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    Hey everyone, i want to know how i can do SEO on a adult site because i don’t expect to have to write an article every video right? I just want to gain traffic by appearing on the search engine for my niche. Any tips and ideas on how i can go about ranking my tube site on google and bing?

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    You do not need to write long posts, you can rank your site without doing that.

    Make sure you add a great content on a regular basis (preferably a several posts a day or more). I mean a really great content, a content that is hard to find. Do not copy any titles, tags, categories, from the other sites.

    Make your titles as unique as possible so I would recommend to work hard on creating a post than just copying others stuff.

    Your adult site has to have strong user engagement metrics. It means a low bounce rate, high time on site and many page views per visit so your site has to load fast otherwise your bounce rate will be high even if you have the best content on the whole Internet.

    You will need to get some backlinks on great sites in your niche but if your niche is small, you will not need many backlinks to rank your site high on the Google.

    Social signals are becoming more and more important these days and I strongly believe that if your site is active on the Twitter or Tumblr and gets many shares, it will certainly improve your rankings.

    If you do not promote your sites on the adult friendly social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr or Reddit, you are really missing out.

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    Thank you Mr.adultaffiliate your site is very well created and i am happy you have created this forum to engage with newbies like me and sharing your knowledge. Also is there a way i can message you privately to show you my site?

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    Thanks Ronald. You can visit the link and use the contact form to send me an email:

    You can send me your links, but generally I am not giving tips via mail, I prefer to post them on the forum so the other affiliates can learn something from them as well.

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    I would love your insight on my site and i can take any criticism. Your articles you recommended to me were a big help just in case you can’t see it my site is

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    The design of your site is quite good but I would get a new logo once your adult website becomes popular. Of course, you need more content, daily updates are recommended.

    I like that vote feature, it is always great to have something that differentiates you from your online competitors. So it is a great idea. I have tried to play your videos, but they can not to play them.

    If you want to use Adobe Flash Player these days, do not do that. I will save you a lot of time with that tip. Flash is dead (yes, I am not kidding you, just google it now) in 2017.

    If you need a tube theme, then maybe use a theme from You can use their themes and embed videos from other sites so you do not need to pay a lot for hosting.

    You can grab a nice theme for less than $40 and use it on as many sites as you wish to use. I have tested many (if not all) other tube themes and their themes are the best and they also have a great support (which is a very important thing) unlike other sites.

    Another thing is that you should never write in all caps. I am myself, would never come back to your site if your posts are written in all caps so do not do that.

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    Thank you a lot for the advice. I know the theme seems a bit plain but i’m new to this. I’m going to start daily uploading at least 3-5 videos a day and optimize my post for the keywords i want. I will make new post on the forum and help out if i find some useful info. Also i have been having that issue for ages, i don’t know how to put videos on my site other then embedding them but the problem is i don’t really like when other sites watermarks are on my site because when you click around the video it re-directs them to the site you embedded the video from. Any suggestions like plugins or how i can embed videos without the watermarks?

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    That is why I recommend you to get themes from Get their latest themes because they have their own players, so if you embed videos from the other porn tubes, your visitors will not get ads from the other sites. They will see only your own ads that you add.

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    thanks thats good to know.. ive been using xwpthemes free xvideos embedder tool just to get started. and found that when i click on my videos. an ad pops up in another window.. and i know its not mine.. is there other ways around this? or does paying for the real version of the xvideos embedder get rid of there pop ups…?

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    You will need to purchase a one of their latest premium themes, if you want to have that feature built in. Like I said many times before, their ZingTube theme is a very good product and you can install it on as many adult sites as you only want to.

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