Top Adult WordPress Themes For Tube Site

Last updated Feb. 14, 2018

If you want to create your own WordPress tube site and if you are looking for the best adult script or theme, then this post is definitely for you.

I remember the days when I started my affiliate journey, there were no premium themes you could use to build a porn site and you could only dream of free themes at that time.

Only several online shops were out there and you would have to pay a few thousand for a professional design.

But it was over 15 years ago and many things have changed since then so now you have loads of theme clubs to choose from and you have amazing free sites like WordPress which you can use to build your own adult empire.

If you read it today, you are really lucky, because, believe me, or not (I have been blogging for ages), it has never really been easier to start a new adult site from the ground up.

In 2017, you can make a few thousands of dollars in just a few months, you just need to buy a domain which costs around $10 on, get a proper hosting which is dirt cheap these days in comparison to my old days and purchase an amazing theme for less than $40.

In my early blogging days, I have paid over $100 a month for a hosting that I used for a very simple site.

Now, you can grab a hosting plan for just under a $3 a month on 247-Host.

The same is with adult WordPress themes, in the past you would have to hire a designer to code your own site and you would easily pay $1000 for a single simple design.

Now, you can start an online business from scratch with only $50 in your “pocket”.

You just need to make the most of the opportunities you have today.

The really amazing opportunities which have never been available before.

It is so easy to create your own online business and if you are willing to work hard, you can make a shitload of cash in the adult industry.

If you need a really great script for your site, I would suggest you all to check out the themes that are available on the WP-Script.

I am using most of their themes on my own websites and unlike other shops in the business, their themes do the job very well.

With their products, you can create your own WordPress tube very easily in less than five minutes.

You Can Not Use WordPress On Big Sites

I have seen a few people on the other forums saying that you can not use WordPress once your site gets popular and receives a lot of traffic.

It is total bullshit, my friend.

From my own experience, I can tell you that it is possible to create an extremely profitable adult site using a WordPress theme.

Some of my sites get hundreds of thousands of visitors a day and I am using WP-Script themes on them.

It is doable so do not get fooled by these foolish guys.

I just think that these men that are saying things like that, just want to spam their non WordPress theme shops.

There is really no other logical explanation.

Why I Use WP-Script Shop Products?

About a three years ago a one webmaster suggested me this site on some affiliate marketing forum and I decided to give it a try.

I bought a few themes and I installed them and since then, I am using their themes.

Here are the main reasons why I prefer to use their themes:

Handle Massive Traffic

Their scripts can handle a high traffic site. Like I said before, my sites get a lot of traffic and all the themes still load fast and work like charm every single day without any major issues.

So their themes are definitely built to handle massive traffic. I tested some WordPress themes from the other shops, but they were not as fast as the WP-Script ones when used on bigger sites.

Responsive Designs

WP-Script designs are fully responsive so they work well on any device. You can open your site without a problem on your desktop, tablet or even on your phone.

In 2017 when a tons of horny porn surfers use mobile devices, a fully responsive theme is a must.

Optimized for Revenue

Their themes offer many ways to monetize your own traffic. They have a several ad units and you can display your ads on the header, sidebar, footer and inside the custom video player.

The developer even can set up a download button for you, if you would like to implement it on your site. Their themes will definitely help you to generate more money from your website.

Custom HTML5 Video Player

It not only means that your videos can be viewed on all the devices but it also means that your visitors will not get any annoying pop up ads from the giant porn tube sites.

It is a big win win, because all of the other theme tube scripts lack this feature, so if you use the themes from let’s say TubeAce and a visitor plays a video, he will be bombarded with so many garbage ads from porn sites that you embed your videos from.

But luckily it is not the case if you use WP-Script products.

Speed Optimized Themes

The faster your site loads, the better for you, because visitors and search engine sites love fast loading sites and hate slow ones.

If you have ever run an online business, you would know that the speed is crucial for every webmaster. Surfers are not patient these days and they want to jack off quickly, so your adult site simply has to load quickly, otherwise you will lose many visitors that could make you money.

WPS themes are probably one of the fastest loading scripts in the industry. Another big advantage.

SEO Ready

All the themes I use (especially the newer ones) are ultra-SEO friendly because they have been built with Bootstrap and their codes are always search engine optimized.

