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    Hello, after reading your publications and messages on the forums about 2 months ago, I created a webcam site based on roboskripts, but not as I can not get traffic to it, my rating of Aleksa is 129,381 overall and 10,994 in America, I started adding blog posts sosvsem not long ago, before that they were laid out by autopostomi, please see Mr. adult partner, give some tips on promotion and some forecasts, I will be very grateful

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    I have made the whole post about the promotion of the cam website and you can read it here:

    However, your main focus should be on the search engine optimization and this can be done in many different ways, one adding content to your blog, getting some links, these are the two most effective ones but remember that it can be hard to rank for general keywords, it is easier to do this if you have a specific niche.

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    how do I choose a niche? and how to implement it? after all, with the help of robosktipt aggregators, this is probably impossible, even if big Tits are blondes, bigger Tits are brunettes, big Tits are teenagers, well, it’s impossible to put several tags on one page, or it’s only necessary for blog posts, and what will be shown on the site is not important?everyone with the big Tits tag?

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    I could show you examples of the Robo script sites that do this. You can implement it by pulling the models/live rooms of models that are assigned to the specific tag. Well, you can still your current site, but keep working on it every day. It will take some time, like even up to a few months before you see good rankings on the Google.

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    Yes, it would be great, I create and update content every day, but last week Google search console lost indexing requests, and my messages just won’t appear in Google, what’s the problem? can you suggest a solution? I read the forum on this topic and it turned out that I’m not the only one. it is written:”request for indexing is not available yet”
    I want to try adding my site to another Google account but the DNS records are updated for a long time and I just can’t confirm that I own the resource. I’m stumped..
    Dear Mr. Adult Affiliate, I tried to send a personal email using your form where I can hire you, but I couldn’t do it, if it’s possible to cooperate with you, let me know, maybe we can agree with you, you know what to do and I trust you!!

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    Can you tell me if you have problem indexing pages that return offline models? Can you tell me more details about this issue, your description is too vague.

    As for the hiring, generally I am not doing it now. Many people wants to see results overnight, it takes months to see major SEO improvements.

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    When I first added my site to the google search console, the request indexing of individual pages button worked for me. now I add new posts with text to my blog using this link some of the posts on this page are already indexed by google and this was done automatically without my efforts. I would like to launch my new new posts in Google indexing and they are ranked by the keywords that I specify in these articles!
    I don’t have any problems with displaying offline models.I’ve already solved them with the roboskripts developer. I need advice why does Google refuse me urgent indexing? and what can I do about it? what would my new posts appear in Google search

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    Well, it takes some time, especially if you just started out recently. But Google will recrawl your posts many more times in the future, so you just need to wait, but you can also request it from their Search Console ( if you have added it.

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    Dear Mr. adult affiliate please tell me how do I choose the right keywords? I came up with a topic to keep my adult blog on my site. But how to choose the right keywords I can’t understand, what kind of technique please tell me.. for example I wrote an article
    “Sexy housewife in pantyhose red high heel” this was a keyword with a long tail, I think this technique is correct, but I can’t think of any more relevant ideas I understand that I can put the article in a circle of some keywords just at least direct me, what tools can I use? google ads keyword picker doesn’t work with adult words!! I need your help!!

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    You need to target the keywords that are related to your core niche. So if you have a general cam site, then you can post about models like “The Hottest Models”, also embed some recorded live show videos on it, et cetera. Look up what your top competitors are doing and you can get lots of ideas from it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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