Adult Affiliate Programs – The Guys With The Money

There are literally hundreds of adult sponsors in the industry today. They range from small one-person amateur sites that cater for just one niche and have an affiliate program right through to the big guys who have dozens of sites covering every conceivable niche and offering several different ways for webmasters to make money.

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Every new webmaster wants to know which sponsors are good and which are not, which convert and which do not. The short answer is that they are all good and they all convert but whether they convert for you is a different matter all together. No two webmasters have the same experience with a sponsor and the only way you will find out which convert for you and which do not is by trying them.

It must be said that some sponsors have a better reputation with webmasters than others. If you want to get all the facts about a sponsor from the webmaster perspective all you have to do is to ask on the boards. Other webmasters will be happy to share their experiences with you.

To sign-up with a sponsor you need to go to their site and complete the application form that they all have. Be warned though, it is the same as any contract so you should read all the details and all the fine print that they have on their site. Sponsors terms are always very specific and when they catch you in breach of their terms they will cut you off and retain any funds that they might be holding for you. So be sure that you understand their terms and if you do not understand anything then email them and ask.

There are basically two different programs that sponsors offer to their webmasters. Not every sponsor offers both types of program.


The sponsors who offer this type of program will pay you a percentage of the initial sign up and a percentage of the recurring amount for each month that the surfer rebills. The percentages are generally in the 50% to 60% range.

Pay Per Sign-up

The sponsors who offer this type of program will pay you a fixed one-off amount for each sign-up regardless of whether the person signs for a trial or longer. The rates seem to vary from $28 up to $40 with the average being around $35.00.

Experienced webmasters will tell you that the best plan is to direct your sign-ups to a mixture of recurring and per sign-up. They suggest that the ongoing income from recurring sign-ups will provide a steady flow of income and help even out the highs and lows that come with the per sign-up program.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click was very popular in the past but only a handful of sponsors offer that type of program now. Under this type of program the webmaster receives a payment of a few cents for every surfer who clicks through to the sponsor’s site. Rules governing this type of program are very strict and most new webmasters do very poorly with pay per click programs.

These are usually fed by blind clicks where the surfer clicks on a link that entices him without obviously telling him where he is going. When he clicks on the link he finds himself at a pay site which may or may not have anything to do with where he thought he was being taken. Everyone has clicked on a blind link at some stage in their time on-line. Just recall how you felt when you ended up somewhere that you really did not want to be.

More blind click programs have gone out of business than any other type of program out there. It is a small margin type of program to run so take care when picking the blind click sponsor you want to send your traffic to. The old adage stands very true in this case “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Blind click programs are not recommended for new webmasters.

Email Programs

Email programs are popular with webmasters. Sponsors who run these type of programs pay up to a dollar for each surfer who registers with the sponsor by providing their email address. You should carefully read the terms of service for each sponsor because they do vary, some will not pay on hotmail type addresses and others require the surfer to confirm his sign-up before you get paid.

Surfers join the sites run by these sponsors simply by providing an email address and in return they receive free access to adult sites.

Whichever type of program you decide on be sure not to limit yourself to just one or two sponsors. Sign-up with a few sponsors and spread your efforts between them. That will provide you with a broader base of income that will still support you during periods of poor sign-ups.

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