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    Do you know where crakrevenue is located? Still waiting for the approval and I can’t find much about them, where they are located or anything about them.
    Why so much secret?

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    CrakRevenue is one of the most reliable CPA networks out there. They are a Canadian based company and they do not automatically approve new affiliates, since they only want to work with the legit ones so they have to manually accept people.

    If you need some tips on how to get accepted by them then read this topic:

    How to get accepted as a CrakRevenue affiliate quickly?

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    I am curious how long are you waiting? It can definitely take up to a few days and they might have some additional questions if your answers are not as detailed as they want them to be.

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    I just went to their chat and asked about my application, and a few hours later it was approved.

    Thanks guys.

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    They are quite friendly and if you let them know that you aren’t a scammer, they will accept you because they need new affiliates and they also want to make money just like any company in the business.

    I submitted an application and in less than twenty four hours I got approved by them even though I had a one small adult website at that time that was not getting more than 50 visitors a day.

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    I just stopped by to say that they are my favorite adult affiliate program and I have made tens of thousands with them so far after two years of working with them.

    At the time I joined them, I got my account approved quickly but I am not really sure how long it takes right now, but they obviously got even bigger in the meantime so you might a bit longer that I did.

    Even if you get rejected, you might contact Eric and chat with him and see if they can give you a second chance or something.

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    I got rejected by Crak two times because I was using the pre written text from BWH and I didn’t think that they won’t notice. I tried to cheat them but the third time I apologized and gave them the real information and they happily let me in. Also, don’t even bother buying any affiliate accounts from others because they will catch and ban you quickly. They are smart and professional so don’t try to game the system. Honestly, it’s that hard to get your application approved by them if you’re honest.

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