  1. thank’s mate for your tutorial about making my own porn site,
    but hey, can you make tutorial about making porn forum like that above ?
    how to choose hosting, what we used, generate people to come to that forum, generate income from taht forum etc,
    sometimes, a porntube is never enough, we need chat to other people about porn that we saw, sharing our porn videos, image or story behind it,
    sorry if my speak seems poor, english is not my mother language,
    i’ll appreciate your reply
    but thanks anyway

    • Welcome kokoro.

      There a few great WordPress plugin that you can use for free to create a forum. The best ones are: CM Answers, DW Question & Answer and bbPress.

      If you need a hosting, then check the one from the banner, you can the coupon code to get 30% off. The most importantly, it is a cheap and reliable hosting.

  2. Thanks for the useful article, my problem is that how can I add my site to my signature without being ban because it may look suspicious to moderate if it not place in a proper manner

    • If it is not allowed on these specific forums, then you have to try promoting your stuff the other way. You can from time to time, add a link in your posts but make sure to check out how others do that and try to pattern yourself on them.


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