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    Those of you that have been frequenting this website know very well that I have been promoting XWPThemes all over my posts and forum, but a several months ago their support slowly started diminish and now it is almost no existence so I sat down and I thought about it and I decided to stop recommending them.

    I mean, their plugins are still working great on my adult sites and I still think that the KenPlayer is a very good product and their themes are great too and I am still using them but I can afford to hire a WordPress expert to fix the issues that might appear but I understand that most of the affiliates can not, especially the new ones and they are dependent on the support that is provided by the shop.

    Luckily there are some alternatives to XWPThemes that are actually good.

    I have been also using WP-Script for years, they always had solid plugins and themes but the support was not good enough, I had to wait weeks to get the problems solved, that is why I could not start endorsing them on MrAdultAffiliate before.

    But recently I noticed that their customer service has radically improved (they probably have hired a few new workers) and they are quite good right now. I changed a few of my tubes over to them and I am quite happy.

    So from now on, I will start recommending WP-Script but I will keep an eye on them and if anyone changes for better or worse, like in the XWPThemes case, I will inform you as soon as possible.

    You can check out the reviews of WPS here:

    WP-Script Review (Adult Tube Theme)

    These are posted by real people and I do not delete any replies to make it as transparent as it can be.

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    Can we use the kenplayer with wp-scripts or does it need to be used with their own themes.

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    Yes, you can use it without any hassle. In fact, I do it myself. Basically, this plugin should work with any WordPress theme you choose.

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    Hi, I’d say thank you for the knowledge that you give for all of us.

    I am about to start an adult website, and i have several questions if you don’t mind, as i am really newbie on this.

    1. Which bone is better to start right now , what best to the current situation in this business. a cam sites with roboscript or an adult tube for a newbie like me ?

    2.if i am starting an adult tube can you recommend what best nowadays (the theme, video player and video embedder) as I’ve seen most of the provider like wp script and xwp has a bad reputation according to their support, I’ve seen on some forums people start complaining.

    I am wondering if cleantube from wp and ken player from xwp and their videos embedder still recommended until these day?

    i have financial limitations but at least i have willingness to start and i need more help to decide what plugin are the best one, so I wouldn’t waste my money away for not recommended plugin.

    Thank you very much

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    I think a WordPress tube site is easier to run and if you choose a great niche, you can do well. It is best to pick the one you are passionate about, so if you are obsessed with big tits you could embed cam videos from XVideos and others on your tube.

    Like I have said, the reviews you can see on the web on WP-Script are usually older than one year so there are not as accurate anymore, because their customer service has become better since then. Of course, it is not as good as you would want it to be, but still way better than what competitors offer.

    I am using both plugins on my adult tubes and if I would have to pick only one of them, I would choose the CleanTube one from WP-Script.

    I see that they are running a big 50% off discount now, click here to get one so better get something as soon as possible. You could save up a lot of money.

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    thank you for your clear explanation and motivation , i really appreciate your answer.

    I am going to start it as soon as possible without hesitation

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    Kelvin Kingsley

    I have been experiencing same issue here with their poor service as if there are giving up on the good work there have been doing, when you seek for helptask you would not see reply

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    Dylan from WP-Script

    Hi Kelvin thank you for your feedback,

    If you recently sent us a ticket, you may have not received any answer as we closed it for days in order to work on documentation. Sometimes it happens that we close it temporarily so that we can focus on improving our products and other things. But we know that it can be annoying if you are looking for an answer quickly.

    To solve that problem permanently, we recently launched our YouTube channel that is provided with tutorials videos every day. These videos explain how to use every single functionality of our themes & plugins.


    Best regards,

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    after deactivating the kenplayer transformer, I can’t activate it any longer. So be warned. This xpw guy just ran of with the money I guess

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    anal asian

    Kenpayer works ok for me, still some sites do not seem to work.
    Is this a coincidence ?

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