8 Best Adult WordPress Themes In 2024

Who says that setting up an adult entertainment site has to be complicated? Sure, when you scroll through some of the most famous ones, like xHamster and PornHub, you may feel like they have too many sections to keep track of, too many design elements to create from scratch.

But, the good news is that, thanks to WordPress and its ever-present adult themes, you do not have to hire a team of professional web designers to build a website for you.

You can save yourself a lot of money and headache by simply choosing a theme that best fits the purpose of your website, and you can install it on your own! The most you will need is a bit of knowledge regarding WordPress – or where to find this knowledge – and you are all set!

To make your life even easier, we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of 8 WordPress themes that are created specifically for adult sites.

Read ahead to learn more about each one, and how they can help you start your online business on the right track.

#1 RetroTube Theme

RetroTube Theme

The RetroTube theme has a distinctly retro vibe to it, to no one’s surprise. It is dark, meaning easy on the eyes, with buttons and links in a popping hot pink color.

This WordPress theme is great for a video tube style site, but you can also add a blog or a collection of photos to it. It can be responsive or boxed, however you prefer, and you can change the sidebar from the left to the right side. 

The RetroTube theme also has an option for a video carousel on the homepage so you can highlight the best videos on the site.

It can be transformed into a niche theme in one click that immediately changes the color of the site, the logo, and the background image. The RetroTube is best used with the Mass Embedder plugin to quickly include a large number of adult videos.


  • Retro Style
  • Lots of Configuration Options
  • For a Video Tube Site
  • Video Carousel


  • Somewhat Cluttered

#2 UltimaTube Theme

UltimaTube Theme

Inspired by xHamster, the UltimaTube theme is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. At the moment of writing this review, it comes only in light mode, but the team behind the theme is currently working on introducing the night mode as well.

It is fully responsive, compatible with all WP-Script plugins and has predetermined ad spaces. (Though not too many.)

Some more features you can find with the UltimaTube theme is that your guests can preview the video by hovering over the video thumbnail with the cursor, and the site users can even submit their own videos if you allow them!

This is a great way to build a community on your adult site, especially of those enthusiastic about amateur content. 


  • Light and Clean
  • Easy Navigation
  • Video Preview Enabled
  • Users Can Submit Videos


  • Only Light Version (For Now)

#3 KingTube Theme

The KingTube theme is elegant and minimalist so that your visitors have an easy time finding what they are looking for.

The theme is reminiscent of PornHD, though it has a different color scheme. (It can have any color scheme you want it to have, thanks to its many customization options.) Like all other themes on this list, the KingTube is also fully responsive.

A slight downside to KingTube could be the fact that it does not have a sidebar. This is not a must for a website, of course, but it does make navigation easier, especially if you have many categories to choose from.

However, overall, the KingTube is efficient and with a strong focus on the content instead of distracting ads and links.


  • Minimalist and Elegant
  • Fully Customizable
  • Designated Ad Space
  • Inspired by PornHD


  • No Sidebar

#4 FamousTube Theme

FamousTube Theme

The moment you open the live preview of this theme, you know what famous site it is trying to emulate. If your goal is not to have a PornHub doppelganger of a website, keep in mind that you can easily change the site’s colors and customize it to suit your business. FamousTube is dark and professional and, of course, fully responsive.

The tricky part about the FamousTube theme is that it offers sidebars only in the video pages, and only one right side.

Like with the KingTube theme, this is not a big flaw, but it is something you should keep in mind. Perfect for video tube sites, the FamousTube will help your visitors find all the best clips they’re looking for.


  • Dark and Professional
  • PornHub-Inspired
  • Fully Customizable
  • Ideal for Video Tube Sites


  • Sidebar on Video Pages Only

#5 KolorTube Theme

What makes the KolorTube theme stand out in this review is the fact that it can not only be used for a video tube site, but also for cam sites as well. It takes its cues from one of the most famous cam sites out there, LiveJasmin, and its grid layout homepage is great for displaying currently ongoing live shows.

KolorTube can be colorful and vibrant to draw the eye, and it has a great sidebar where you can display filters, categories, and tags.

Like the previous themes, KolorTube also has already defined ad spaces so you can increase your revenue without spoiling the design. Additionally, this theme is SEO ready, meaning you can customize the titles and descriptions for every site page.


  • For Video Tube and Cam Sites
  • SEO Ready
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Neat and Organized


  • No Blog Section
  • No Photo Gallery Option

#6 VTube Theme

VTube Theme

If you are a fan of XVideos, you will recognize the VTube theme. It is built specifically to mimic the world-famous adult video site, right down to the most popular categories and tags listed above the grid of video thumbnails.

VTube has a prominent search bar as well, to help your guests quickly get to the type of content they want.

The VTube theme was released only a couple of days ago, and thus it is still in its early stages. Some bugs might be expected, but you will find that the team behind this theme is always working on updating their code and fixing what is wrong.

We are expecting great things out of VTube, and you should definitely try this one out and see if it works for your site.


  • Clearly Displayed Categories
  • Large Search Bar
  • Easy Grid Layout
  • XVideos Style


  • Potential Bugs
  • A Bit Messy

#7 MonaTube Theme

As far as design goes, MonaTube is pretty classic, some might say even a bit old-fashioned. However, old-fashioned does not always mean bad, and we actually appreciate the reliability of this theme.

It has a clear banner place for a logo, an easy menu for navigation, an ad banner, and then the well-known video grid.

The good sides to MonaTube are that it is optimized to load quickly, is SEO-friendly, and completely responsive. In case something is off with the theme, you can expect to get support from the designer team at any time of day or night. If you do not mind its somewhat outdated style, MonaTube could easily work for you.


