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    HI, so this first time I start a porn tube site, I work very hard in these 3 months now, I build really strong or monsters links, working hard with SEO,on-page,off page, I did everything, but till now no good result + I have strong server + all videos hosting self, but no result, just 100-200 visitor every day.

    any help well help me a lot

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    I can see that your tube is really great looking and you did some good work with it but there are some things missing. For starters, you have no or very little unique titles and this is the main reason you do not get enough SEO traffic.

    You need to work on it and another advice for your video titles is to add some of your keywords into it like lesbian or lesbian video, stuff like this, but the important thing about is that you do not do the same keyword in every video, instead you diverse it. You could add a blog section to your site and if you load some hand written posts, it will defenitly help with your overal rankings.

    Of course links are crucial too, but only get them from places that have some good results in search engines. You can either buy or exchange them by contacting webmasters (you can find them on the Google by looking for related websites or on the other adult forums).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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