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    Hi, i recently started a site and have been sending paid adult traffic there. But im not sure why none of the traffic is converting. Been using Exotic Ads, Plug Rush and Traff Daq for the paid traffic. Like on Chaturbate today i have had over 492 unique hits with no conversions. Not nice spending money on traffic if it never converts. Am i doing something wrong?

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    Yes, you are doing something wrong: you are spending money on shitty traffic when you should be spending time get free quality traffic from search engines.

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    Are you new to the media buying? It might be it. It is not as easy as most affiliates think. It is not something you just throw 20 bucks at and make 50 bucks in the return. The fact is that it is a rather complex thing to master.

    I said many times that I am not highly invested in buying traffic, but I burned a few thousand before I finally learned how to analyze and I know how to do A/B tests (change literally everything and see what works) through trial and error. You will have to keep trying and optimizing to see any return on investment.

    Also, if you are promoting adult cams on the rev share payout, it will take three or even more months, before your revenue starts to grow because most of the users do not spend right away.

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    Thanks for the advice. Yeah, i am kinda new to it in the Adult world of things, but non adult im not. Strange though, as i selected my target countries to only USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. So the traffic should be ok, and im definitely getting alot of click throughs but just no conversions. Could you possibly also have a look at my site to see if ads etc are setup right? Also if you have any more tips to share when it comes to paid advertising, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, am i buying traffic from the correct sources, as far as i can tell from what ive read, they seem reputable? Thanks alot!

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    I have clicked through and I think that your niche is too narrow and that is why you might not get conversions because there is no much Japanese porn and you are advertising general cams that do not have that content.

    You would do way better if you would start let’s say a tube site similar to yours but with lesbian amateur porn or there are even lesbian cam videos you could embed and then promote CB which has models in that niche and your sales would increase significantly since you show the right advertisement for your specific audience.

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    Well i do have another one i started before this one at but it also isnt doing great, but i think coz it was my first and i didnt do SEO on it. But it may do better? The reson i started the Japanese one is coz there is so much censored Japanese porn, but im trying to keep mine uncensored as much as possible. But im still new to all of this, and getting at my wits end. Started in the online money game about 3 years ago, and making little amounts of money here and there, but havent yet found the thing i can really start making decent money on. Im really hoping this is it, as ive tried everything from affiliate marketing to drop shipping and nothing has taken yet.

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    Oh yeah also chose the Japanese niche coz did some keyword research on it and it has quite alot of hits per month for hot japanese lesbian with low competition. Thought it may be something good to go into. But also im generally wrong lately lol, so i dunno.

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    Your BlondeLesbianSex tube seems to be better but you would get more SEO love if you would add some short scene descriptions and you do not have to do this for all of your videos, but the more the better. Also, manually writing titles will definitely help as well. You should see some bounce rate and overall ranking improvements if you would add the KenPlayer plugin so visitors would not get all redirects from the PornHub.

    Next time open a new topic if you have not related questions to the subject. This one is about paid traffic 🙂

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