Now, it is a lot of easier to get a good position on the Google with a site that uses a lightweight theme that has been designed with the SEO in mind.

Professional Customer Support

They obviously love their customers so their support is spot on and they always help their clients when they have any issues with themes and plugins.

Their amazing support is a one of the main reasons why so many adult webmasters choose their themes over any other shop.

If you want to add some features to your site, they will help you with that for free, even if they do not have to do that.

I have tried almost any other adult theme shop and their supports suck.

The script from XWPThemes works quite well, but the reason why I am no longer using that theme is because of the very poor support they provide to their clients.

Also, it is the same thing with the shop named AdultWPThemes.

The customer support is very important for every shopping website but sadly many business owners forget about that.

Use On Unlimited Sites

Once you buy a one theme from their shop, you can start as many sites as you like with that single theme.

So if you own a three adult sites, you can use your new theme on all your websites without paying an extra cent.

This is another biggie, because the most of the other adult theme shops will charge you if you want to use their themes on more than one site.


Their premium themes are pretty cheap. There are so many other tube scripts that are way more expensive.

The names of these online shops are Mechbunny, Kernel Video Sharing, et cetera and their scripts can cost thousands of $.

I bought all of these scripts myself and they are not bad, but they are way overpriced.

For just $39 you can get a nice theme from WP-Script and start your own adult site in just a few minutes.

Yes, you may find cheaper and better looking themes, but their supports are very slow and they do not update their themes often, if at all.

You may think that it is not so important to get updates constantly when you are a newbie, but you will understand why updates are crucial when you notice a few bugs or when your theme is broken and even worse when there is no support to fix the issues.

Even the best looking site can become worthless when the theme keeps crashing.

I have seen a lot of webmasters complaining about the lack of support on the site XWPT.

I feel really bad for these guys, because they have to wait for a several weeks hoping that the shop owner will fix the issues on their sites.

So WP-Script themes are affordable and they come with a great support team that really wants to help you, not take your hard earned money and forget about you.

Easy To Use

The themes from WPS actually are very easy to work with and they are perfect for new adult webmasters that just begin their journey in the adult industry without any programming skills.

It is really so easy to add videos with that script. You just need to copy and paste a video link in the right box and add a few things like: the title, featured image, add some text description if you wish to add it and that is pretty much it.

I am sure that after a few posts you will be posting your new videos faster and faster. That sounds pretty cool, isn’t it?

Awesome Video Import Function

Not only you can create an adult tube site very quickly with their themes but you can also fill up your new site with a ton of content thanks to the Import plugin which you can get completely for free if you purchase their latest themes.

What does this plugin do? Well, it can import millions of embedded videos from big porn sites like PornHub, Xvideos and more to your new site in a very short time.

You can also search for porn videos by keyword or category and fill your database with the content you want to post on your website.

But, Why Should I Care?

Because with the WP-Script themes, you can achieve:

    • Way Higher Earnings
    • More Paying Surfers
    • Higher Search Rankings On The Google
    • Improved User Experience


Are you ready now to build your own successful adult WordPress site today without paying a fortune for it?

I have been using adult themes from WP-Script for over three years and I really like their products.

They are one of the best places to buy WordPress themes and plugins for your adult sites and I can tell that from my own experience as I have tried a lot of tube scripts.

Their themes and plugins are very well coded and come with many important features such as a great support, regular updates and they are just perfect for those starting out in the adult industry as well as for those webmasters that are tired of very slow supports and constantly breaking themes.

So now you know why currently over 50,000 adult sites use premium scripts from this shop.

If you need a great and simple to use a theme that is really fast and can rank high on the search engine sites, there are many magnificent themes available for you on their site.

I also want to mention that PornAffiliate offers free WordPress themes like Porn Theme #4 for adult webmasters. You can check them out as well.

Take Advantage Of The Amazing Promotion

WP-Script offers many discounts and promotions and just recently they have announced an awesome promotion so it is a perfect moment to test their products.

You can get one theme for free and also the Importer plugin if you purchase one of their latest themes.

So for less than $50, you can get a two premium tube themes and a one fantastic plugin for your adult site.

I am personally using their product name RetroTube and it is the greatest and the best selling theme in their online store.

