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    I have seen many threads on adult forums with people saying that they got rejected by them and I wonder how to get accepted as a CrakRevenue affiliate at the first attempt.

    I am still not sure whether I should apply now or wait because I only have a one site that gets about ten thousand of visits a month and I did not monetize it yet but I am curious how good it can do with some of their offers.

    What should I put into the application? How long does it take to get the message if it was approved or not?

    I will be sending traffic from this one adult site and I will be also uploading some watermarked videos on tubes to get visitors.

    I don’t have any results with any other affiliate programs as I didn’t promote anything yet but I can’t wait to test their different offers as they got lots of them.

    I have heard good things about them on various sites including on mradultaffiliate. Please give me some advice.

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    First of all, if you use my link, you already have a high chance of getting approved because they see that you have heard about them from a legit place, not some black hat forum.

    I can see in the stats that roughly 90% affiliates that I send from this site to CrakRevenue get approved without any problems at all.

    In the application form you will have to provide them some information. You have to explain what kind of traffic you have. Now, even if you do not have any adult site yet, you can still apply for the account and if you tell them what kind of website you are going to build and how you are going to drive traffic, then they will surely accept you as well.

    You can fill up the application with the information like:

    I have two webcam sites (give them links here) and I am going to promote your offers on them. I do work on the SEO, so they get some organic traffic and they also receive hits from social media accounts.

    But please do not copy and paste this message because they will refuse your account. You have to be honest with them and write the application form yourself, because they are smart and they have banned thousands of people over the years, so they know when someone is genuine or fishy.

    They do not accept affiliates using spam techniques, so they will not accept you if you spam Facebook or some adult sites with your affiliate links.

    However, if you read my posts and you implement my techniques, they all are legit so they will accept your application.

    They are a very good sponsor and one of my favorite ones and they easily out-does other adult programs in terms of conversions.

    That being said, make sure to use my link to increase the chances of approval and provide the real information about your site/s and traffic or how you plan to promote their offers and they will approve you quickly.

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    You just have to explain them in detail on how you will send them traffic and what are your traffic sources and the best is to give them links to your websites but if you don’t have any then tell them what you plan to do.

    I had applied for crak affiliate program two times and got rejected every time but at the third attempt I finally got approved and why I got not approved earlier was because I didn’t provide them enough information.

    They manually approve new accounts but they are definitely worth testing if you want to promote adult offers. There are many sponsors besides them that automatically approve new applications but they won’t pay you as much as crak.

    If you are a legit affiliate and you just want to find best offers then they will accept you because they are always looking for new promoters.

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    I even don’t have a site and I got approved with them. I have some social media accounts on twitter, instagram and tumblr and I told them that I will send traffic from these and I am also planning to open an adult blog on WordPress and get as much search engine traffic as possible.

    So after all isn’t that hard to get approved by them. A social account or just sharing your vision is enough to get accepted.

    Also make sure to fill out all boxes and make sure that you give them enough information when needed.

    Like said before, if you are not using any shady techniques then you shouldn’t have any issues with joining them.

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    it isn’t hard to get approved there. if you don’t do anything shady as spamming, bot traffic, among other things that are plain forbidden then they will let you in. don’t forget to tell them how you generate your traffic, what kind of sites do you have, if you have any social media accounts and the more you give them real information, the better chances you have.

    many people on other forums get rejected because they use not legit methods and they will never be welcome in such a solid program like crak. they don’t want to put to work so they resort to some spamming tactics.

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    If i remember correctly they have approved me pretty quick, the same day i applied. now, i have some established sites but i am sure that they will approve your account if you give them enough information and you show them that you aren’t going to cheat the system in one way or another.

    you need to be as detailed as possible because if you just post the instagram and twitter in the box about your traffic sources then i don’t think they will accept you. they are a very good program with thousands of offers to choose from.

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    I just got approved yesterday after registering with them using the Mr. Adult Affiliate’s link. I have to mark that I have been in this business for just four months now so I am definitely not the best affiliate out there. I just filled up all the fields and I think I gave them enough information. Now, I have just a one adult site – it is a niche tube created with XWPThemes’ and it gets 200 visitors a day so it is small, but at least I am trying and I am slowly improving. I am looking forward to making some green with Crak as I have heard that they are great. Now, I am going to lurk around and read some more.

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    Just a question I get approved to with a tube site, but Can I post promo to other sites to or not,I asked the support but I did not get any relevant answer


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    As far as my knowledge is concerned, you can add promos on your other adult projects as long as they are compliant with their rules.

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