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    So I have been looking for the answer whether WordPress allow adult content or not but the more I research, the more I’m confused as some sites say that they do and others claim that they don’t. I think it’s the best place to ask this question since people on here were newbies like me but now have more knowledge.

    I want to create an adult blog on WordPress since it’s the user friendly platform. I considered using Tumblr, because I had many pages there in the past but never made anything serious with them. After reading I learnt that they no longer allow it on their servers.

    I would rather be 100% sure on this one, so I don’t get deleted and my time and work go to waste.

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    You are confused most likely because there are and and both are two different platforms and many webmasters use only the name WordPress in their posts without explaining the difference between these two so I can understand the confusion it creates for newcomers.

    Plus, there are many forum topics with outdated information which makes it even worse for you.

    Basically, the is a free open source software which you can use to create and manage all kinds of websites you can imagine, including the adult one.

    However you will need a paid hosting to be able to use it, but it is totally worth it and it is by far the best way to start your own online business these days.

    On the other hand, the is a platform that provides you a free blog hosting with many limitations.

    I would recommend it only for those that are going to blog for a hobby and do not EVER plan to make real money with it.

    It is not adult content friendly. They do permit you to upload “tasteful” nude pictures (most likely the , but you can not post anything that could be considered pornographic (even a girl masturbating herself).

    As if that were not enough, they do not allow you to monetize your site on You can not even add an affiliate link to the sponsor, so it means that you will make exactly 0 dollars from it.

    I have used this free blogging platform before and I ended up wasting a lot of my time, because they eventually suspended my blogs solely because I posted a few backlinks to my money sites.

    There was also another similar service named ThumBlogger and they disappear out of the blue one day after two years of using them and the worst thing was that they took all of my posts with them, so I could not transfer them.

    With all that being said, you want to avoid the and other free hosting services if you are planning to start your successful adult website.

    Your best bet is to use the software instead and I have made a blog post for you which walks you through the process so that anyone, regardless of your age and computer skills, can create their own page.

    You can find it here:

    How To Start A Porn Site And Make Money In 2020 – The Definitive Guide

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    I wish that I had seen a topic like this a year ago when I started my first adult blog on I built up some steady traffic of 400 visitors a day and it was receiving comments and likes, but it eventually got shut down without any beforehand notice. Now I run a real site on the paid host and it’s by far a better route, yes you have to pay for it but it isn’t that much for what you get.

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    it certainly isn’t the wisest thing to open up a blog with adult content on they are a big company and i suppose that their system can detect different activities that are against their rules and they will catch you for sure. there are no good free blogging platform that will accept porn on it, but it is better to go the self hosted route these days as giants like tumblr change their minds and block adult just like this.

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    The rules are simple, the is a no go for the adult content, while their sister site which is a software allows you to run any kind of website that you can think of, there are no restrictions at all, so it is the best route you can choose.

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