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Last updated May 06, 2017

Now we come to the nitty gritty of site design and page layout. This is where you start to take real steps towards making money and this is where many of you should leave all your preconceived ideas behind. Do not be discouraged because you have no design skills, do not be put off if you have never done any marketing before. Some of the people who have the hardest time making it in this industry are those who have come from a marketing or design background.

Fortunately, there are many wonderful designers in our field. Some of these folks have been on the scene for well over a decade. They know what loads clean, looks good and entices the customer. They understand that functionality trumps artistic merit. Some specialize in particular niches. All are accepting and willing to work with pornographic website owners.

Just keep in mind that there are tried and true layout tricks that sell: Clean design. Simple, easy-to-find navigation. Readable fonts. Colors that convey the spirit of the content and please the eye. Be sparing with scripts that encroach upon your surfer’s browsing experience. Broadband may have reached saturation but porn searchers still want a fast-loading page. They want porn.

We experienced affiliates want you to experiment and push the boundaries when you make your porn sites. We are as hungry for change as you. The difference between us is that we have already made our past mistakes. We know that it takes more than a cool-looking page to make money. It takes a design made with forethought and experience and attention to proven techniques. It takes Design Fundamentals:

  • Clean and Simple
  • Fast-Loading
  • Readable Fonts
  • Colors Complimentary to the Content
  • Easy Navigation
  • No Fancy Tricks or Scripts

Websites such as help new webmasters to start a new adult tube site in less than five minutes and most importantly no technical knowledge is required to make your own video website.

Stop wasting time and money by using some crappy themes which do not even work and do not offer any support.


Why is the best adult tube theme on the market right now?

Mass Import Videos From The Major Tube Sites.
This amazing theme allows you to mass import porn videos from top porn sites in just a couple of seconds.

Awesome Responsive Tube Design.
This template works on all devices, whether it be on the PC, phone or tablet. It loads super fast and you have several options to customize your own adult video website.

SEO Friendly.
The theme produces beautiful and SEO optimized code which is loved by Google. With search engine optimized themes – you will get tons of traffic and make more money.

Autopilot function.
No need to worry about updating your website with the fresh content. The autopost function will post new videos to your tube website, so it will make you money even when you are sleeping.

Self-Hosted Videos.
All the content is self-hosted on the site so you do not have to worry about bandwidth because your server is not hosting any videos. Porn sites eat up a lot of bandwidth, so you will save some money with this theme.

Amazing Support.
They really provide an amazing tech support for all the clients. Their support staff assures all your questions and issues will be answered and fixed quickly.

Custom Video Player.
For some tube hosts you can choose to use a custom video player instead of the standard tube player. It means your visitors will not be redirected to the other websites or see any ads from tube sites that you embed the videos.

Fantastic Adspace Settings.
There are many ad spots that you can use to monetize your new site. You have to just copy and paste your code in one of the spot. They also made sure that your ads are seen properly on mobile devices.

Very Easy Setup.
It is very easy to install and customize your tube within minutes. Always if you have any questions you can email the support.


It is a really superb theme and it has so many features such as video rating, top viewed videos list, related videos and many more. You can create a nice clean logo in a matter of seconds and completely for free.

They offer a trusted product by thousands of adult webmasters and the best tube theme for WordPress I have ever came across. So visit right now and check out their demo. They let you try out their theme before you decide to purchase it. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Update: is no longer selling their theme, if you want to know more please go to this forum thread Adult WordPress Theme Is Closing Down?.

Do not worry guys, I can recommend you to buy the themes from the website They have some very nice themes for an adult site and I have been using some of their themes for years.

Also do not forget to take a look at my new post titled Top Adult WordPress Themes For Tube Site. You need to go to because they are running the new fantastic promotion that you simply can not miss out on.

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