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    I visited the XWPThemes other day and I can see that they give the KenPlayer plugin for free now but for a limited time, they say. Now they updated it and it works for XVideos if you uncheck the XVideos from settings but you have to keep the plugin activated.

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    I tested it even though I was a bit skeptical but it seems to be working and if you get the overlay XVideos message about the bandwidth, you can do what you have said and it will not use the player but it will remove all the ads.

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    this seems to be unfair in our side who bought the plugin.

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    Could you explain a little better what to do?
    just uncheck this option?

    V(IMAGE) V

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    It should work fine with the settings you have there, if it does not, let me know.

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    No, this does not solve anything. the problem continues.

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    Maybe try choosing the VideoJS. I have the same settings and it indeed solves the XVideos message issue.

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    its OK, I will try

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    the problem continues, that does not solve anything.

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    This update meant to remove the pop ups from the XVideos embeds but their logo is shown since it’s using their player. It isn’t perfect but still better than nothing.

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