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Traffic is one of those aspects of being a webmaster that new people to the industry never seem to think too much about. In fact if you asked a brand new webmaster where he planned to get his traffic from, he would probably look totally lost, wave his arms around vaguely and change the subject.

“Think outside the box and pursue traffic as if your life depended on it because in this business … it does.”

New webmasters may not think too much about traffic and may not understand everything that comes with it, but if they want to survive and grow in this industry it is one of the concepts that they have to come to grips with very early in their career.

As you move around on adult webmaster boards you will see a lot of talk about traffic. When webmasters talk about traffic they are talking about the number of surfers who visit their sites. The fact that the talk of traffic can be found almost daily on every webmaster board is an indication of just how important traffic is to every webmaster.

Without traffic you do not make sales, without the ability to get traffic you will not succeed so understanding traffic, knowing where to get traffic, what to do with it once you have it, and how to trade your traffic is vital to your success.

I have talked about traffic before, looked at where it comes from and what to do with it once you have it so I do not want to go over those points again. Instead, I want to suggest some other sources of traffic that new webmasters may not have considered.

About Adult Traffic Exchange

You swap links to trade traffic between your sites and NOT for Search engine ranking. Top lists is a good example of this type of exchange. It allows you to trade traffic with thousands of adult affiliates. Trade exchanges are also a great way to basically put ads on other sites without having to pay one, thin dime. This can be excellent public relations for a new non-adult venture or more industry-related service. Trades give as good as you give. They are not rushing fountains of traffic, they are what they are: another way to reach the masses.

If you are building free sites you will be able to get traffic from the trade traffic. The PlugRush is a very well known example of a trade link site and there are many many more sites like this one out on the net. When you have built a site you submit it to those sites and if your site meets the requirements of each list that you then they may include your site in their listings.

It is a very easy to set up the trade, you just add the script on your site. The more visitors you refer, the more traffic you will get to your porn site.

Register Your PlugRush Account And Grow Your Traffic For Free!

TraffDAQ – Another Great Trade Traffic Website

TraffDAQ is another fantastic website which allows adult webmasters to trade traffic. It can brings you loads of new horny surfers in a very quick time. Just copy and paste your code, select the settings that are right for you and that is it.

For every referred visitor you will earn credits and you can spend those credits on traffic. Create a new campaign and choose the niche (there are several categories such as general, gay, amateur, shemale, bbw and much more). You can also pick the specific countries that you will receive viewers from. You can choose from which method you want to get the traffic, there are a four ways: galleries, popunders, exits and direct. Set the bid you want to spend on every visitor, the higher bid the more quality traffic you should get.

Do not even try to cheat webmasters, because you will be banned. You can also blacklist any domain you wish.

Everyone can gain a great deal of traffic with a little effort, so do not hesitate to register. They are definitely worth a shot.

My Experience

I have generated so much free traffic from this method. Some of my sites gets thousands of new surfers every single day just by doing that. PlugRush and TraffDAQ have lots of active webmasters who are looking for new source of traffic, just like you.

Of course there are people that are doing some shady things, like sending bots et cetera but once you report them, administrators will take care of them.

It works very well when you have a niche site so you can exchange the traffic with webmasters who own websites similar to yours.

I noticed my earnings increased by just over 30% but my bounce rate jumped up by about 20%.


If you run a webcam review site, porn blog or video tube then you should check them out. If you send a quality traffic to other sites, they will also send you productive traffic in return.

It is that simple to build up your site with more traffic. Best of all, it is completely free of charge. Why would you waste such a good opportunity?

The key is to set up the trade correctly. Exchange traffic only with the sites in your niche. So let’s say you have a website in the shemale niche and you send your visitors to site that features the big breasted women. Believe me, surfers will not like it and most of them will never come back to your web page. Do not it, you will not only lose viewers but your revenue will fall.

The more traffic you push to the other site, the more it gives you in return. The trick is to trade links efficiently. If you are a newbie adult webmaster, saving time is efficient. Saving money and the time it would take to figure their trade scripts is efficient.

Give the surfer an opportunity to bookmark the site and do not treat him too roughly with full page ads and consoles because you really do want him to come back to get more exposure to your advertising. If you do it right, you just might end up sending more traffic to yourself than some real link lists.

27 thoughts on “Adult Traffic Exchange – Multiply Your Traffic For Free”

  1. Hi Mr. Adult Affiliate is Traffic Daq still useful? I plugged it to my site but only got a ton of bot clicks to my site that made my own spam score shoot up to almost 70%.

    On plug rush I noticed that the trade traffic option has not been working properly I set my side for traffic trades but I only end up sending paid clicks only.

    What has been your experience with these sites over the last weeks? Any tips?

  2. Does anyone else have a problem getting in contact with admin? I purchased advertising credits to advertise my site and the link became disabled. They dont return emails and I cant withdraw my funds back to my PayPal. There’s nothing wrong with my website. I even promote it with the top adult networks!

    • Are you talking about PlugRush or TraffDaq? From what I have seen, the latter one has been abandoned lately and I can not withdraw my money as well so it is only you having issues. Hopefully, they will solve it, but in the meantime keep trying other websites 🙂

  3. I want to use the traffic exchange on my new website but I have no knowledge about the traffic trading and exchange website. Please suggest me at the right website which is helpful for my website traffic and ranking…..

    • If you are looking for hard link trades then I would suggest you sing up with LinkSpun and see if you can find relevant websites to do exchanges with. If not, then just look for them on the Google and try to contact them manually.

    • I no longer use TraffDAQ but you might be right since I have seen a lot of feedbacks that question their platform. I think I will have to update this post when I find some more time. Thanks for the comment, Johnson, by the way.

      • Since I sent this comment I’ve been searching but still there is no adult traffic exchange site for adult sites.
        I think you should draft or remove this post.
        it’s all old spam.

  4. I Noticed when I logged in to Plugrush today, Plugrush Started doing TE again! It’s under “Trade Traffic” On the left side of your dashboard, right after the “Buy Traffic (advertise)” Section … I guess there was a good reason you kept this post up whether you knew it or not lol


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