Adult Affiliates: Worky! Worky!

You know what I hate? I hate the way the mainstream media characterizes our profession. Since the beginning of the adult Internet, the public has been sold a bill of goods. If one is to believe the hokum, we are all overnight successes, making millions of dollars, doing no more that a couple of hours of work each day. The flapping yaps on the teevee make it seem as if any goober can throw a few nudie pics on a page and boom, they are a porn mogul.

This pisses me off almost as much as their implications that we are a bunch of scamming, spamming reprobates. To suggest that this business is easy, is not just inaccurate, it is insulting.

If you are here because you believed the lie, well, I am sorry. The honest truth is very few of us are millionaires. The average successful adult webmaster is probably going to make an average of $2000 a month and that comes after a long and arduous period of training and practice.

Nobody gets rich overnight. Nobody sits by the pool while the dollars roll in. Nobody gets anywhere the easy way. Your pre-existing skills mean nothing. That big, fat wad of cash you are just dying to “invest” is useless. Your brilliant idea is worthless. Everything you think you know is wrong. And if you were led to believe there would come a day when the hard part would be over, you got hosed.

The hard part is never over. The work is never done. The learning process begins now and it does not stop. You are about to join a field where the technology changes constantly, the marketing is like no other and the competition is fiercer that a school of piranhas. If you want to be an adult webmaster, you better be prepared for a life of wash, rinse, repeat.

First of all, there is come the subject of your education. We do things a certain way on the porno web. While there are gobs of helpful tutorials and lessons, freely available, some things you are going to have to figure out for yourself because there are no college degrees for Internet Pornography.

We can show you how to find content, find sponsors, build a page and promote that page. We can explain topics like niches, statistics and traffic generation, but we can not give you that magic formula that works just for you.

Each webmaster has different luck with different niches and sponsors. Some webmasters do well with gallery building while others make a killing marketing their sponsors on blogs or free sites. Even more of us serve up a variety of dirty web destinations in various niches and formats. You have to find your own path and a majority of the learning process is trial and error. You could go at it for a year before you achieve a regular, dependable income.
Then, there is the work itself. The fact is, you are not going to make a whole lot of money with just one website. You have to make a lot of websites and mini websites and individual pages. You have to keep making them and making more. On top of that, you will have to market your work. You will have to find your own clever ways to spam without spamming and pimp without appearing too pimpy. You will be in a perpetual search for more and more traffic. You will be constantly analyzing your server logs and sponsor stats in order to determine what is and is not working for you. You will be forever shopping for content, templates and other adult webmaster services. And when you have got everything perfect, you will find that is not enough and that you will be creating or updating sites from now until you retire.

Then arrives the day that you realize your favorite sponsor is over-saturated or that surfers have grown tired of your once trendy niche. Some new technology will come along that renders your money-maker obsolete and you are back to square one. That programming language you mastered is outdated. That traffic resource has dried up. Some vital part of your success has become defunct and it is up to you to teach yourself yet another new skill.

Like I said, the thing I hate most about the way the mainstream media portrays is the fact that they mislead people into believing this is a job that any loser can do. The successful adult webmaster works his/her ass off and never stops. Being painted as a degenerate is to be expected. It is not right but society has never been kind to those who work in sexual entertainment. Being typecast as lazy louts who sell sex because there is no work involved is a damned lie.

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  1. These are the best blog entries of this site because they are the cold hard truth.
    As I search through Mr. AA’s archives, they paint a better picture of what to expect on this journey as an adult affiliate.

    Grateful as always,


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