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    The title says it all, is it working for you? And on which sites: pornhub, xvideos, etc?

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    I am using the KenPlayer plugin on lots of my adult websites and it works with the XVideos just fine but not with the PornHub, but it can block pop ups and redirections from the PH embed videos, so it is still quite useful.

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    I bought this plugin a few years ago. It has some issues from time to time, but there is no alternative and for the price you pay, I think it is a great tool to have. I am only using XVideos on my adult website and it does the job.

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    Thanks for your replies, MrAdultAffiliate your post kinda confused me. You say it’s working for XVideos but not Pornhub, but then you said it blocks the ads from Pornhub. So does it block the ads and redirects from XVideos too?

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    It blocks the redirects and ads from the PornHub and XVideos as well, but embeds are showing with the original PH player, not the KenPlayer one.

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    Skinny B

    Mr Adult Affiliate,

    I have been away from the forum for a while.

    Do you mean Ken Player works with Xvideos again and no longer shows the “This website is stealing our bandwith” message?

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    Yes, it is working again with the XVideos but they might block it anytime, to be honest.

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