  • Fully Responsive
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Ad Locations


  • Old-Fashioned
  • Pricey

#8 JunVid Theme

Another video-oriented theme, JunVid is great for any type of entertainment site, like for movies, TV shows, streaming and, of course, adult entertainment.

It has a simple aesthetic, though the color palette may use some work. Thankfully, JunVid offers unlimited color choices so you can create whatever style you want.

The video carousel at the top provides a fancy glimpse into the website content, and you can sort the grids on the homepage into categories such as Most Viewed, Recently Uploaded, Top Rated, and similar. JunVid may not be anything groundbreaking in terms of design, but it is a reliable layout that brings efficiency and minimalism to your website.


  • Clearly Displayed Menu
  • Video Carousel
  • Video Grid Sorting
  • Unlimited Color Choices


  • Some Empty Space
  • Not Attention-Grabbing

Final Thoughts

When you are choosing your theme, keep in mind the purpose of your website, how easily the theme can be customized to fit your vision, whether or not it is easy to navigate, and finally, the price of the theme.

Make sure to view each theme in demo or live preview mode so that you get the full effect of what your site would look like.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best WordPress themes for adult sites, and we wish you good luck in launching your business!

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  1. Hi, Mister Adult Affiliate!

    You misplaced the images for Ultima and King theme.

    Regarding Ultima, you said ‘your guests can preview the video by hovering over the video thumbnail with the cursor’. Is this working with embed videos, or only if we store the videos on our server? If it is working with embed videos, do we need to create the trailer and upload it, or it is done automatically, without any effort on our part?

    • It works with the embed videos and if you use their Embedder plugin, it automatically grabs the preview thumbnails so you do not have to set them but otherwise, if you add embeds by the hand, you need to add them yourself.

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  2. the xml file of the XWP Directory WordPress Theme
    is corrupted on the xwp themes site. it has a link to your tite, please ask to get the demo of the xml file of the theme please.

      • Hello Mr Adult Affiliate

        I bought the KenPlayer Transformer. And you are very right, because their support is almost non-existent. And that is already worrying me.

        Please, could you recommend a plugin similar to the KenPlayer Transformer?

        I’d really appreciate it.

        • There is no alternative to this plugin, unfortunately. There was one from WP-Script but they stopped supporting porn sites and the problem with this plugin is that tubes know that they are losing the income from the ads because of this tool so they try to block it.

          • Hi Mr Adult affiliate,
            I am a intermediate in the adult industry your blog is awesome and i would like to get in touch with you as i look towards you as my inspiration could you be my mentor through out this journey and i also have something for you so can we connect via Skype ? I promise i won’t take much of your time over there and will talk clearly about the topic

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  3. Hi mr AA , now the Ken Player would convert all the videos i used with Mass Embedder to play with JWplayer and take out those annoying add or video carousel when putting play?

  4. Hello Mr Adult Affiliate
    Do you have a discount code? In WP script, I want to buy it at the cheapest price, I’m going to buy WP mass embed and retro theme on WP script through your link.

  5. wp-script have slow and buggy script. theme is very slow and CPU uses is high. hosting provider email me to remove wp-script theme due to load to server. i contact company and they did not any reply after few days hosting company suspend my account. then i remove wp-script theme and i upload wtp(pro) from wp-tube-plugin.com and request my hosting company to reactivate my hosting account because i have removed WP-script from server and using different other plugin and theme. and till not after a month i have no server problem. now my server CPU uses is under control with wp-tube-plugin.com theme. and there is no load to mysql server with wp-tube-plugin.com

    why other theme is working fine while wp-script is slow and high CPU uses ??? I do not recommended wp-script to anyone. stay away.

    • hi, could you elaborate a bit more abiut your comment? for instance, the name of your hosting cmpany, what kind of Wp-script theme and plugin you were using and finally what did the hosting company mean with “to load to server”? I’m aobut to start my tube bussisness and I’d like to get as much info as possible.

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  8. Hi Mr Adult Affiliate i am new to this industry may i ask you a question please what is the best theme&plugin for my adult tube site my domain is namecheap & my hosting is Hostgator please consider thank you

    • You can choose one from the WPS store. There is no best one, you pick the one you like the most. I would not use HostGator because they have very mixed feedback, better to pick some adult hosts that are reliable and I mention them on this site.

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    I understand you are very bussy and I’m truly sorry for bothering you with this thing, but you are the one, I consider, know a lot about this.
    Thanks before hand,

  10. tell me – how sites like TOPs are implemented. Obviously they are on WordPress – but what is the theme there? Sites like PornDude or BestFetish

    • You can find a premade theme for sale like this and the only one I know and I have used is the one named Maddos Directory Theme and you just need to google it. They also offer a great post sale support and if you mention that you come from my site, they might give you a small discount or something.

  11. Hi, is anyone else having problems with WP-Scripts advertising widgets? I recently purchased a license for 5 Retro Tube sites and also the Mass Embedder. Whilst it’s exciting to see the my sites being populated with videos, at least half of the ‘ad here’ blocks are nowhere to be found within my dashboard.

    Obivously, I want to maximise affiliate link revenue and be able to monitor which banner positions and sizes have the highest CTR etc, but I can’t launch any of my sites unless I can be certain that there won’t be any embarrassing ‘ad here 468×60’ showing where instead there should be an affiliate banner.

    I’d also be happy, for now, with the ability to simply disable any faulty widgets until tech support answer/fix the problem.

    Any advise would be much appreciated, I can’t even find a suitable widget to add the affiliate banner codes, if I do create my own the faulty ad space is still visible.



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