The theme itself is speed optimized and it is also fully optimized for the search engines. RetroTube is ideal if you want to create a successful adult site that will rank well on the Google.

Go to WP-Script and grab some great themes today, because this special promotion runs for a limited time.

As always, I wish you all the best and also make sure you visit my affiliate forum if you have any questions. It is getting busier with each passing day so do not forget to take a look at it.

77 thoughts on “Top Adult WordPress Themes For Tube Site”

  1. I am already using their themes and I am very happy with their products. I just wish they could announce the promotion, the day I was buying themes for my sites.

    • I bought most of the adult tube themes that are available but most indeed come with a very poor support and very few updates.

      I have been using ZingTube for some time and it is HTML5 and SEO friendly and works great.

      It is also important to tell that sites with embedded videos do not stand a chance against big sites, since your visitors will be redirected to their sites if you embed their videos.

      That is why I really like the KenPlayer plugin which uses its own player so there are no ads or redirects from these tubes. It reduced my bounce rate by over %20 and increased the time spent on site.

      I think that KenPlayer is a very helpful tool because it can have a big impact on the site.

    • The only problem with WP-Scripts is their authentication system. I bought WP-Scripts a few years back and built five sites with them. One day their servers went down and it was nearly three months before they were back on line and my sites worked again. After that I don’t see how anyone in their right mind would trust building a buisness with WP-Scripts. If their utentication server goes down, so do you. Icojuld be temporary or permanent if they just go out of business.

  2. I just bought a wp-script and read your post 🙂
    Now I have to find a measure like kenplayer-transformer to hide ads and link to tube site. When I make money I will buy this topic immediately.

    • i have been using wp-script WordPress themes for three years but their support went to shit lately. they have good products, but they are useless since there are bugs every few weeks and it takes them days or even weeks to fix simple things.

      i haven’t tried xwpthemes yet but they look promising and i am probably will use them because i am getting fed up with wp script.

      i have heard about kenplayer plugin somewhere else but i never knew that it actually works on WordPress.

      • I have to say that I have not used WP-Script myself but I have heard very mixed opinions about them on various websites.

        Some people like them, but most really hate them. If you are not able to fix some issues yourself and you are reliant on support then I would not recommend WP-Script since their support team is known for being very slow and rather poor.

        Lots of people are fooled by their great looking site and they do not do a proper research about their products (reviews et cetera) and soon they realize that the fancy looking themes that they purchased are not working properly and customer service is not as good as it is painted on the testimonial’s page.

      • You guys haven’t had tried adultwpthemes. They don’t have any customer support at all and they do updates but they don’t reply and sadly it’s the same for other options. I have bought the Bestia theme but after two weeks it stopped working and I think I have wasted money and time since I can’t get my site up.

    • Enzo: He traducido su pregunta, y traducire la respuesta, si se le proporciona.

      What Enzo was saying:
      Is it necessary once I buy the adult theme (I don’t know to which theme he is referring) , that I, then, need to go-ahead and, also, buy the plugin player (presumably the Kenplayer) which cancels out the (embedded) Ads?

      I will translate back if you respond. Thank you!

      • Thanks for the translation, Samuel.

        No, you do not have to buy the KenPlayer plugin, if you do not want to. You can use the theme that you buy and embed videos from tubes but your visitors will get pop ups and there will be a big logo placed in every logo.

        You can go to and check out the KenPlayer’s sale page where you can see how videos will look like when you enable this plugin on the website.

  3. Hi Mr. Adult Affiliate I wish I knew your site before I started my website and your correct I’m using tmd hosting and their support sucks and tube ace there product sucks too. I spent most of my money that i dont even have to start adult site and now I gotta save again an definitely I will get your products that you are using to get passive income rolling. Thanks again for your time to put this together for newbies and pros.

    • Welcome Arthur. It is my pleasure. There are many good looking themes or websites, but their supports usually sucks and good support is crucial. Thanks for your comment and do not forget to check out my forum at where many new adult affiliates are asking me for tips. Have a nice day.

      By the way, you can always move your site to another hosting. Check out my recommended 247Host, they will move your sites for free.

  4. I love some of xwpthemes plugins. I’ve never used their themes.

    It just got me thinking. For a theme and kenplayer the price is around $80 give or take. Adultwpthemes sell for $39.99 and if you embed videos from xvideos and redtube they play as they would if you had kenplayer.

