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    Every site has them… These are the “paying” members who only spew hate and troll comments. Would you keep them on board? Or “Kill the cancer” ?


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    You should set it up so that accounts can be limited– so that when they post a hateful comment, only they can see it. This keeps your paying member and keeps them thinking their vitriol is getting out.

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    I had this with a client of mine, a site I write content for was seeing a lot of nasty comments on their pay site and their blog too. Things they used to find unacceptable (attacking the models for example) were now being permitted, and I kicked up a bit of a fuss about it.

    From a purely business standpoint, there is no benefit that I can think of.

    It gives your site a bed reputation, performers are more reluctant to work with you, performers leave, they tell others about how they weren’t protected/defended at all. Passing members might see it and want to leave. If it’s open for public view you’re basically giving them reasons to NOT join.

    Even if you don’t have the option britton suggests (which is the ideal scenario IMO) I would be giving those members a warning and making clear what is and what isn’t acceptable, and once they breach that agreement again they’re kicked out.

    Creating more of a community is a great development for any pay site, but maintaining a healthy community is important.

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    I would ban them in a second. I would rather lose that monthly membership than deal with a disruptive cunt. Life is too short.

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    Bob as you recall back with Fratpad we had trolls who ended up ruining the fun for other people and we had to kill their memberships. They ended up causing much more trouble than they were worth and usually ended up inciting problems both with performers and other members.

    Best to just kill their memberships unless there’s a way to have their comments only visible to them… so they have no idea nobody else can see them.

    Those people often will just charge back their memberships anyway. Just ban him, refund him and get back to catering to the GOOD customers.

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    That’s quite smart actually, this way they think everyone sees what they type when in reality nobody else does. And because of this, they will think nobody gives a shit on what they say because nobody will ever reply to them, and perhaps they will eventually stop.

    Great idea, much better than killing the membership.

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    When that happens I throw them out and refund them the last payment they made. I’ve found that if I let them stay and continue to complain then they just bad mouth my site to the other members and then start promoting my competitors site to my members.
    Also it hurts my feelings and de-motivates me to work for people who are complaining. Better to block them and cater to happy customers.

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    All good advice here.

    Ban them, reimburse them. That headache is gone.

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    This is actually what we do.. they do tend to realize after a while when everyone seems to start ignoring them

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    What a brilliant idea, it would drive an attention-seeking troll crazy.

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