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    Maxwell J.C.

    Hey @mradultaffiliate! First of all thanks for phenomenal content you provide on your blog. It’s really helpfull to study this new industry for me because I made a desition to launch my adult tube website this week. I’m already making some money online it’s not very much yet but anyway i know there’s no easy money online and i’m ready to work hard and It won’t scare me if it takes 6-12 months to reach my goal but of course it would be great if i could start making money with my site even faster.

    So that’s why i would ask you a few questions that I did’t find the answer to.

    1. I’m going to build a niche specific tube website. For example “deep throat fucking”. Is it enough narrow niche to start tube site or it still very broad and high competitive and i need go more deeper like “deep throat fucking asian teens” to get better results?

    3. Questions about SEO.
    – How much videos should i post every day on my site?
    – How much text with keywords should i write under every video for good google ranking?
    – How important backlinks for google ranking? Should i buy a links for higher ranking?

    4. Do you promote “Membership websites with Premium content” or better concentrate only on adult affiliate programs (Crakrevenue, etc) and Display advertisements for monetization?

    5. If you would launch your brend new adult tube today but with all your experience what would you mostly concentrate on?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Very nice to meet you, Maxwell 🙂

    I think you should do well in the “deep throat fucking” niche. If you choose too small niche, you will not find enough sponsors and content for your new adult site.

    It is hard to tell. I have sites that I update only once a day but I post long posts, so that is why. If it is going to be a video tube site, then a several videos should be fine, but if you starting a new site, you should always create more posts than always so your site is no empty.

    You do not need too much text if you have a tube site. It can be just ten unique words or so. Backlinks are very important, you should get some links after you get some traffic from the Google, from sites in your niche.

    The smaller the niche, the less backlinks you will need, because there is less competition in that area.

    If it is a micro niche and I believe your site is, you should promote porn paysites on your site. These adult affiliate programs have blowjob related sites: Blazingbucks, Cherrypimps, Dogfart, Dukedollars, Famedollars, Fetishhits, Pimproll. Just google each of them and check them out.

    I would definitely focus the most on the content. In fact, I create new adult sites constantly and a good content is a must.

    If you are looking for a reliable adult friendly hosting, I can recommend you this site: If you register with that link, you will get a discount. Also, has amazing and fast WordPress themes which are very easy to use.

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    Hi Maxwell

    I have the some doubts and i thing most of them i didnt reach a conclusion yet.

    I decided to start a tube lesbian site and promote the Sponsor niche sites, about 15 days ived lunched.

    I have been updating about 4 vídeos posts everyday, and about 150 charaters for vídeo description.

    About backlinks…. who will help you with a new site? Most of good my\your niche sites will deny… and the “badlinks” are not advisable, making colletion of links… well i think.

    I think that promoting sponsor sites are almost dead, coz the free tubes. Its more a traffic fight to sell it and not for having signups conversions. Ived read so many things that i dont know anymore what is SEO or not.

    I see ppl that use bots for everything and in one month have theyre sites índex and with good rank, well i am a little lost..

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