How To Get Tons Of Free Traffic From Adult Video Tube Sites

It does not matter if you have the most quality content or the best looking site theme in the web. If you have no visitors. Without any traffic you will not make any cash, your business will go bankrupt fairly quickly. The porn industry is huge so there are a lot of ways to get a free targeted traffic. Today we are going to present you a one of them.

Adult video tube sites can bring in a great deal of traffic from horny surfers. We all always love more traffic (who does not), so do not miss this article because you will find many helpful tips.

What Is An Adult Video Tube Site?

I am sure you already know many of them. The adult video tube site is the porn site where users and content partners upload video content that can be watched for free. The biggest sites stream over a zillions of videos which reach millions of porn lovers every day. There are a bunch of great categories such as creampie, femdom, big milk boobs and casting.

These sites are very popular right now, so it is a superb alternate source of traffic.

How To Get Free Traffic From Adult Tube Sites?

Is it easy-peasy. Basically you have to create an account for free and upload as many videos as you wish. Of course, the more the better.

Here are some the best video tubes in terms of traffic and you can submit videos to them but do not upload any illegal content (other’s content, child pornography et cetera) because they will terminate your account and delete all the clips.

  • Xvideos
  • Spankwire
  • Xhamster
  • Pornhub
  • Youporn

First, need to have a large number of sensual clips. You have to watermark them with the domain name you want to promote on your videos. Windows Live Movie Maker is a very easy to work with. You can cut the clip and add the watermark and some other effects. Make sure the text is easily readable and it is not too big because some tube webmasters will delete it.

I also do not believe there is an exact formula when determining the perfect length for a trailer. You could give surfers a 10 minute boring preview video that will not convert as good as a 1 minute hot, well edited teaser video. More important than length you have to show surfers what the scene is about, get them engaged and turned on but not so turned on that they can “finish off” before buying a membership.

I did an experiment with tube clips, I submitted clips that were ~1 min, ~2 1/2 min and ~3 1/2 minutes long. I found that clips that were 1 minute long were actually the most productive, the longer clips got, on average, only 1/2 of the views as did the shorter ones. And the clicks from those longer tube video pages to the paysites were down by about 50% too.

If I was a surfer watching that tube and I would watch the teaser that turns me on I would pull my credit card and the 30$ wouldn’t matter much to me if I am horny.
Now if you gave me a full scene (or 10 minutes which is also enough) which turns me on I would jackoff and that is it. Maybe I will remember your site branding but after jacking off I would not join anymore.

Make certain that you add the accurate niche and tags and choose a proper title for your clip. I advise you to put some text at the end of the teaser that says something like “Watch the full clip at” or “See her masturbate here:”, so horny guys will go to your link to see more.

Why Use The Tube Sites Submitter?

You do not have to upload all the porn videos manually, you can use the tube sites submitter like Tubesitessubmitter and save a lot of time. This amazing software helps you upload the content just within a few clicks to almost a three hundreds of websites.

They support all the most famous tubes like PornHub, YouPorn, Xtube, JizzHut and YouJizz, et cetera.

Get this product for yourself and start uploading all the sexy videos to hundreds porn websites in just a few minutes.

My Own Experience

On just the one website PornHub, I have added the thirty videos and after a few months all of them have been seen by over three millions of people. So I think it is not bad, considering that it is only a one site.

I do not know how many visitors it has sent to my adult site. Some time ago I have done a test and used the link to one of my site that redirects to the one sponsor. I just checked the statistics and this domain gets about a three hundreds of viewers each day.

I can honestly say that their traffic converts quite well. My all the time ratio is 1:300 on the one niche paysite but there are premium sites that are doing much worse. So it varies from niche to niche.

It is my favourite way of getting a targeted traffic to my adult sites completely for free. To drive even more visitors to your web page, I recommend you using The Tube Sites Submitter.

Do you have any luck promoting your business on the porn tube sites? Share your experiences, thoughts or tips in the comments.

18 thoughts on “How To Get Tons Of Free Traffic From Adult Video Tube Sites”

  1. If you aren’t uploading other’s content, is it your own unique content? I’d imaging grabbing random videos and putting your own watermark on them would land you in legal deep shit, no? Just curious.

    • You can buy content or shoot it yourself so you can put your own watermark on them but there are literally thousands of guys that grab other’s videos and add their own watermark, especially amateur ones, this method is not legal.

  2. Thanks for this tip I bought a cam domain months back truth be told haven’t made a dime out of it. Maybe because am still an impatient noob with little cash.

    This software you recommend can you please share it with me. I don’t have enough cash to buy this software .


    • To make any money, you need to have some traffic coming. I have checked out the site you have entered along with your comment and it just redirects to the cam affiliate offer. You would need to do some promotion for it and ideally add some content to it. You do not need to buy this software, you can just build a WordPress blog and embed some videos if you do not have funds.

    • The design wise it looks great, but I would reduce the number of ads, since they can turn off your visitors a lot. The banners on your video player are not displaying properly and the close button should be shown right below them.

      You need to work on adding some unique copy. I mean, creating original titles for your content so you can get some love from Google.

      Also, your cam subdomain is not working. I would open a new tube that focuses on a specific niche and run these two sites at the same time. You might find it really hard to get traffic for your general tube XxVengers, since there are millions of competitors with whom you are fighting for traffic.

  3. hello mradultaffiliate
    where i can finde a free videos without watermarek without Ownership rights and i can uploader it in auther website like pornhub and xvideos ?

  4. i don’t want to download the videos in my own site, i want to download the videos in any site and re-uploading it in the big tube site like xvideos and pornhub and i want these videos without copyright without watermark?
    thank you

  5. because i want free traffic for my tube site and my cpa offers and i want to use this method to enter my site url and cpa offer in the videos , i will re-upload again in the big sites ( i want to use re-ploading methode to make money from my website and cpa offers )

    thank you so much Mr Adult Affiliate .

  6. “First, need to have a large number of sensual clips.”
    Lol! You make it sound so easy! So this is content generated by me and/or purchased from trainwreck? Is there any other way to generate the “large number” of clips that I need? Maybe I’m missing something or I’m over-complicating it in my mind.

    • You can buy them from the content producer like the TrainWreck, shoot it yourself, you might get some shorter like five to ten minute long videos to use after joining the affiliate program and you can also embed videos from tubes.


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