Earning Good Money From Your Adult Website

I thought it was about time to get the basics down for all those adult affiliates out there who might be seeking to earn some money from their existing adult websites or blogs.

There are millions of bloggers out there who have large audiences, and many of them do not realize that while they are adding hot pics of girls or guys for their readers to appreciate they could be earning a modest income with just adding a link or two.

I am gonna be honest here and say that it annoys me a little.

I have a collection of blogs where I have spent years building up thousands of regular readers, and I earn a good income from those readers clicking through a link to join a site.

It takes some work, so when I see great adult blogs out there failing to earn any money from it when all they need to do is add a banner, it pisses me off!

Some of them have thousands of hits a day, and with their kind of traffic all they need to do is add maybe one post of content from an adult site every week with the right links and they could be making an income from it.

Let’s start this off by answering the question of what an affiliate is, and what the arrangement is.

What Is An Affiliate?

An adult affiliate is someone who earns money by promoting an adult site, service or product on behalf of someone else. In our case, an adult site provides you with photos and videos to embed in your posts, and you provide a link back to their site.

It is a good arrangement. You are given media to post for your audience, and the site gets the visitors that you send them. But you also get a payment for everyone you send to them who signs up for a membership.

It really is that simple, but a lot of bloggers do not do it because they think it is too complicated, or they believe the money is not going to be worth it.

The truth is, you can make a few hundred dollars a month by adding one or two posts a day – something a lot of bloggers already do, but without earning any money at all!

So, this is the post intended to help all of you adult webmasters with a good following make some money. I am gonna start this assuming you already have an adult blog with some good traffic.

  1. Choose Your Sponsor(s). A sponsor is basically an adult site, you can choose however many you like. I have a few fantastic sponsors on my list that I love to promote, and some of them are my top converting sites too. The best ways to choose a sponsor is to assess who your audience is. So think about who reads your blog, what kinds of women or guys they are interested in, or what kind of action they like to watch. Then you need to find a site that provides that. For instance, if you have a blog where you love to post pics of really sexy webcam models, you might want to promote Chaturbate. If your audience loves milf women or you maybe you have an adult dating site, you would probably want to promote CrakRevenue offers or the dating sites from DatingFactory.
  2. Sign up to an affiliate program. This is a lot easier than you might think. You just click through to their affiliate sign up page and fill out your details as an affiliate for them (some choose to check new affiliates before agreeing to accept them, but the vast majority accept new affiliates automatically).
  3. Log in to get content. The most of adult sponsors have a library of content for you to use, and most update this every time a new scene or gallery arrives on their site. So, if you are an affiliate for XLoveCash, you log into your affiliate area and collect either photos or videos, add them to your next blog post, and link them using your own affiliate link, which they supply.
  4. Using your link. Most sponsors (adults sites) provide two options. You can either promote them on a PPS (pay per signup) or a Rev Share (a percentage of all re-bills). A PPS option means that when you send someone to their site and that person signs up, you get a flat amount. So if the PPS rate is $30, you get that for every time someone joins that site after coming there from your blog. The Rev Share option is often considered better for site that you imagine would be able to keep members, because this means that you get a share of that members payment every month. So, if the Rev Share is set at %50, and the monthly membership fee is $29.99, every month you get $14.99 from that member for as long as they remain a member of that site. So you can imagine that if you send 50 people to that site from your blog and they sign up and remain members you’ll be earning $749 every month.
  5. Creating your post. As a blogger, you probably have an audience of a few thousand readers who check out everything you post. So, all you need to do is create a post of the recent video added to your sponsors site and link the images – or add a banner or text link – to that sponsor. All affiliates are given their own links in their affiliate admin areas on the sponsor sites. You can usually switch back and forth between a PPS or Rev Share link as it suits you. It is up to you how you present the post. You could be commenting on the hot pics, talking about the action, or directly promoting the site as one you think your readers might enjoy. Be creative and interesting, do not turn people off by trying to sell too hard.

To recap, you sign up to a sponsor site, they give you photos and videos to post and provide you with unique links which will track all the people you send to them.

When one of those people signs up for a membership, you get a cut of the profit (PPS – a one off payment of perhaps 50%, and Rev Share – an ongoing monthly share of the membership fee).

Does that sound too simple? Well, it really is that simple.

If you are looking for amazing themes then I can recommend you MyThemeShop. This is a popular WordPress theme shop offering various premium and free WordPress themes. Their themes are super SEO friendly, powerful, elegant, customizable and they load ridiculously fast. I am using some of their themes on my adult and mainstream sites and I am very pleased.

Check out my list of adult sponsors and get promoting them (currently only listing my favorite adult sponsors), and you could be making a full time income from the blog you already love to work on!

Also make sure you read my post 10 Top Tips For Working From Home As An Adult Affiliate where I give you my best advices and I mention things that I think everyone should think about.

