How Often Should You Update Your Adult Website

If you look around, you will find some adult sites that update 10 times each and every day. Ditto, there are paysites with daily updates – a few with more than one daily update. And while some sites can make that many updates work, for a lot of sites, it is just a way to go through a lot more content faster. How do you know when you have hit that ceiling where you are putting up more content than it makes you money? Simple – keep track and test.

With paysites, that can be easier. But not always. Some sites pay $2000 or more per update, but some buy content in bulk, and might only pay $25 per full scene. It is easy for a wider niche site to add a new scene 5 days a week – they would only have to average a few more retaining members not to lose money.

But there is more to owning a site than not losing money. So if you spend $125 more per week on updates, and make $800 more per week on average than you made with 1 weekly update, it is probably worth your while to go for it.

But those numbers may only apply if you are using server-side encoding. If you are spending your own time watermarking, encoding to multiple sizes and formats, and uploading, not to mention adding each update via your CMS, you might want to figure in your time.

If you are paying someone else to do those things, subtract what you are paying them from money you are making per week on those extra retaining memberships. Ideally you want to make enough more in retentions to make it worth your while.

Keep in mind that not only do updates cost money – you also use more content. If you are a very broad niche, that may not be a problem, but if your site is a niche there is less content for, running through updates very fast may mean you go through all the licenseable content in your niche.

Of course, if you are paying to shoot your own content or having exclusive content shot for you, not only will each update cost more, but there is editing time to be figured in.

Blogs are different from paysites, as the content probably does not cost you a cent. And if you do your own blogs – collages and writing – your blogs will not cost anything monetarily. But again, figure in your time, as it is worth money.

Sure, there are some blogs out there that update 5 or 10 times per day and make money, even paying others to do their blogs, but keep in mind that they may have more traffic than your blog does, or they may be paying for traffic via a variety of sources. And marketing good sponsors that make you money is important, too – I know small blog owners who make $100 or $250 a day, and others who are lucky to make a sale twice a week. So before you start cranking out the blogs, make sure your traffic is actually buying. If not, you might want to either work on your marketing or try another niche.

If you run a tube adult site, chances are you will want to update every day. Why? There is a lot of these sites that likewise update daily, so you will want to offer at least what your competitors do. How many listings you add per day will vary, and sometimes the quality of what you list may be more important than the quantity, but there are limitations there.

Add only 3 videos or 1 new site per day, and chances are you are not going to be seeing a lot of bookmarkers. It probably makes sense to check out your immediate competitors – other sites of your type in the same market – and see what the average is.

We update every single day!

I think there is a huge selling point of being able to say, “We update every single day!”.

Also, I think you will get a certain percentage of your member population returning to the site daily, and it is good to get them in that habit. Others will only come by once a week because that is all they have time for, but they will get a big wallop every time, so I think it is a win-win situation.

But you will end up having your number of updates downgraded by some site reviewers who do not consider a photo update on its own as a real or full update. But you will still be able to say “we update every day” on your site and I think that is better branding than anything a review site can do for you.

I think it is good to maintain consistent and daily activity on blogs, especially if your additional promotions include social media and other avenues of getting those posts seen. At the same time investing that amount of work per day with hopes of drive by or SE traffic, I do not think will necessarily tip the scale in your favor.


I do not think there is any set criteria of how often, or even when, though at times I wonder if posting at specific times helps, or hinders.

The key is to keep it fresh for your surfers, and if they are used to one a day, then you might get away with the odd miss or two, but not much else.

I see it in good keeping to have daily updates, that should keep your regular readers happy and be favorable towards returning and new visitors.

People will return to your blog in case they know when to expect something fresh. Once a day or once a week, both are fine as long as the updates are consistent. Not only readers enjoy regular and daily posts… Google does too. The more you post the unique content, the more love you get from Google.

I think mixing up the times can help, while sticking to a set time, can be a hinderance, or so some argue. Their claim being that if you update at the same time, the Search Engines (SE) might think it is automated.

The bottom line – porn is a business, and you are hopefully in porn to make money. The main function of updates is to make more people return to your site. It is your job to make sure you give those people as many updates as it takes to keep your site fresh and interesting, but also to make more money per update. You want to spend as little as possible in time or money to make the most profit. So it is worth trying different update schedules to see which update frequency works the best for your site and your traffic.

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