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The most important and probably the most time consuming aspect of running an adult site is marketing. No traffic means zero profits – Period.

Ok, so maybe not everyone is a search engine marketing expert. Not only does it take time and experimentation to learn, who wants to wait 6-12 weeks for indexing schedules to even pick up your site to see if it will rank? Given search engines are an integral part of any marketing plan, to get your site off the ground there are numerous places that adult webmasters can get traffic to their sites for free. Here are some ways beyond the TGP and Picture Post that are available to help you get more traffic to your adult site today.

Today we are going to discuss how to generate free traffic to your adult website. You probably heard about pinterest, the most popular pin website on the web. There are many porn clone sites of pinterest and I will try to help you to gain new visitors from them. You can drive a really great deal of traffic from the day one of using.

What Is An Adult Pin Board?

It is a website where users can submit porn content (pictures and videos), the most famous pin site being Members will pin content into the organized areas of interest called “categories”. Adult boards are where people collect and organize their pins. The surfers will interact by voting, commenting and sharing.

The best voted pins show up on the top of the homepage, so you really have to add the high quality content if you want to get your post ranked high on the website. is a one of the most valuable domain names in the porn industry. Their site ranks in the Alexa Top 1000 list. It gets over 45 millions visitors every month from over different countries so that is a hell of a lot of traffic. Why not getting some for yourself?

The greatest thing is that those websites allow a click through link back to the site the picture or the video was on. So if someone likes the pin content you have submitted, surfers will visit the website where it is from. It is really a win-win for you.

List Of Adult Pin Sites

I will present you a list of adult pin sites where you can submit content and enjoy free traffic. You will find that some of them will send you a lot of traffic while others will not send much at all. It will be up to you to decided which ones are productive and which are a waste of time. You will also find that some sites send a lot of traffic to a particular niche and hardly any traffic to others.

Use this as the basis for your own custom list of places to submit your content to and keep searching for other sites (we will be constantly adding the new sites to the list).

  • – The biggest adult pinboard, it is a very well known example of a pin site and there are many many more sites like this one out on the net. You can not miss this one if you really want to generate traffic or advertise your affiliate link. You are allowed to place a banner under your pictures.
  • – It has a fantastic traffic from the USA and UK. One of the most active adult pinboard websites so they are definitely worth checking out. Plus it has a beautiful layout.
  • – Another big adult pin website which gets some nice traffic from America and Germany. Running off a beautiful looking script.
  • – A new site that is only a few months old but in the last month over a one million porn surfers visited it. Most of the visitors are Germans.
  • – There are a lot of ads on this site but it can be a fantastic source of the traffic. They allow you to add a link to your site on the pins.
  • – A very nice looking porn website but I do not think they allow you to add a link on your pins. Hopefully it will change soon because this site grows fairly quickly.
  • – It is another porn sharing site. You can get a do follow link from this site. You can add it on your profile page.
  • – A hot pinterest clone for porn. This website is getting about 220 thousands visits a month. You have to check them out.
  • – Allows you to add a link on the content you publish. It does not get as much traffic as the other mentioned sites. Most of the viewers come from Sweden.
  • – An adult pinboard which has a very few contributors but remember, every little bit helps.

You are officially part of the pin party now so it is time to drive some traffic. Follow other adult boards and build out your own to attract new horny followers. Get friendly by liking and commenting on other pins.

Check out our other posts on how to generate traffic to your adult site. These are just a couple of ideas on how to start getting control of your traffic, hopefully many affiliates will find these useful. There are many other legitimate ways of doing it besides what I have given you here. Think outside the box and pursue traffic as if your life depended on it because in this business it does.

Feel free to share some useful tips on this topic. Do you know any other pin sites worth mentioning? Let us know.

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