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    I’m just getting started, currently building out my first site and doing a lot of reading about the business, this site is great for that.

    I had a few questions

    -What is the differentiating factor between someone who is successful in this business vs someone who burns out quickly? Are successful people better at SEO and their sites are ranked higher, and have more pageviews? Do they pick the right type of ad networks for their niche? Are they quicker at creating sites, and have say 100s of sites, all of which make money? Are they better at promoting their site on adult forums, youtube and twitter?

    -When I’m starting out – at least for the first few months – should I just concentrate on one site and see how it goes? Or should I start a few niche sites in case one of the niches doesn’t work?


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    I would recommend you to just start a one adult site in some smaller niche and post on a regular basis. Focus on this website for the next few months and you should see some results after some time. First, post some content and do not focus much on the promotion of your sites in initial stages.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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