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    Adult Sites

    My sites getting 2k daily visitors from tier 1 mostly so I just need to know if I use crakrevenue offers like revshare or PPC is it good ? or Am I need to go with ad networks like juciyads and ?
    What is the good way?

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    It is hard to answer your question without actually seeing your sites. It depends on what kind of adult sites you are running.

    Let’s say, you have an tube site that revolves around amateur porn with teen girls. You should find a paysite that has an affiliate program in your niche and in my experience it is the best way to monetize your traffic.

    If you are going to sell your traffic to ad networks, you are not going to make as much money as you would if you would promote niche porn paysites.

    But it is always better to test different paysites, sponsors and ad networks because you never really know which kind of sites may convert the best with your current traffic.

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    Promoting sponsors that are similar to your website but it is not as relevant as it used to be, because pay site sales are down and there is so much free content on tube that it is hard to make a living with just promoting porn pay sites. I used to make a great cash that way but it does not work as great these days.

    I have tried ad networks but they bring just some beer money, nothing serious and if you have a great site that gets traffic from Google then you are leaving money on the table, because such traffic converts very well and it should not be wasted on making money with ad companies.

    I now promote cams and I earn way more than if I would promote pay sites or monetise it with ads and I mainly have tube sites so I could imagine that blog or review sites may do even better.

    Look, you can promote, test different methods that I mentioned but I think that it is not worth it anymore. Adult cams and dating is killing it and try them for a few months so your earning can build up because the thing with webcams is that they do not bring money right away, because some people start spending after one month, so after a few weeks but very few spend in first days of signing up for them.

    You definitely should check out some cam affiliate programs and you might get some really good results if your sites are great.

    Two thousands of visitors a day might not make you much with ads, but with webcams it can bring a passive income that will grow as you send more traffic to the sponsor.

    If you do not know which affiliate programs to promote then you might take a look at this page which list them:

    Start Here

    There are some other ones but you should avoid them because they might have higher commission but they actually “shave sales” (do not count most of your sales) and they are untrustworthy.

    You will need to sign up for some of them and give them test for a few months at least, because like I said, earnings with cams will grow with time so do not expect too much in first month.

    I can tell that from my experience because as I get more people sign up for the sites that I promote, I get more spenders.

    Also, it is worth mentioning that you should choose the revshare payout because you will be paid every time a buyer that you referred spends money, even if he spends his money after ten or fifteen years.

    I can see that I have guys that signed up long time ago and they still make me money and that is why I love adult webcams and passive income.

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    I tried to sell my traffic to plug rush and other ad companies and I made money but it was nothing comparing to what I made with dating or cam affiliate sponsors. by the time I was monetizing my adult sites with plug rush, I was having about 100k visitors a month and I was making like $200 but after reading some posts on this website, I change my mind and started promoting dating and webcam offers and I made almost five times as much with just the same traffic, I did not change a template or anything.

    if you have a general tube then do not expect to make much because the more niche your site, the more money you will make. I think I am going to build a cam site using the guide from Mr. Adult Affiliate. Cams are where the most money is at, at least right now.

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    As someone who has been running adult sites for a living, unless you can send lots of traffic to an ad network like JuicyAds, you will not make much money. If your site gets only 2 thousands of visitors daily I doubt that it will make more than a dollar per day.

    I will look to monetize your adult sites with pay sites in your niche and webcam affiliate sponsors. I can agree with other posters in this topic that especially live cams can be profitable even with a tube traffic.

    You should test different sponsors. I would suggest joining the ones that Mr Adult Affiliate suggests on here and just start promoting them and see which one brings you the most money, because every site is different so you have to test them yourself.

    It is great to have a tab link in the menu which will promote a dating sponsor. It will not make you lots of money but every little bit helps and you will get some sales from that small link.

    And if you put any ads on your site, believe me or not, you will get better results if you do not add them all over the place. Instead add just one or two banner ads and people will actually click on them.

    I have just a one ad on some of my adult sites and I make more money now than when I had five of them. I have usually two tab links in the menu (one for adult dating and other one for other cam sponsor).

    A one last tip: If you are going to promote dating then always go with the pay per sale (PPS) because people usually sign up for such sites and do not spend much money afterwards.

    With cams, it is the opposite. People get hooked and they spend money and some lots of it so the revshare is the only way to go.

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    It’s hard to tell what will work for you if we don’t know what niche you are in. but I have been having lots of success with adult dating sponsors but I have to say that webcams are doing well as well even with non targeted traffic from my websites.

    if you have a general tube then your traffic isn’t of the best quality but I don’t really recommend ad networks as well because they pay so little for adult visitors that they aren’t worth it.

    I actively check out other forums and there are more and more people creating webcam sites on wordpress using plugins like the ones from the Mr. Adult Affiliate post. I am more of traditionalist, I have been only building mainly blogs but I think that I will try to build such websites and see how it goes.

    it amazes me how many people come to adult and build general tubes like xhamster and they are surprised that they don’t make any money. niches, especially smaller ones like hairy pussy or black cams, are where there isn’t lot of competition and anyone with good work ethic can get some good results quickly.

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    It is a very interesting thread. I am not surprised at all that most of you guys moved to promoting webcams and dating sites. I see thousands of webmasters stop promoting pay sites and you can see it on other forums as well.

    I have to agree that ad networks will not pay you much in compensation to how much would you make promoting sponsors. If you have a huge site with millions of visits a day then you will make a lot with ads but otherwise you are not going to bank well.

    Two thousands of visitors is not much and you will have to grow it to like 50 thousands a day to make any significant income with ad networks.

    Do not take my words for it, it is just my personal opinion. It is possible that I could be wrong, because I do not know your site.

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    You also have to keep in mind what kind of traffic you have because while 2 thousands visits daily from Google can make you a few sales and get a whale for cams if you are lucky, but the social media or trade traffic will hardly make you any sales at all, unless you have a high volume of traffic.

    Besides that there is already lots of good advice from other affiliates in this topic so I don’t have really much to add. Test different offers and only this way you can find something which works for your site.

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    I would recommend to stay away from ad networks since they pay pennies. Now, porn pay sites convert very low, unless you have a niche site. My average conversion from a general tube site was about 1:2000 so for every two thousands clicks I would get only one sale, which is a pretty bad result.

    Now, I have a milf tube site and I send it to some milf sponsors and my ratio is around 1:500 which is quite good.

    I also run a WordPress webcam site and my conversion ratio is 1:200 so one out of 200 people who click on my referral link or ad end up spending money. Obviously, most of my traffic comes from search engines and it is not uncommon to have referrals that spend hundreds of dollars in a few months.

    That is why I like to monetize with cams. Some users will continue spending on models and you as an affiliate will get a cut every time they spend since you have referred them.

    But do not expect to make lots of money at first, it takes some time before you build up your revenue and refer lots of paying customers but webcams are gold to me.

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    You should choose the revshare payout only for offers that retain. In my experience, only webcams sponsors and some small pay sites with the targeted traffic will bringing in sales time after time.

    Adult dating and other sponsors work better with the pay per sale payout, because most of people simply cancel the subscribtion after a month or two.

    Many newbies create a site and then think about the monetization, but it should be the other way around.

    I started some tubes, but I didn’t really think about how I will make money with the traffic and these sites failed. I couldn’t make more than $100 from them because there weren’t any good paysites to promote and I was forced to work with ad networks.

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