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    Hi….I’ve been studying web development for a few months and found myself here.

    I’m solid in HTML/CSS and can make quality designs. I understand UI/UX. My JavaScript skills are growing and I can pull data from APIs and create dynamic HTML. I discovered that there are some adult APIs with content and I have messed around with pulling data from them.

    I’ve built some apps in my web dev bootcamp and made some small projects on my own, but nothing so far really grabs my interest. The idea of making a meager living off of running my own adult site is really fascinating to me. I’m not talking about crazy money, I’m just thinking it would be sick if I could manage to pay my basic cost of living with a venture like this.

    I figure it can’t be **too** hard to break even from hosting costs. even m3’s dev plan is $10/month. i can do all the coding myself so i really dont need to bother with wordpress, unless it’s actually worth messing with. tbh i think i’d rather code it all myself but what do i know.

    Anyways…the idea of running an adult-site has been a ‘side-project’ idea of mine for a little while now.
    Like I said, I think learning is more important for me. But tbh paying some bills along the way seems like a great idea. I’m not the type of person that gives up easy when things get difficult. I know this is not some cake-walk. Just interested in learning more about this and actually **applying** my web-dev skills to something potentially profitable.

    Have a great weekend all. Thanks

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    Being able to build own site, especially if you can pull data from APIs (cam sponsors provide them and if you can play with them to make your own unique stuff then you can make good money with the time, it is a big advantage for a webmaster.

    Let us know how are you doing and on what stage you are right now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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