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    There is lots of information on the site, including this very forum and I appreciate that what the MrAdultAffiliate does here and I also understand that he does it for free, well you can or should use his affiliate links to show appreciation and he does not sell anything here, but are his methods working? Does he really help anyone get some results with your adult sites? I want to hear your opinion guys.

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    I bet that hundreds of affiliates have benefited from the information on MrAdultAffiliate and have used it to build their successful sites but it’s just that you don’t hear them brag on here, since they no longer post here, they don’t need him anymore. MrAdultAffiliate has very good posts for starters but then after you reach some point, you have to figure out the stuff.

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    I’m simply grateful to MrAdult that he made this forum. You should not wait exactly from him a benefit. You may discuss any matter here with other guests. I dug out some useful info from Mr.Adult and others here for a very short time. This how it works, in my opinion

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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