    Is xwpthemes that much better that it’s worth paying nearly twice as much?


    • You are right, but on the AdultWPThemes you pay $39,99 only for a one domain, so you can only use it on a one site, but you can use the XWPThemes’s plugins and themes on multiple domains simultaneously.

      I can tell that I have been using the KenPlayer for over a three years or so now and it works like charm and the themes are great as well. I think it is especially great to have the KenPlayer plugin, because you can use it on any WordPress website, so it is not a built into a theme feature, which is a big advantage in my opinion.

      I also find it very useful that the ads on their plugins and themes are not blocked by the AdBlock, if you host them on your own servers. I have used many other scripts like Adult-Wordpress-Theme and their all ads were blocked, even if you did some changes.

      Furthermore, the KenPlayer works with many different tube sites such as PornHub, Xvideos, RedTube, YouPorn and YouTube. You can see the plugin at work on this site:

      Thanks for a comment.

      • No thank you for taking the time to answer me.

        I must admit after seeing kenplayer in action on it is impressive. I will have get it at some point.

        I might even grab a theme too and see how it goes. I have sites running on mechbunny, wordpress + Tubeace and wordpress + xwp importer plugins. And I must say, working with xwp importers is by far the easiest, user friendly and enjoyable for me.

        So if the themes live up to the standards of the plugins I know they will be great.


  5. Hi I have now been using ZingTube for 5 days. Works fine. But some of their paid plugins like spank wire importer pro and Monsterxvideos are not working at all.

    The pornhub pluginn works like a charm

    You mentioned great support? I have now waited over 96 hour for a response why the plugins i paid for is not working. Did also try add the guy on skype no reply.

  6. Hello, I have a doubt that this bulk import plugins does not detract from the SEO of the site? since google knows exactly what you do on your site?

  7. Hello, the zingtube theme brings an html5 player, I wanted to know what is the difference with kenplayer, and if the player that is included in the zingtube theme can remove ads from the videos imported from xvideos and other companies.


    • Welcome Epicol.

      If you use the ZingTube theme, your videos will use any player the site you embed your videos uses, so if you are going to post videos from XVideos, your site will display their player and on the other hand, Kenplayer uses it is own HTML5 players and it allows you to add your own ads within the player, add your own logo and it removes any ads from the third party sites like PornHub and XVideos.

  8. I have a new wordpress site. I am starting to use it to advertise the online services and tools.
    Had no idea i could make an adult tube site from it!

    • I have been using numerous XWPThemes’ themes on my adult websites and yes they work with any video hosting that provides an embed code.

      So it not only works with popular porn tubes like PornHub, XVideos, XHamster, but I have seen webmasters use these themes for mainstream sites so YouTube works just fine.

      But if you upload and embed from mainstream sites like OpenLoad then make sure that they do allow adult, so you do not add hundreds of movies and get deleted one day because they catch with the adult stuff on their website.

      So for porn it is better to use tubes, but that is what I think.

  9. Why you only buy theme ??? it does not work with all other tube plugin. i have same problem before i purchased theme with lots of headache . does not work with tube plugin . freelancer taking more money to customize theme with other plugin finally i lost my money which spend on theme. later on i search on google and find complete solution plugin and theme combined. really support help me lot to make my adult tube site. i can’t forget that. i must share my experience do not buy theme only. it is useless until you have grabber. if you are paying why don’t you buy complete software. if you buy theme only then ask to theme provider company about compatible plugin. people only see theme demo it does not think how video comes to theme. anyway good thread to discuss.

    • You don’t have to buy it but I find the KenPlayer plugin the best plugin out there for adult affiliates and probably the most useful software that you can use. I can’t express enough how powerful it’s, before using it my adult site had a bounce rate of about 60% but just after a few days of enabling it, it reduced to over 30% and I didn’t even have a clue how popups can decrease user experience and make your visitors leave your website.

      I mean all of these themes are good but they aren’t as useful as the KenPlayer plugin in my honest opinion, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have them.

