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    thank you for your great website. Its very informativ and I read a lot on your site.

    I have a question to the Mass Embedder. The Theme is clear, I take the Retro Tube. For blocking the ads I take the KenPlayer Transformer.

    Now my question is what is better for the mass embedding … the WPS Mass Embedder, because you get it together with the Retro Tube or it is better to buy only the Theme and than the Ken Importer Pro ?

    Thank you very much for your help !

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    The only reason why I use the KenPlayer on my adult sites is that it is still working to some extent and there is no better alternative to it. The XWPThemes does not do any updates anymore and I do not know if they even visit their site anymore and just collect the money so I would not use the Ken Importer plugin because many users report that it is defunct and it is still better to use anything from WP-Script because they release new updates and actually work on their products, but they have their own flaws like a poor support, it used to be quite good but competitors are even worse at it.

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    okay… so at the moment the best way to built a porn tube site is the

    Retro Theme from WP-Skript with the WP Mass Embedder and the KenPlayer because they is no alternative ?!

    Is it right ? Sorry my English is a little bit poor, I am from Germany

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    In a nutshell, yes that is correct, but do not freak out, you might get lots of support on this forum if you use and there are already topics that could help you right away.

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    Thank you … I will see what happens 🙂

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    why is it that all my banners are forced to display below footer on the retrotube theme

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