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    Charles A

    design website is good enough no forget the content is the king so no try to atk all keywords aggressively on my experience with seo is good put some texts in your index i recommend it with some links to some of your category ive rank sites with this technique so you have done two works, working links and some longtails so we pass the next step which is the link building the first days try be natural share like 3-4 max 5 to give impulse to your site and links so through the time you can share more links naturally and sit down waiting for google love 🙂

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    Also, is there a way i can continue to use this theme and add my own video player? I just want to be able to embed videos from sites like pornhub, redtube, etc. without having their water mark logo on my site.

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    I am not sure if this theme has its custom player, but if not then you will need to get a one of the latest themes from Like I said earlier, you can not really get rid of the moving watermarks, you can only overwrite a not moving watermark with your own logo. Here is how it works on the website:

    This plugin is no longer for sale, but if you use their latest themes, they have a similar feature built in in the themes.

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    You should create a niche site, not another PornHub tube that posts all kinds of videos. You will never outrank big sites like PornHub, XVideos for such board keywords like porn or porn videos. You have to pick a smaller topic like busty teens or milfs on webcam and you have big chances of getting great results on Google for such keywords.

    The SEO is very easy and it works the same for adult. You just need to add new great content so make sure that your titles are unique, especially when you embedd videos because Google will penalize or just ignore your site if you grab a video from the tube and you do not even change a post title.

    The content is the most important things. You will have to get some backlinks but the smaller niche, the less links you need. You can get some from porn forums or exchange them with other related sites.

    I was able to rank some new sites with very few backlinks, but I have added new posts constantly. Just importing thousands of videos without changing titles will not work well for your ranking.

    Yeah, I have been using the KenPlayer for WordPress and it can help a bit as well, since it lowers the bounce rate of your adult site, because if you embed videos from porn tubes, your visitors will get pop ups every time they watch the video and it is very frustrating for them.

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    You have to keep in mind few things. Your theme has to be clean and load very quickly, otherwise your visitors will leave it and your user experience will go down and you will lose rankings because of that.

    Of course, quality of content is very important too, if your videos, posts are of low quality, your bounce rate will be high and it will affect your rankings but if you post really nice content, you will keep people on the adult site and move your rankings up.

    Many webmasters also forget about making your website interactive. Your visitors should be able to vote on your videos and comment and share some feedback.

    Also get some links from relevant sites. If you buy some porn links from random sites then you will get your site blacklisted on Google. It might have worked before, but it sure does not work these days. Sometimes two, three great backlinks from good source can improve your search engine results.

    Go spy on big sites in your niche and see what kind of SEO practices they are using and they are easy to notice if you look carefully.

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