  10. First, Thank you for such length in detail. I want to start an adult site and seems like I need to bookmark your site. One question about setting up wordpress adult site using xwpthemes (themes + plugins). Let’s say I import videos from big porn sites like Pornhub etc. How do I make money? I know that tube site makes money when we send traffic like 1000 impression to those sites but I don’t know how it works with xwpthemes. Also I think that KenPlayer doesn’t seem to be working even on their product page. Is the KenPlayer still working? Appreciated, if you could take some time and share how we can monetize the site using xwpthemes and plugins by importing videos from those big porn site. Thanks.

    • If you import videos from PornHub, then they make money by pop ups that will be displayed if your visitors play the videos but you can by pass these ads by using the already mentioned plugin KenPlayer. It does work, I use it and I have been using it for over three years and they update it regularly so what you have seen probably was a temporary bug or something.

      You can monetize the site using XWPThemes themes however you want (just like any other site) and there are many ways. I suggest starting a cam related tube site or an amateur tube so it is kind of related to the webcamming. It can be more of a niche site like tube featuring only big tits cam models or black cam models et cetera, the more narrow the niche is, the less competition you have and the easier it will be to make money.

      It would be very hard to compete with big boys like XHamster, if you were to start a general site that includes all kinds of videos (amateur, Asian, interracial, gay, tranny categories) and such general traffic does not generate many sales at all.

      Of course, you can start it in any market you want but these days webcam and dating affiliate programs are quite profitable while paysites or ad networks do not bring much money as once they were.

      I think that you should take a peek at this forum topic:

      If you have more questions related to monetizing, then please open your topic there and you can ask anything about themes, plugins in this post, since it is all kinda related 🙂

  11. Thank you for explaining in such detail but my first question was a bit misunderstood. I wanted to know how I make money by importing videos from Pornhub, except for putting ads on my web page. If I use plugin to import those videos, is there any way that I can somehow form a partnership or affiliate with Pornhub say every 1000 views of their video, they give me this much etc. etc. Thanks for providing with all the information we need to know to start a site.

    • You can use your adult traffic to earn money that way using the site called Hubtraffic. You promote their porn sites (PornHub, RedTube) and you will be paid $3.55 per thousand for the USA based traffic but most of the other countries are pay way less than $3.

      If your site is new, you will not make less than some cents a day so you need at least ten thousands of visits every day to make $10 from that method and that is why I do not recommend it but feel free to test it for yourself.

    • Welcome, Caesar 🙂

      I would not. They used to be a pretty decent host but that was like five years ago or even earlier, but they got bought out and they fired the stuff and now their customer service is of very low quality.

      Look, if you are tech savvy and you can fix the server or the bugs, et cetera, then go for it, but I would not recommend because there are many better and similar priced options out there.

      I can recommend TDMHost which I am using for some of my adult WordPress tube sites and it is a solid fully managed hosting so it is a good choice for everyone but especially for new affiliates that do not know anything on how to manage a server.

  12. thanks perfect
    Look, if you are tech savvy and you can fix the server or the bugs, et cetera, then go for it, but I would not recommend because there are many better and similar priced options out there.

  13. Mr Adult Affiliate,

    If I build a website and just embed video from other sites, the viewer will be using the other site’s bandwidth and very little of mine. If I use the KenPlayer plugin, will the video stream to the viewer now divert to my website and use up my bandwidth or does the KenPlayer plugin manipulate the video stream to keep the bandwidth coming from the other site so I don’t need tons of bandwidth?

    • If you use this plugin along with PornHub’s videos on your website, you do not host any content, you are still embedding so you use their resources as you would normally do when you would not use the KenPlayer but the difference is that your visitors do not get any ads from PornHub, XVideos, RedTube and YouPorn and you can place your own advertisement instead or add your own logo.

  14. Hey, do you still provide coupon codes for xwpthemes …Christmas is coming soon and i was curious will you create some discounts etc since i would like to become your affiliate with my expired domain which is ranked pretty well and that is the reason why I’m looking for xwpthemes coupon codes 😀

  15. jwplayer is far better with KenPlayer. jwplayer is far far famous then KenPlayer. there are many plugins and theme which play adult video with jwplayer. as i remember there is a plugin which play 48 adult sites videos on jwplayer. 48 is really a great number.

  16. Hello, i dont understand, why should i buy a tubeteheme if i want promote and advertise chaturbate? Can i use the Robo plugin with any theme?

