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    hey man i found you on other affiliate forum – gfy. like your stuff. would like to ask you whats the quickest way to find a buck with adult webcams.

    i want to start a whitelabel. which one is the best?
    how do you promote to get traffic?

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    Welcome Northon.

    To be honest there is no quick way to earn money in the adult industry.

    In this post I have mentioned the best ways of promoting adult webcam sponsors:

    How To Promote Adult Webcam Site

    You can create a whitelabel, but you can not expect any traffic from search engines, because of the duplicate content. Why Google does not like them?

    The problem with whitelabels is that all the websites have the exact same content and Google loves to reward uniqueness.

    But you can always create a website around adult live webcams, post some interesting videos or blog posts and link to your own whitelabel.

    So think outside of box – be creative. So for example, make a webcam blog site about teen girls and everyday add some unique content (sexy pictures, seo wise titles and hand written descriptions). It is a proven method that works and generates a lot of sales. You will get organic traffic and rank for some relevant keywords if you do the things right. Do not expect quick bucks in your first month, my new site start to make a profit after a one or even two months.

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    I have a three porn tube sites and send traffic to my cam whitelabels. Webcam affiliate sponsors convert way better than any porn paysites so I am pretty much happy.

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    I just recently started promoting adult affiliate programs. I have many porn sites and the one site is a cam blog. Basically, I post anything related to adult cams. The traffic grows steadily (all of the traffic is from Google) and it gets sales everyday.

    P.S. thanks Mr. Adult Affiliate for amazing posts. You rock dude.

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    I review adult cam sites on my website. It does not get too much traffic, but it is targeted traffic so it converts quite well.

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