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    Hello Everyone, My site is , I am very new to adult websites and I am not sure if My design is good enough. Please have a look and let me know what You think. I have some other questions as well.
    1. I am using multiple ad networks and multiple popups, does it effect My serps ? Is it very annoying for the users ? Whats the best setting I should use for the popups.
    2. Can I rank My site in google/bing for adult keywords ? I mean does these search engines allow adult sites to rank on top
    3. I am fetching content from top adult tubes such as xvideos and tube8, will I face duplicate content problem ?
    4. I am in the second month of My site and I am getting about 200-350 visitors each day, I have traffic from social sites, but I do not have any traffic from search engines, How can I overcome this issue.

    Looking forward to learn more, Thanks

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    Welcome to the forum, Achilles7171.

    I honestly think that your site does look pretty nice compare and it is easy to navigate. Very good considering you are new to the adult affiliate world.

    While I am not sure if multiple banners ads can cause you any ranking to decline but I am sure that Google punishes sites with pop-up adverts. Pop-up ads are extremely annoying for surfers and if you use many banner ads and pop-ups then almost of the users will not visit your site again.

    Personally, I think should not put more than 2 or 3 ads on your site. I would get rid of the footer ad and I will stop using any pop ads all together. Even, if it is more profitable than a regular banner ad (this may be the case, if your site has a tons of traffic), you will lose more money in the long term. Like I said before, Google may give you a penalty for using the pop-up ads and visitors hate them like anything.

    Your adult website will get higher in the SERPs and earn more traffic if you have a quality, fresh content that is valuable to surfers and is updated constantly. Sadly, I can see that your site does not have any of that content, so seriously, I do not think Google will love your site. But, you can change that and it is not as hard as you may think.

    You said that you are currently fetching content from adult tube sites, so here is your main problem. You should stop doing that as soon as possible. You can still embed videos from tubes, but you should do a several things manually.

    The first thing is the most important one, the title. You should change the title and make it as unique as you can. So I will show you how to change them:

    You have a one video post titled:
    “Amateur Blonde BBW Housewife Masturbates” so change it to something like “Big Busty Blonde Housewife Fucks Herself On The Bed”

    It is pretty simple, make it unique and funny.

    Then you should download thumbnails from tube sites and upload them to your site so you host them, not the tube website. Your picture should be named like something: “Big-Busty-Blonde-Housewife-Fucks-Herself-On-The-Bed” and do not forget to set the alt tag when you add the picture on the WordPress. The alt text should look like something: “Big Busty Blonde Masturbates”.

    You can add some description of the scene, it helps to improve your ranking too. So just write a short but unique description of the video.

    You are not getting too much traffic from the Google because they do not see any reasons why they should send you any traffic and you can change it by applying these techniques that I have just mentioned above.

    Also, make sure you read my posts: you may find them very helpful. If you have more questions, just ask here.

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    Thank You for Your detailed response, The credit for design goes to the effort I have put in as a web designer for the past 5 years. I have removed the popups now, except one on click popup for pc users. additionally I read Your blog and found out about the video submitter, is there any way I can get a free version of it or a cracked version, I would really love to try it. Can You name some of those submitters

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    You may check out tubesitessubmitter and avsubmitter. They may have a free version but you should have to buy the premium account if you want to get a full usage of the software. I have never used them personally so I do not really know which one works the best but from what I have heard both of them are ok.

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