    • The Robo plugin is for building cam sites, but you can also build cam tube sites where you embed videos from XVideos and others or you can just start a blog, it depends what you prefer to run for the long term. You are not tied to only one kind of site.

  17. I’m quite confused (although I am very interested in your blog). In the above you were recommending WP-Script, then as I continued to read, you said you never tried it…and recommended something else. I’m sorry I must have missed something lol.

  18. Such a gentleman!! thx for the quick reply!!!.

    I did camshows a long time ago in my younger years lol, but i’m now actually going to start my own adult tube site. I wanted to pick your brain <3. I hear Crakrevenue can be a meanie to get approved for. When my tube site is set up…should I drive traffic to it to show them numbers (would be fake traffic)…or is my thought process off on this hehe.

    Thank you!!

  19. I really appreciate it, I got the Xstreamer script, and I almost started crying :(…this is what i paid for, link will be below They made it sound relatively easy, perhaps it is, but what a sad presentation for a new customer.

    I don’t know where to start…..they also charged me an extra $50 to install the script, which is clearly just a copy paste job….ughhh. If you have any tips or advice, i’d adore a quick email when u get some free time.
    I don’t think they even installed the SSL for me :/

    Would also love some help dealing with crack revenue.
    thank you! <3

  20. Also 1 final question….since xstreamer is on M3…expensive and apparently can only handle the one script. Would it be wise to also take your advice, and maybe have a cam site on the side? I see the robo you mentioned, and it seems very well price. I’m not good with scripts, but u could host it on my shared hosting (i think) ifastnet and they have that cloudflare thingy…what do you think? I need to try and get even a small income to help pay for my projects.

    You have no idea how much i appreciate answering all silly questions. You;re very kind!

    • I am not using this script and I would recommend to issue a refund or just chargeback as soon as possible, because their scripts appear to have outdated code, they are extremely buggy and they might be hard to manage.

      If you are looking for a webcam script, then check out this post: and I have lots of websites using Robo and they are far better and more affordable than the ones from Adent.

      I mention there all the things you will need to start such a website, including hosting, domain registrars, et cetera, you just need to follow it and if you have got some questions, just post them over there 🙂

  21. Ohh thank you for reaching out to me. I paid 100$ for the script, 50$ to install. And vps dedicated to it, M3 hosting, my brother is helping me, but I dont think they would return our money they are snakey? How could I get my money back because I’ll follow your suggestion hands down. In fact go to megamilftube com and u can see the site. If you could help me, omg that would be amazing. My brother mentioned u seemed very knowledgable.

    What can I do 🙁

    • Sadly I just have read on their FAQ page here that they only give refunds under extraordinary situations. All legit shops, web hosting companies, selling anything always have a refund policy and they do not have one. You can contact them and you would want to get your money back and say him that you are a newbie and it does not work exactly the way you want it. You might continue using it, but I can not give you much advice about how this script works since I have never owned it. I can give you advice how to get search engine traffic, promote your website and other tips.

  22. Good day Sir,
    Big thanks man for your guidance and kindness. I’m Anna’s step brother and Im helping her with her and her gfs little project. I though these guys were sketchy and bad attitudes to. I actually been following u myself, and look at Robo and it looks good. We will use your affiliate link, and for anyone reading this thread, I hope they hold great confidence and trust.
    How would I go about getting her money back? I would also likely cancel M3 hosting unless u recommend it. Theirs I expensive.

    • Sadly I just have read on their FAQ page here that they only give refunds under extraordinary situations. All legit shops, web hosting companies, selling anything always have a refund policy and they do not have one. You can contact them and you would want to get your money back and say him that you are a newbie and it does not work exactly the way you want it. You might continue using it, but I can not give you much advice about how this script works since I have never owned it. I can give you advice how to get search engine traffic, promote your website and other tips.

      You can keep the M3 as I am hosting some of my stuff there and they are more expensive than others, but they are definitely reliable. If you want a cheaper alternative that is also good, you could go with TMDHosting. There are many affiliates from this website that are using them.

  23. Btw, with your expertise, if you’re interested we have a group of of really talented affiliate marketers. From adult to pop unders and push. Lots of tuts. I could really see synergy if you wanted to check it out. I also mention as it will give you alot of niche leads, and friends. Cone have a look, think u would like it.



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