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    I decided to test WP-Script adult tube themes and plugins since they seem to be quite popular and there even has been recommended by some websites but it seems like they all are just paid post reviews since they are nowhere near as good as they claim to be.

    Their themes are looking pretty good, it is a fact and that is why so many webmasters are lured to them, but they forget that support is crucial as well and their support team is really rude and unhelpful, just read some other forums about that.

    They seem nice at beginning but after you buy their pro license, they forget about you.

    Their new updates have bugs so they do not even check their versions before releasing them.

    I am not sure if it is possible to add links to other adult webmaster forums, so I will add screenshots will show you opinion of their clients:



    Just copy and paste these links in your browser.

    It is a shame because I thought they were actually good and professional.

    I will try to write more reviews on adult themes if it is allowed on here.

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    Yeah, their site looks really cool but their testimonial page raised the red flag when I visited it because it has way too many positive ratings. I am lucky that I found your thread through Google because otherwise I would probably buy their products by now. I will give XWPThemes a try.

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    Hello !

    Please can you send me an email ?
    I want to talk business with you and I cannot find any email address ?

    Thanks !

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    Honestly, i will never use them. just read this article: ripoffreport.com/reports/wp-script/-/wp-script-wp-scriptwp-scriptcomwp-script-retro-tubewp-script-pluginwp-script-king-tu-1416274 copy this link and paste into your browser. the guy bought their products worth total of $180 and he did not get his money back. they always seemed to good to be true to me.

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    their all other review seem to be affiliates because they always seem to be painted as perfect but it is the same with most of the adult tube scripts.

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    Honestly, I have never used their plugins or themes but I have heard some mixed opinion from different affiliates over the many years. But always trust your gut, if something seems to be too good to be true then big chances are that it is and you should always check out if the product that you want to get provide a great support because without it, you will not get far.

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    I ain’t a big player by any means, i still consider myself an amateur since i create adult sites on the side (yes, i have a regular job) but i have used wp-script for like two years and back then they were quite good but now things changed and their support is very mean like it was your fault that their theme is causing issues. so it seems like i am forced to look for alternatives.

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    I am really surprised that they are still in the business. I have seen many threads recently on different adult industry forums and many affiliates are getting angry and fed up with them because of the constant issues that they face using their products. They have a neat looking site, but that is about it. You have to wait days for replies and often you will get rude answers and things are getting worse with time.

    For instance, they got hacked last week and their whole server went down and all their customers’ sites broke too and they were not accessible for many days. I have not seen their support on the forums where they used to hang out and they only gave some short messages on Twitter. There are many that lost thousands because of it.

    The thing about their reviews is that they are fake. I know that because I tried to publish my own feedback some time ago and of course they have not published it and I doubt they ever will.

    Bugs in the themes and plugins are almost daily occurrences and they are caused due to their poorly written products.

    So think twice if you want to use them. Do you want to have your site crashed every time they screw something up like they did lately?

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