If you want to check out my other posts then I think you should head over to my archive page and remember to take a peek at my adult affiliate forum where you can ask me anything. I am always happy to help a fellow affiliate.

29 thoughts on “Earning Good Money From Your Adult Website”

  1. There is so much to learn here so thank you for providing us with these amazing articles. I am going to build my own adult website in the next week so I hope I will make some good money.

    • I have been running adult sites for months now and they bring me way more money than mainstream ones so to say that porn industry is dead or not lucrative is a plain lie.

      I mainly promote webcam affiliate sponsors and they seem to keep the members spending money and some spend 100s of dollars on models every day.

      • Hi Qweqwe,

        Your post is very interesting.
        I have 5 adult sites running now about 2 months, but no traffic.
        All sites have between 20 to 30k embedded videos on it, which increase daily by running a cronjob.
        I have made no changes on any video. just download vids from other adult sites and upload them to my sites.
        To make my sites profitable I need advice. I hope you will be the person who can give that advise. We can work something out regarding profit.

        • If you fully automize the process of running any site, you can not expect to have any good results, Johan. You still have to at least change some titles of videos, add some hand written blog posts with pictures or videos, just do something unique. If all you do is just copying videos without changing anything, you do not give any reason to search engines, especially Google to rank your website for any competitive keywords.

  2. It is a very useful post dude. I just saved it for my future use, I am going it to read it a several times for sure.

    I am a new adult affiliate and I think it is always a pleasure to read your posts so keep on doing that awesome work my friend.

  3. again doing awesome dude with good tips did you think using white label could works or better doing a blog what u think is more effective.

    • It is very hard to rank any whitelabel nowadays because of the duplicate content so of course a blog with a nice fresh content will be more effective if you want to earn money but it does not mean you can not use the whitelabel. You can drive your traffic from your blog to the whitelabel if you want to promote your own whitelabel.

  4. I know a lot of sponsors frown upon email marketing nowadays. Can you recommend any sponsors that still permit email marketing campaigns?

    • Welcome Bobby.

      I am not so much into the email marketing these days, but I am pretty sure that these companies accept email traffic: EuroRevenue, BongaCash. Sorry, I do not know any other ones, but if you have more questions, go to my forum and you can ask anything about affiliate marketing.

  5. Hi there, Steve here from Leeds , UK.
    Great article , it has inspired me to give the affiliate route a shot.
    Thanks !

  6. Hello Mr. Ad Affil
    I have been following your blog for sometime now. I must say I have received good info.even as a newbie.
    You talked about one having an adult blog site to generate traffic and using pictures and adding contents to it.
    My question is…..
    1. Where can I get porn photos to add to my blog posts without copyright infringements?

    • There are many options you have. You can either sign up for an adult affiliate program that is related to your blog, so it has a similar topic and they will give you some free promotional content to promote in your posts.

      You can also embed the videos from porn tubes like XVideos, PornHub and you can do it for free as well.

      Both ways are legal and it is how most of the blogs, websites out there get the content.

  7. I work with a woman who has written a porn novel and has had it illustrated. I am her webmaster, but obviously not webmaster enough to provide her (us) with a constant revenue stream. She has had me go out and give away content from our site for free in an effort to increase traffic. All of the content on our website is original. We link to certain videos and place the links under random pages in the novel. A reader pages back and forth thru the website as one would read thru a novel. Our readers buy content by the chapter; there is no monthly fee.

    I want to offer full page ads to affiliates. I don’t want banners on our site, but I will offer a full page for advertisers and place it at the end of each chapter. I know how to do this part, but I would also like to purchase some reciprocal banner space on affiliate sites. I guess what I’m looking for is a more experienced webmaster to walk me thru the process. I know how to write basic code, but I’m not THAT experienced. Can anyone help me?

  8. Will you ever show us an example of one of your sites, I feel it would help a bunch having an idea what a cam site is suppose to look like.

  9. Some great top advice there buddy thank you. I have been in this industry for 20+ YEARS & it’s a great place to be, but the competition increases every day with the invention of Social media . I am an artist with unique content (a lot of it) and an affiliate program, however I still find it hard to get traffic ….quality traffic. But thanks for your great advice. It don’t matter how long you have been in the biz, it’s always nice to read some expert advice

  10. Hey, so I started my own tube site. I am embedding 10-15 videos daily and will be increasing this to 20 in the next month. I am changing all my titles and meta tags as well as creating new seo descriptions. At the moment I am writing 200 word descriptions and I aim for about 10-15 tags per video and 2-4 different categories each. I wanted to know if you think those are too much. my site is too young to see any results and I have nothing else to compare it to yet. So I am hoping you have some more words of wisdom. Great site by the way. very informative, thank you.

    • To be honest with you, it is an overkill to post such long descriptions for a tube site. Around 20-40 words are more than enough and be careful with setting the tags for your videos so that you do not overdo it.


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