Tips For Adult Webmasters: Writing Text That Sells

Hot or “killer” text is text that gets the surfers excited and wanting to see more. That means that when you write blog, gallery or adult tube text, you have to understand what excites the surfers who are into the niche you are writing about. The niche does not have to turn you on, but you do have to understand it.

Of course, it helps a lot of the pics or videos you use are exciting, too. There are some programs out there that send out pics that look good but have no energy and most of the guys do not really stand out. That is not as easy for me to sell as pics that have something that stand out, whether it be a guy with a HUGE dick, an interesting personality that shows, an exceptional body, lots of tats and a shaved head, interesting camera angles, extra hot models, extra down and dirty sex – SOMETHING that makes it not just 2 generic people having generic sex.

When I see pics that have something going on – something beyond 2 basic naked people fucking – it is easier and more fun to write about – and that text blogs seems to sell better. It is easier for me to get excited – not necessarily sexually excited, but really interested – and that means I can be excited when I write about it.

Do not be afraid of keywords and talking dirty. It surprises me how many adult webmasters do not automatically use more x-rated words. Instead of just saying a guy cums on another performer, you can say he shoots his hot, sticky load till cum is dripping down the other model’s face. If a hot amateur has big tits, do not be afraid to talk about them and use various expressions. If there is energy in fuck pics, you can use words like slamming, pounding, drilling. When working on gay text, is a guy uncut? Be sure to use the word uncut – twice if you are looking for search engine traffic. Use the words foreskin and uncircumcised once each if you can work it in naturally. Instead of just saying two guys are having anal sex, get graphic.

Sex is wet and messy, so remember concepts like oiled up, sweaty, dripping, gleaming with lube, covered in cum.

I also seem to do better using present tense rather than past tense, which means I talk about the action like it was happening right now rather than at the time the shoot happened. I suspect that has to do with giving the text a feeling of immediacy. It works well, so do not be afraid to try it.

One other thing – repetition. There are two things I have to say about it: Repetition is good. Reptetition is bad. Both these things are true in my experience, but there is repetition and then there is repetition. Repetition is bad when you use the same word 5 times in one short paragraph or use the same word in all your blogs in a single niche. After all, you can only say “huge boobs”, “anal sex” or “his hairy chest” so many times in a row. Try and use several different expressions for each body part or activity. But repetition within reason can also be your friend. Particularly when it comes to a term that most people associate with what you are writing about. For example, if you are writing about an unshaved chick, you might want to use “hairy pussy” in the first sentence AND one of the text links or in the last sentence. Do not overuse it – you can say “unshaved bush”, “furry snatch” or other phrases in a paragraph or on a page, but since “hairy pussy” is a major trigger phrase, do not be afraid to use it twice – preferably at least once in a link.

The bottom line about writing text that will get your surfers excited enough to want more is that it has to be exciting but also has to use familiar keywords and trigger phrases. It is okay to be creative and get crazy, but do not forget that you want your surfers to be horny, so too much humor or silliness may turn them off rather than on.


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